Third Commission of Charles I

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County: Queen's Co
Deposition Type: Commission
Nature of Deposition: Commission
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Charles by the grace of God Kinge of England Scotland ffrance and Ireland defender of the faith &c. To our welbeloved Henry Jones, Doctor of Divinitie deane of Killmore Edward Piggott William Hitchcocke, Randall Adams, John Sterne, William Aldriche Henry Brereton and John Watson Clerkes Greetinge Whereas divers wicked and disloyall people haue lately risen in Armes in severall partes of our kingdome of Ireland and haue robbed and spoyled many of our good subiectes Brittish and protestantes who haue beene separated from theire setled habitacions and scattered in most lamentable manner and many others have beene deprived of theire landes rentes goods and Chattells. And forasmuch as it is needfull to take due examinacion concerninge the same; Wee therefore reposinge speciall trust and confidence in your care and wisdome doe hereby give vnto you or any two or more of you full power and authoritie from tyme to tyme to call before you or any two or more of you and to examine vpon oath on the holye Evangelist; aswell all such persons as haue so been robbed and spoyled or deprived of their landes Rentes goods or Chattells, as all the witnesses that can give testimonye therein what Robberies and spoyles have been committed on them or any other to theire knowledge since the xxijth of October last or shall hereafter bee committed on them or any of them what lands Rents goods or Chattells any person or persons have since


since that tyme been deprived of by occasion of this Rebellion what the particulers were or are in landes Rentes goodes or Chattells whereof any person or persons were or shalbe soe robbed spoyled or deprived to what value, by whome such robberies or spoyles were committed what theire names are, and where they nowe or last dwelt that committed those Robberies or spoyles, on what day or night the said robberies or spoyles committed or to be committed were done, what traiterous or disloyall wordes speeches or accions were then or att any other tyme vttered or committed by those Robbers or any of them, and what vnfittinge wordes or speeches concerneinge the present Rebellion or by occasion thereof were spoken att any tyme by any person or persons whatsoever what violence or other lewde Accions were then performed by the said Robbers or any of them and howe often, what numbers of persons haue been murdered by the Rebells or perished afterwards in the way to Dublin or other places whither they ffled or retired for refuge either by way of defence or otherwise; what person or persons Clergymen or others protestantes have become Papists since the said xxijth of October last, and all other Circumstances and thinges touchinge or concerninge the said particulars and every of them either before the xxiijth of October last or sithence And for the better performance of this service our will and pleasure is that all Incumbents Curats parish Clerkes and Sextons of Churches in

fol. 4r

in our said kingdome of Ireland doe give into you our Commissioners aforesaid to the best of theire knowledge the names and numbers of the poore soe spoyled who have beene buryed in theire respective parishes. And our further pleasure is that hereafter in and about our Cittie of Dublin they give in weekely bills vnder the handes of the Ministers or Churchwardens of such parishes of such of the said persons as shalbe so buried in the said parishes And you our said Comissioners or any two or more of you as aforesaid are to reduce to writeinge all the examinacions which you our said Commissioners or any two or more of you shall take as aforesaid And the same to retourne vnto our Justices and Counseill of this our Realme of Ireland vnder the handes and seales of you or any two or more of you as aforesaid Witnesses our right trustie and welbeloved Counsellors Sir William Parsons Knighte and Baronett and Sir John Borlase knighte our Justices of our said Realme of Ireland att Dublin the eleaventh day of June in the eighteenth yeare of our Raigne.
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