Examination of Ridgely Hatfield

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1643-08-22
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County: Dublin
Deposition Type: Examination
Nature of Deposition: Words
Deposition Transcription:

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The Examjnacion of Ridgely Hatfield of Dublin merchant aged 30 yeares or therabouts taken before the Clerk of the Councell by direccion of the right honourable the Lords Justices and Councell 22 Aug 1643
<i:> The said Ridgely Hatfield beeing duly sworne and examjned saith that hee knoweth william Brigham servant to John Buxto{n} of London Linendraper and hath knowen him for the space of about three quarters of a yeare last past, the said Brigham having been sent thether as it seemes (abou{t} a yeare agoe) by his said master to gather in some debts due to him heere as the exa{minant} <k> heard and beleeveth. Hee saith that hee hath severall times heard the said william Binrigam speake very say that there was noe Justice to bee had at the Councell boar{d} in Ireland against any of the Irish merchan{ts} that live in Dublin whom also hee termed the tame Rebells, <l> hee saith that one of the times when the said

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<m> said Brigam spake the said words was when there was some money raised in Dublin by way of loanes for the setting out the Army for relief of Ballinekill, and the place where hee then spake the said words was at the howse of one Thomas Bird in Christ=churche=yard, there beeing & none then present but the said Brigham and the examinant, only hee saith that Margaret wife of the said Thomas Bird somtimes past by them, but wheth whether shee heard the s aid words or no t the examinant knoweth not Hee saith that the <n> second time that the said Brigham spake the said words also at about in June last (the certaine day hee remembreth not) [ ] in the examinants warehowse in Christ=churcheyard there beeing none then present but the said Brigham & the examinant, And Hee saith that <o> the said Brigham then tould the examinant that hee had petitiond the Councell board for a warrant to seise on the goods of one Richard Hill [ ] a Popish merchant of Dublin and a Papist, and that it was d ought money to him the said Brighams master, and that the Councell Board denyed him such a warrant
Hee saith that the said Brigham <p:> hath said severall times in the examinants hearing that

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that the prime officers & Captens and the rest of the officers of the Army speciall y those Guarrisond at Dublin are the veryest scabbs and vnreasonablest rascalls in the world, and the very scum of the world, And tha t hee thought verily that the lo L ambart lo ved the Irish Rebells better then the English hee subjectes <q> he ere And saith that the said Brigham spake the said words at once at the howse of the said Thomas Bird, at the same time & pl ace when hee spake against the Councell board as aforesaid; and the examinant saith there were none then present saving but the said Brigham and the examinant, saving that the said Birds wife somtimes past by them in the roome wherin they were, but whether she heard the said words or not the examinant knoweth not, <r> Hee saith hee the said Brigham spake the said words at severall other times to the examinant none beeing present but they both hee the said Brigham & the examinant, And hee saith that the said Brigham in Marche last in the examinants howse tould the examinant, and at severall times sithence that hee thought verily

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<s> verily that the lo: lambart loved the Irish Rebells better then the English & Protestants heere, but saith the examinant remembreth not that there was any other present saving the said Brigham & the examinant at any of those times, Hee further saith that when the examinant was amongst others imployed <t> for raising moneis by way of loane for the relief of Ballinekill, the said Brigham tould the examinant that hee was a very foole to vndertake it it, or to be forward to raise any moneis to any such vse, and diswaded the examinant from intermedling therin saying that the soldiers gott none of it, & what the officers <v> gott they pisted against the walls, & then warned the examinant not to trust any of the officers with any comodities for if hee should trust any of them, it was vtterly lost for saying also they never intended to pay any thing they went in [score?] for and that they were but runagades that went a pillaging from one Cuntry to another, And saith there was none then present saving the said Brigham & the <w> examinant, Hee further saith that soone

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soone after the examinant had heard the said words spoaken by the said Bringham against the Councell Board; the Army and the lo: Lambart the examinant qu acquainted <x> Capten Nathaniel Gray therwith, and desired him to acquaint the lords: Justices therwith, which he promised to doe, And afterwards the said Capten Gray meeting with the said Brigham in at the [ ] ordinary <y> at one Benjamins on the key the said Capten Gray charged him the said Brigham therwith as and struck him with a cane for the same, as the said Brigham tould the examinant, & the said Brigham then also tould the examinant that Capten Gray tould him hee would question him for the same at the <z> Councell Board, And saith that soone after the said Capten Gray departed hen{ce} for England
Ridgley Hattfeild

fol. 277v

Deponent Fullname: Ridgely Hatfield
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Merchant
Deponent County of Residence: Dublin
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: John Buxto{n}, Thomas Bird, Margaret Bird, lo Lambart, Nathaniel Gray, Richard Hill, * Benjamin
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Debtor, Mentioned