Examination of Hugh Conor

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1653-01-13
Identifier: 815445r475


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County: Queen's Co
Deposition Type: Commonwealth
Nature of Deposition: Death, Killing, Robbery, Words
Commissioners: Daniel Hutchinson, Richard Tigh
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 445r

Thexamynation of Hugh Conor, late of the Queenes County now prisoner in the Custody of the marshall of the 4 Courtes taken before vs Daniell Huchinson & Rich: Tigh Esquire, this 13o January 1652/53
The sayd examinant sayth, that at the begininge of the Rebbellyon hee (this examinant) was in Dublin <A> & had been in dublin about 14 days, & then was a souldier vnder Commaund of Sir Geo: We n tworth Tho: Wha rton k night & had been soe then for about 2 yeers motnths in the north in that partie that was Raysed against the Scotts & this examinant saith that hee continued in Dublin vntill after December then next followinge, and saith that in Regard hee was an Irishmann & soe Could not bee admitted to bee Leftenant to one Capt ai n Hanybell Bagnall, hee went in to the County of killdare, to athye, whear then this examinants wyfe liued, & when this examinant {came?} to athye hee vnderstood that the dempsyes of {Clan}maleerey had taken away most of his Goods (that w{ere} in the Countrye) because hee was a protestan{t} & thear vpon this examinant went to Clanmaleer & demaunded his Goods, & they denyd to lett him haue any of his Goods except hee would take vpp armes with them, which hee consented to doe, the Rather for that thay tould him (this examinant that they had a Commission from the king, & theer vpon <B> the Lord dempsie Gaue this examinant the Command of the Castle of Drybrook in the Queenes County (a litle tyme after the battell at Kill Rush: wheare hee Continued vntill about march next followinge at which tyme this examinant, perceuinge that the Irish had deceiued him, hee this examinant deliuered vpp his armes vnto Sir William Gilbert knight then Gouernor of the Towne (& fort) off Marybrough & the Queens County vpon Certaine Conditions, as well off saftye, as alsoe of pardon for all former acts done, by this examinant in

fol. 445v

In the tyme of his beeinge in Armes with the Irish, and after that tyme this examinant saith that he Continued in servise (in armes) against the Irish, & did serue faith fully & to <C> to the advantage of the English, as this examinant doubteth not to proue, vntill the Cessation of armes and then this examinant went for Enngland, & serued on the kings partie, for about 9 months, & then this examinant layd downe Armes & went & liued in Wales in Carmarthenshyre, for about 4 yeers, & afterwards went to London & stayd thear one yeer & then Came ouer in to this Cittie off Dublin & soe was apprehended about 4 months agoe in Dublin & hath Continued in prisson till this present tyme
hee furth this examinant further saith that as hee Remembreth about michaellmiss 1642 hee was out with a partie of horse & ffoote, & was about 3 myles from Derybrooke afforsaid <D> & thear his examinant (& the rest that weare with him) did meet a partie that Came out of Athye, within a myle of the towne of Athie, & this examinant saith that thear was a skermish betwixt the 2 parties, whreare one Taylor a yong man that was nephie to Mr Robert Weldon of Athye was hurt, in pickeringe, & as this examinant thinks hee was hurt by a brother to this examinant and the sayd Taylor dyed shortly after, as this examinant heard afterwards, and this examinant further sayth that about harvest 1642, hee this

fol. 446r

<D> This examinant (& one Lewis Dempsie) & about 100 <E> menn more, did pursue a partie that Came out of the Towne of Marybrough to take a pray, which thay tooke from the lands neer Dery brook, the said partie beeinge Commaunded by Captain Hugh Hughs, & by Lieutenant Skelton, & the partie that was with this examinant then kild the said Captain Hugh Hughs & hs Liftenant Skelton, & some others, & tooke severall prissoners tooke severall prisoners which had fayre quarter Giuen them, & after wards weare exchanged for others, and this examinant saith that hee was not att the death (or at the takeinge) of Jenkinson Geinkinson that was sayd to bee taken & hangd by this examinant, nor did this examinant know, or Euer heer of the death of the said Je Geinkinson vntill this present tyme of his examinat{ion} & this examinant saith that the same summer (16{42)} hee with a partie of the dempsies afforesaid Cam{e to} <f> Stradbally in the Queenes County afforsaid w{ith}in 2 myles to Dery brook & tooke away Certaine Cattell, (how many this examinant now knows not) & then one John a Tommann a skiner of Stradbally (as this examinant was tould the next day after) was amongst others ffollowinge after the Cattell, & was shott or Cutt & dyed thear of, & further hee sayth not
Hugh Connor
taken before vs
Dl: Huchinson
Rd: Tighe

fol. 446v


Hugh Conor, alias Captain Hugh Conor,
13o January 1652

Deponent Fullname: Hugh Conor
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Captain
Deponent County of Residence: Queens County
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Tho: Wharton, Hanybell Bagnall, Lord dempsie, Lewis Dempsie, Hugh Hughs, Lieutenant Skelton, William Gilbert, * Taylor, * Genkinson, John a Tommann, Robert Weldon
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim, Rebel, Mentioned, Victim, Victim, Victim, Mentioned