Letter by William Smyth

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Date: 1645-03-11
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County: Wexford
Deposition Type: Miscellaneous
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fol. 150r

Swallow: 11: March: 1644:
Right Honorable
With your Lordship I receiued A lettre from the Seamen; A Coppie whereof I haue presented heer Inclosed; which will giue yow A sence of what Condicion they, Conceaue both, your Lordship & themselues to bee in at present; the which If you & the gallant spiritts vnder your Command fynd to bee the same; then It is high time to provide for your securytie; As god shall direct you; And your Lordship in your wisdome shall Conceaue to bee most Honorable for If the rebells take the ffort (by storminge itt) vndoubtedly they will put you all to the sword; & that would bee much Lamented; If by Any Meanes it Could bee prevented; those gallant spiritts may Liue to <d> recouer the said ffort Agayne & Performe other Honorable service; All which I Commend to your more Mature Judgment what you Resolue one; must bee put In Execution without delay for the Enimie will bee Actiue; the best way for your souldiers will bee to March for Corke; Yeoghall; or Kinsayle; (If it Maye bee granted) As for Bread; Beere; & other provisions I vnfaynedly protest I haue not any to supply the ffort with all If thereby I Could gayne all Ireland; hauinge but: 10: dayes victualls Aboard; which will Inforce me to sett sayle with the first oportunitie; & As for water; & Coales; wee haue not A Boate Amonge all the ships that Can Convey them to the ffort; your Lordship hath but: 2: thinges to Consider off; first the potensy of your enimye; Next your Abyllities to subsist: for before any Releife can ouertake you; It will bee: 10: or: 8: dayes at soonest; Now If you finde in your strength A disabyllitie: then our Sauior Jesus Christ giues you the best Councell who sayeth; Agree with thy Aduersarye while thou art in the waye: & so life & Libertie; may bee Mayntayned; & If all your Gunns were of beaten gold; wee haue No Accommodation to fetch them off; the <f> Allmightie directe you so to proseed as may tend to his glory & your safeties; the forte; & gun[s]; may bee regained your Lordship [ ] hath many presidence befor your eyes; My Lord I Condole your distressed Condiccion as much as any poore seruant you haue & Condem my sad fate in that I am so vncapable to serue you If I staye in the roade to Morrowe; I shall take it for A great honour to receiue your Lordship resolution: And in my deuotion to the Allmightie for A Comfortable Issue I remayne & Rest;
your Lordship Most humble & faithfull servant
to bee Commanded
Will Smyth
<if your lordship haue any trunck or anything
of vallue that you would haue preserud
I shalbe your lordships most faithfull Seruant

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fol. 151v

Cap: Smyth Mar: 11o
This delivered in at the
board by Richard vnderwood
with his examjnacion dated
xj Apr 1645

To the Right Honorable Lord Esmond
one of his Maiesties most Honorable priuie
Councellors And Commander in
Cheife of his Maiesties Fort
of Duncannon These
humbly present

Deponent Fullname: Will Smyth
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Captain
Deponent County of Residence: Wexford
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Lord Esmond, Richard vnderwood
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Mentioned, Mentioned