Examination of Robert Butler

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1641-11-04
Identifier: 809097r053


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County: Dublin
Deposition Type: Examination
Nature of Deposition: Investigative
Commissioners: Hugh Cressy, Samuel Mayart
Deposition Transcription:

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The examination of Robert Butler of Balliquede in the County of Catherlogh taken before vs Sir Sa: Mayart knight &c & Hugh Cressye esquire &c this 4th of Nou: 1641. Edmund Connor sworne to interprete truly.
<J> Who beinge examined saith that til Michaelmas last past he dwelth at Balliquede with James mc Edmund as his footeman, & since that time he hath dwelt in no certaine place but sometimes with his ffather called Edmund Butler dwelling at Gillmcgarenoge in the County of Catherlogh neare Tullo, & that vpon tuseday last was fortnight he came from Gillmcgarenoge to Cloghecleroe in the County of wickloe beinge 4 miles from Gilmcgarenoge to the house of Maurice mc James & that ther was none in his company neyther was ther any at the house of the said Maurice that night but the people of the house, & the next day being wedensday he came 7 miles to a towne called the Such in the County of wickloe to the house of Mulmory mc ffarrel where ther were none but the people of the house & this examinant, & the next day beinge thursday he & one Phelim O Tole sonne to the wife of the said Mulmory came to Dublin & none other in ther company; where they went to Castlestreete to the house of Keene Cullen wher they both lay & vpon fryday he walked vp & downe the towne & so likewise al saterday & that the said Phelim accompanied him both those dayes & vpon sunday they were both taken in the said Cullens house & comitted
he further saith that on the tuseday when he came from Gilmcgarenoge he did <K> not intende to come to Dublin but went to seke a seruice in the Country & that the said Phelim did promise to entertaine him as his seruant & thervpon came from the Such aforesaid as seruant of the said Phelim to Dublin & had no other busines to this towne of dublin but to wayte vpon him. & saith that he knoweth not for what cause the said Phelim came to Dublin, nor what company he kept there for that he was sometimes at home & sometimes at the stable when the said Phelim went abroade neyther was ther any that came to the lodginge of the said Phelim but only sometimes one or other of the city to drinke whose names he knoweth not, he also saith that he is not acquainted nor knoweth any that are of the North parts of Ireland nor euer was ther nor doth the said Phelim knowe any that this examinant knoweth
Robert [mark] Butlers marke.
Sa: Mayart
Hu: Cressy

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fol. 98v

The examinacion of Robert

4 No: 1641
The examinacion of
Robert Butler

A light suspition

Deponent Fullname: Robert Butler
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent County of Residence: Carlow
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Edmund Connor, James mc Edmund, Edmund Butler, Maurice mc James, Phelim O Tole, Mulmory mc ffarrel, Keene Cullen
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Interpreter, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned