Examination of Ralph Turner

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Date: 1642-06-20
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County: Longford & Westmeath
Deposition Type: Examination
Nature of Deposition: Arson, Robbery
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 59r

<This Examination of Rhalph Turners is in lib. P. 819.>
At Ballimore 20mo Junij 1642.
The Examination of Ralph Turner Esquire of Shenlis in the County of Westmeath Esquire
Ralph Turner being duely sworne, and examined, saith that he hath been resident at or near the Towne of Ballimore in the County of Westmeath, for aboue thease thirtie yeares past, a great part of which tyme, he hath serued his Maiestie as a Justice of Peace in the said County: He saith that Sir James Dillon Knight was comonly called a Collonells, and comaunded in chiefe, the Rebells at the siege of the Castle of Athlone, and during that tyme geue out warrants for collecting contribution money for the maintenance of the Armie of the said Rebells, and likewise made warrants to compell the paiment of debts between partie and partie, in all which warrants his usuall stile was, to comaund obedience to his directions in his Maiesties name: He saith that on the first daye of this present June, the said Sir James accompanied with diuers Rebells of the said Countie of Westmeath, had a meeting at Ballimore aforesaid with other prime Rebells of the County of longford, namely Brian mc Jemis ferrall of Pallesbry Collonell; Iriell ferrall mc Shane of Ardanra Liftenant Collonell; James Dillon of Ballemuline gent: Gerrott ferrall mc Shane of Cornemucklagh

fol. 59v

name gent: Thomas mc Gerrott ferrall of Kilsdordan gent: with som others whose names he doth not remember, but what the speciall occation of their meeting was, or what resolutions they tooke theare he could not learne: He saith that Auly alias Humphrey mc Gaulie of Kearne, Henry mc Gauly of Bellaughloe, Hubert mc Gaulie of Dunegan, and his three sonns, with their followers wear in actuall Rebellion since the 4th of Nouember last and assistants in the said siege at Athlone: He saith that Thomas Dillon of Waterston, hauing receaued Armes out of his Maiesties stoare at Dublin, did afterwards ioined himsealfe with the Rebells of Westmeath, pillaged diuerse true subiects, and robbed such, as he found passing to Athlone: He saith that Maurice Dillon of Lisdossan was a speciall Councellor to the Rebells in those parts of the said County, giuing malitious aduises vnto them, trading to the destruction of his Majesties true subiects: He saith that Robert Dillon of Connorston, since the first of the Rebellion in the said County, hath been a Comissioner and Clearck in all Collections of Money, and pressing of men for the Armie of the Rebells: He saith that Pierce Dalton of Nonytruall

fol. 60r

and Henry Dillon of Ballineloghdowe, wear appointed and tooke vppon them, to be Collectors in the Barony of Kilkenny, for leauieing the money assessed thear towards maintenance of the Armie of the Rebells: He saith that Garrott Dalton of Monnaughly, and John Dalton of the same, wear likewise Collectors for the Rebells in the barony of Rathconridd; He saith that Walter Dalton of Donegalman, Edmund Dalton of Ballenlugge, Gerrott Dalton of Donegalman aforsaid, and Gerrott Dalton of Dondonell being a Captain among the Rebells an all of them in actuall Rebellion: He saith <+> that Oliuer Dalton of Milton, being likewise a Captain, with Brien mc Geoghegan his liftenant, and Richard Dalton of Drolanstone, an other Captain, with one fitzgerald, whose name he remembreth not being the said Richards liftenant, wear all of them in actuall Rebellion, and attended their Collonell the said Sir James Dillon at the sieg of Athlone Castle, bearing the Armes, receaued out of his Maiesties store at Dublin, against his Maiesties good subiects: He saith that Richard Hope of Ledwichstowne, was a Cleark and comissioner appointed by the Rebells for their leauies of money and other affaires, and did execute that charge vnder them, and that John [ ] Hope of Ledwichstowne aforsaid was a Captaine among the Rebells, and that

fol. 60v

Alexander Hope of Mullingare, Gerrott Petitt of Boardston, and Pierce Dillon of Lifenode, are in actuall Rebellion, and Henry Dillon of Ballencloghdowe, are in actuall Rebellion; He saith that Collow mc Geoghegan of Rownell, was a speciall Counsillor to the Rebells that Arthur Nangle of Killinbrock had the like place of a Counsillor among them, and that Hugh Coffie of Ballehene was a mischiuous Counsillor allsoe vnto them, vrging allwaies the destruction of his Maiesties true subiects, and that Thomas Coffie of Ardbrinan, and Owen Coffie of Rogerston, with all his Children wear in actuall Rebellion: He saith that Sir Oliuer Tuite of sunnagh, Edward Tuite of Tuitston, and Andrew Boie Tute of Monelie, haue of late ioined themselues with the Rebells, the said Andrew being a Captaine among them: He saith that Coleman mc Laughlin of Row, and Edward Hussey of Dongaran in actuall Rebellion: He saith that Andrew Nugent of Welshston, hath the place of Counsellor among the Rebells; that Andrew Nugent of Donower is a principall man and Councellor among them, [ ] that Walter Neugen{t} of Rathaspeck, ealdest sonn to the said Nugent of Donower is a Captaine among them, and further saith, that he heard, That Sir Thomas Nugent was, among the Rebells, and that the said Sir Thomas went to Galwaye to prouide pouder for them

fol. 61r

He saith that Hugh Brenan of Adamston, is a Captain among the Rebells, and came with strong forces, and accompanied with a brother of his, to the Examinats fearme of Shenlis and thence by violence tooke awaye within of this deponents goods foure hundred sheep: He saith that Gerrott fitzgerald of Ballentougher is in actuall Rebellion: He saith that beside those Rebells of the County of Longford aboue mentioned who gaue a meeting to Sir James Dillon at Ballemore, ther are of the said County, in actuall Rebellion, the parties following, namely, William mc fergus ferrall of Ballentubber, with his sonn Brien ferrall mc William; Richard ferrall of the Bawgn, Lisagh mc Gillernew ferrall of the Callow, and Oliuer Boye fitzgerald of the Callow: He saith, that soone after the defeat and flight of the Rebells from the siege of Drogheda, the Lord Vice=count Neuteruile, came into the County of Westmeath, and setled himsealf in the Towne of Ballimore aforsaid, whear he caused great Trenches, and earthen workes to be made for defence of his howse theare, and raised about fiftie men, of his Tenants and others whom he armed with halfe pikes, and som pieces, and mustered them diuers tymes, but when the Earle of Ormond, with the Kings Armie,

fol. 61v

Came into the said County, the said Lord Newteruile, caused his owne Castle and Howse with the rest of the Howses of the Towne, togeather with the Church, to be burned; and fledd thence, but whither, this deponent doth not Know: He further saith, that Terence O Donnell, and Callow O Donnell both of Drolinston, wear likewise appointed and tooke vppon them, to be collectors, for gathering the assessements made in the Barony of Rathconrid, for maintenance of the Armie raised by the Rebells in the said County: He saith that at at meeting heald at Molingare, Robert Nugent of Carolasiston was chosen to be generall Gouernor of the whole County of Westmeath, and all the forces of the Rebells therin, and that the said Robert theruppon tooke that auctority vppon him accordingly, and did excersise the same.
Raffe Turner
Coram me Roscomon
This deponent being further Interrogated, saith that James Nugent at Nugent of Coalamber, was one of the first gentlemen of Note, that entered into Actuall Rebellion in the County of Westmeath, and did beginn to pillage the English, and hath euer since continued as a prime actiue man amongst them.
Raffe Turner
Coram me Roscomon

fol. 62r

fol. 62v

The Examination of
Ralph Turner Esquire
taken at Ballimore
in the County of West=
Meath 20mo Junij 1642.

Andrew Nugent Sir Jo Dillon Gar. Dalton
Sir Tho NugentBrien mc Ja. farroll oliuer Dalton
Hugh brenan Iriell mc shane farrall brien Magoghegan
Garr. firtzgerr Ja Dillon Rich Dalton
william mc fergus farrall Gar farrall mc Shane Rich Hope fitzgarr.
brien mc William Tho mc Gar. farrall Jo Hope
[Rich] farrall Auly mc Auly alexander Hope
lisagh mc Gillernow Henry mc Auly Garat petit
oliuer boy fitzgar. Hubert mc Auly Pierce Dillon
L Nettervile Tho Dillon Henry Dillon
Terence odonell Maurice Dillon Callo mcgoghegan
Callo odonell Robert Dillon Arthur Nangle
Robert NugentPiers Dillon Jo Coffie
Ja Nugent. Henry Dillon Tho Coffie
Gar. Dalton Hugh Coffie
Jo Dalton owen Coffy
Walter Dalton Sir oliuer Tuite
Edward DaltonEdw. Tuite
Gar. Dalton Andrew Tuite
Coleman mc laughlin
Edward Hussey
Andrew Nugent

One of Sir William
Parsons Papers

Deponent Fullname: Ralph Turner
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Justice of the Peace
Deponent County of Residence: Westmeath
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: James Dillon, Brian mc Jemis ferrall, Iriell ferrall mc Shane, James Dillon, Gerrott ferrall mc Shane, Thomas mc Gerrott ferrall, Humphrey mc Gaulie, Henry mc Gauly, Hubert mc Gaulie, Thomas Dillon, Maurice Dillon, Robert Dillon, Pierce Dalton, Henry Dillon, Garrott Dalton, Walter Dalton, Edmund Dalton, Gerrott Dalton, Gerrott Dalton, Oliuer Dalton, Brien mc Geoghegan, Richard Dalton, * fitzgerald, Richard Hope, John Hope, Alexander Hope, Gerrott Petitt, Pierce Dillon, Henry Dillon, Collow mc Geoghegan, Arthur Nangle, Hugh Coffie, Thomas Coffie, Owen Coffie, Oliuer Tuite, Edward Tuite, Andrew Boie Tute, Coleman mc Laughlin, Edward Hussey, Andrew Nugent, Andrew Nugent, Walter Neugen{t}, Thomas Nugent, Hugh Brenan, William mc fergus ferrall, Brien ferrall mc William, Richard ferrall, Lisagh mc Gillernew ferrall, Oliuer Boye fitzgerald, * Neuteruile, Terence O Donnell, Callow O Donnell, Robert Nugent, James Nugent, William Parsons
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned