Letter from Richard Edmonds

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Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1653-03-29
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County: King's Co
Deposition Type: Letter
Nature of Deposition: Multiple Killing
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ffor the honorable the Commissioners of the Reuenue att Athlone

Ballymore March {the} 29th 1653 Lt ffrom Captne Richard Edmondson con [seal] cerning some prisoners sent by him & Apprehended for murther. Alsoe, signyfying that some Torijs 50 in number, passed by that Garrisone into the Kinges County

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<the enemie gott away only with the lose of there pray, what they are I cannot learne

The Names of the Prisoners
Henry Dalton of Lisnecaske
James Dalton of Rowlandstowne
<B> Dermot Canen of the same
William Lester of Cloncullan
Rory O Daly of Mollenmichan
William Dalton of Ballimore
Bryan o Nyedully
Shane Enasey Tory.

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Honnored Sirs
I haue by this bearer sent you eight prisners for murther, where of fo{ur}e are for amurther Commited att the bridge near Loebaskin, the other foore are for murthering of Lt Harrisons man and one Mr Howards man, noe soldiers att all, I haue likewise one Mr Henry Dillon at Ballenagloghduff prisner with mee, which is acused for murther, and shall desier your orders by this bearer for the sendinge of him to Athlone, if you please to send for one James Dillon of Loebaskin hee will in{for}me you fully of the matter, for hee was the man that gaue mee notice of it, hee hath binn aman that hath binn very forward in doeinge of any seruice that lay in his power since my cominge in to these quarters, I shall there fore desier you to doe aford him all the lawfull fauou{r} you may, and it shall bee thankefully acknoledged by him that is
The names of the prisners is beene inclosed
Ballemore the 29th of March 1652
Your affectionate humble seruant Ric: Edmonds

< there is gone up in to the kings County neare 50 of the Irish party all armed, the pased two milles of this garrison on Sunday night and Neyre a towne cawled Colgawney, as soune as I heard of it, I pershusd them and rescued the prey att the bridge of ballebeland eight miles from this garrison, I had with mee eight horse, & had foote abroade but they could not comand time ennough soe that>
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Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Henry Dalton, James Dalton, Dermot Canen, William Lester, Rory O Daly, William Dalton, Bryan o Nyedully, Shane Enasey, Henry Dillon, Richard Edmondson, Lt Harrison, Mr Howard, James Dillon
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