Deposition of Robert Wadding

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Date: 1642-03-17
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County: Carlow & Killkenny
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Apostacy, Assault, Robbery, Stripping, Words
Commissioners: John Sterne, Roger Puttock
Deposition Transcription:

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The Informacion of Robert Wadding of Kelstowne in the parish of Kelter and Barony and County of Caterlogh gent taken befor vs this 15th of March 1641 who being duly sworne and examined deposeth as followeth vizt.
That since the Rebellion began vizt about the 24th of November last 1641. This Deponent being informed that the Rebells to the number of 500 were incamped within three myles of this Deponents house and that night they had a determinacion to come and rob the houses and ffermes of this Deponent at Kelstowne <A> aforsaid and of my Lady Tempell and Lady Shurley adioyining ffor prevention wherof this Deponent for his part, the same day sent vnto the house of Oliver Eustace of Ballymury esquire to be <29 li. __9 s. __0> kept for this Deponents vse Certaine goods and houshold stuffe to the value of 29 li.__9 s.__ 0. suposing them to be safe in his hands trusting to his honesty and strength of his Castle But now this Deponent giveth them for lost for that his sonn Captaine Edward Eustace is Sergeant <A>Maior vnto Sir Morgan Kevanagh sonn in law of the said Oliver and Coronell among the Rebells and now of late hath also heard that the said Oliver himselfe is in action of rebellion And he likwise saith that the same day he caused his sheepe and thirty three head of his Catle to be driven over the bridge of Leighlin suposing them to be safe on that side of the River being there was a ward kept for the King in the said Castle of Leighlin for defense of the said Bridge vnder <B> the Comand of Walter Bagnall esquire Which said Catle he left with Bryan mc William Birne to be kept to this Deponents vse vpon his fferme, But giveth them for lost likwise for that he verily thinketh the said the said Bryan is entred into Rebellion with [ ] the rest the Catle he valueth at 82 li.__10 s.__0. <82 li.__10 s.__0 [ ] > And as for his sheepe them he left of the lands of Kilneneane nere adioyning till he shold otherwise dispose of them. And this Deponent for his owne particular Che house being thached and of no house for defense, as also & he being vnprovided of necessarys to withstand soe great a multitude for safeguard of his life repaired to the Bishopps house of Old leighlin where was a good guard kept; leaving his brother George Wadding and others his servants to keepe the his said house, which the said George and his servants told this Deponent that the same night accordingly the said Rebells armed with swords skeanes guns & pikes &c ransaked the said house and in serching his land and neighbors houses found eight of this Deponents Cowes: And the next morning the Rebells being informed as it shold seeme that there were yet more Catle and goods behind, they came and tooke by force and violence from this Deponents servants divers horses mares and Coults and other Catle and goods amounting <113 li.__18 s.__0> in all to the value of 113 li.__18 s.__0. and soe bette one of this Deponents servants William Cooly that they had almost left him for dead for offering to Conceale or Convey away an y Protestants goods. The Chiefe of those Rebells in robing of this Deponents and the other two <C> Ladyes fearmes they told this deponent to be were Garrett and Cahir ô Nolan sons to Teige ô Bolan of Ballykealy freholder, Thomas Barry of Karush freholder and his sons, Dallough Birne of Kilcoole freholder and his sonns, Henry Welsh of Moyhill farmer and others whose names he referreth to the further relation of his said servants. And he further deposeth by relation of his said servants, That the next day after the Robery this Deponents neighbors came to this Deponents house and Caryed away with them such of this Deponents goods, Corne, Catle firinge and other [ ] thinges as was left behind for want of Cariage or not found by the Rebells alleaging to this deponents servants, that being the manner was that this Deponent (as all other Protestants) must loose all they wold haue some share therof with the rest before all was gone: And that it were better for this Deponent that they had had his goods then that strangers shold enioy them vizt Laurence Knowles tooke of this Deponents goods to the value of 15 li.__5 s.__0 <15 li. 5__0>Symon Bolger tooke to the value of 33 li.__7 s.__0 <33 li.__7__0> Gille dufe tooke to the value

