Letter from Mountgarrett to Ormond

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Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1642-03-25
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County: Misc
Deposition Type: Miscellaneous
Nature of Deposition: Letter
Commissioners: Mathew Barry
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No 6

My Lord since I have been forced into this generall cause by the example of some as innocent and free from infringing of his Majesties lawes as my selfe, who have been vsed in the nature of traytors, I forbore for avoiding your displeasure to acquaint you with my proceedings and other motives therin, But now for feare of beeing mistaken by the State concerning my loyalty and presumeing of your Lordships favour and good meaning towards mee, I make bould to send you heere inclosed an exact remonstrance of those principall grievances that have procured this generall commocion in this Kingdome, wherwith I shall humbly desire your Lordship to acquaint the Lords Justices and Councell to end they may by a faire redresse of them, prevent the fearfull calamities that doubtles shall ensue for want thereof, It is not my case onely alone, it is the Case of the whole Kingdome, and it hath been a principall observacion of the best Historians that a whole Nation, how contemptible soever, should not bee soe incensed by any Prince or State, how powerfull soever as to bee driven to take desperat courses, the event whereof is vncertaine and resteth only in the All guiding Power of the Omnipotent, This hath been most lively represented by the French Cronicler Phillip de Commines in the passages betweene the Duke of Burgundy and the Swizers, I neede not presse this matter further (a word is enough for the intelligent) and I cannot harbor any other thought of your Lordship but that you are sensible of the miseries of this Kingdome, whereof you are a native, and doe wish the quiet and tranquilitie thereo{f } I doe for a farther expression of my owne sinceritie in this Cause send to your Lordship heere inclosed my Declaracion and oath joined with others which I conceive to bee tollerable, and noe way inclyning to violation of his Majesties lawes, whereof I am an allwaies wilb{e} very observant as becometh a loyall Subject and
My Lord
Your lordships humble servant
{Exr}Ma Barry
Right honorable the Earle of Ormond

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fol. 22v

25 march 1642
Letter from Viscount
Mountgarrett to the
Earle of Ormond

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