fol. 27v

value of 7 li. 15__0. <7 li.__15__0> Owen mc Redmond, Dermod Duffe Edmond Duffe and other the Inhitants of Kelstowne and Castlemore tooke to the value of 8 li.__13 s.__4 d. <8 li. __13__4> And this Deponent <E> further deposeth that some two or three dayes after he had left his sheepe vpon the said lands of Kilneneane as aforsaid Henry Bagnall deputed Captaine of the said Castle of Leighlin by his brother Walter Bagnall, Thomas Butler the reputed lieutenante, one Kenedy and the rest of the warders insteede of ayding and releeving the Kings subiectes and maintayninge the said Castle and bridge against the Rebells, receiued and releeved the said Rebells into their said Castle accompanyed them abroad and assisted them with the Kings Armes to make pray and spoyle on all the Protestants on that side the River and Countie of Kilkennye. By meanes wherof this Deponents sheepe amonge the rest became a pray to the Rebells; and as this Deponent was told by his shepards and others the neighbors that saw it the said Henry Bagnall with the rest of his warders Garrett mc Morish Kevanagh, the sons of Oliver Welsh, Walter Evers and his brothers of [ ] the said Garrett and Cahir ô Nolan, the said Thomas Barry and Dallough Birne and a multitude of other Rebells with swords, skeanes &c did driue and Cary away from of the said lands of Kilneneane over the said bridge of Leighlin to the lands of Dunleckny on the 26th of November 1641 about 7 of the Clocke in the morning this Deponents flocke of sheepe to the value of <213 li.__4__0> 213 li.__4 s.__0 at least and by the way driue into the Castle yard some twenty of them, which [ ] this deponent saw there and knew them by their marke and the rest they driue to the lands of Dunleckny as this Deponent was informed and there divided them (100 wherof came to the said Henry Bagnalls share) and were left vpon that land: And this Deponent further deposeth that the same day this Deponent cominge to Leighlin aforsaid to make enquiry after his said sheepe and thinking all the Rebells to haue departed the Towne, at the house of John Carron this Deponent was besett by ten or twelue of the said Rebells armed with guns pikes &c and with their skeanes drawen some at this Deponents throat, others at his brest and backe, tooke from this Deponent 2 s. 6 d. in mony out of his pockett tooke from him likwise his Cloake and hatt, and were vnbuttening this Deponents Dublett Insomuch that he verily thinketh they wold haue proceeded to strip him naked but that Owen Gaukagh Birne in the interim came in, and rescued this Deponent out of their hands and procured this Deponent his Cloake and hat againe wherat they were grieved but durst not oppose him, being powerfull amongst them yet swore they would informe against him that he was a protector of protestants: however they wold not lett this Deponent goe till the said Owen Birne made a solemne promise vnto them not to depart with this Deponent till he the said Owen had delivered him to the Priest to be reconciled (as they tearmed it) who acordingly brought this Deponent to the house of William <ff> Reynolds where the Priest of that Parish one Butler was soe busied in giving absolutions to the poore English Inhabitants therabouts that this Deponent expected his Seasures and while he ware attending this Deponent heard him the said Priest (before absolution given tender them an oath to this effecte vizt That they shold Continue true and faithfull Subiects to the King of England and shold honour and obey him in all matters temporall; that they shold acknowledge the holy Church of Roome to be the true Church and the Pope of Roome to be supreame heard over the Church of Ireland, and shold honour and obey him in all Causes spitituall whatsoever In Conclusion (the Priests leasure serving) he came to the Deponent and told this Deponent by way of advise, that his only Course was to go to masse and to hold with them; and by soe doing this Deponent shold gett restitution of all his goods that he had lost, and shold live amongst them and come to great preferment, if not there wold be no living for this Deponent in the Kingdome for

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for no protestants must abide therin, wherupon this Deponent seemed to take tyme to Consider of the matter and desired his passe to Carlow, wherby he might haue further Conference with Sir Mathew Roch concerninge the same, which being obteyned, this Deponent insteed of going to ffather Mathew Roch betooke himselfe to the Castle of Carloe where the English kept in hold; vntill he had the oportunity of Coming to this Cittye with some of the troopes Saving that one day this Deponent went to Kelstowne aforsaid where he mett with 200 of the <G> Rebells or therabouts assembled in warlike aray amongst whome were the aforsaid Dallogh Birne and his sonns Edmind and James, Garrett and Cahir ô Nolan, Thomas Barry; and Henry Welsh aforsaid Donell Dorogh ô Nolan and Donell ne Naase ô Nolan and divers others whom this Deponent knew, but remembreth not their names All which the same night came to Carloe Towne broke open the Goale and delivered therout all the prisoners 20ty whereof or thereabouts were of their Company taken by the troopers 2 or 3 dayes before. <I> And further deposeth that the said Dallogh Birne and others of his Confederatts told this Deponent that this Kingdome of Ireland was the Queenes Jointure, and that shee wold come and liue in this Kingdome herselfe and Cleere this Kingdome of all protestants even as the parliament goeth about to Cleere England of all papists: and that asyet they had not Commission to kill and slay the protestants but only to pillage and banish them, but expected it ere long Others wold say that the Queene promoted this warr in revenge of the Reverend ffryar or Jesiute that was put to death in London by the parliament who was the Queenes Confessor and of nere allyance vnto her. This Deponent further saith that he left in <180 li.__0__0> his hagard at Kelstowne Corne and hay worth 180 li.__0__0 which he verily beleeveth is in the Rebells possession: Left likwise a Crop of winter Corne in ground worth <120 li.__0__0> 120 li. Hee likwise saith that his leases ffines there by reason of the ffines buildings <400 li.__0__0> and improuements expended vpon the said land by this Deponent were worth 400 li. as he verily beleeveth. And further he deposeth that about the last of November 1641 there were taken from his fearme of Glanmagow in the Parish of Castlecomber Barony of <75 li.__0__0> Idragh and County of Kilkenny of this Deponents goods and Catle to the value of 75 li.__0__0 at least the certainty wherof he refereth to Peter Paichean his overseer there which was donne by the Rebells of Idough of the nation of the Brenans; as also by the forenamed Rebells of the County of Carlow vizt Garrett mc Morish Kevanagh Thomas Barry Dalloagh Birne Garrett and Cahir ô Nolan aforsaid &c who went thither to assist them, and brought with them to Leighlin as this Deponent was credibly informed 1500 cowes (besides horses and Mares) for their share of the moity of the spoyle of the Country of Idoagh
<60 li.__0__0> And this Deponent likwise valueth the lease of that fferme to be worth 60 li. And this Deponent likwise saith that he had standing in hagard in the parish of Kilinolash in the County <60 li.__0__0> of Waterford tythe Corne worth 60 li. at least which he acounteth lost for that he hereth that the County therabouts is risen in Rebellion. And he also deposeth that there are due vnto him this Deponent in debtes which he acounteth desperative by being either vpon <856 li.__7 s.__10 d.> Rebells, or else vpon such English, as (being robed) are disabled to pay 856 li.__7 s.__10 {d.}
And lastly he deposeth that he is damnifyed in his office by reason of theise warrs 80 li. <80 li.__0__0> __0__0 already and is like to be endamaged therby aboue 100 li. yerely vntill the tymes be setled.

The totall some of all which particulers amounts vnto 2335 li.__9 s.__2 d.
Robert Waddinge
Jur 17o Marcy 1641
Roger Puttcoke
John Sterne

fol. 28v

[ 16 ] [17] Catherlogh
Mr Robert Waddinge
Jur 17o Martij 1641
Hand w
24 Nov



Deponent Fullname: Robert Wadding
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Gentleman
Deponent County of Residence: Carlow
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Lady Tempell, Lady Shurley, William Cooly, Oliver Eustace, Edward Eustace, Sir Morgan Kevanagh, Walter Bagnall, Bryan mc William Birne, Garrett , Cahir , Thomas Barry, Dallough Birne, Henry Welsh, Laurence Knowles, Symon Bolger, Gille dufe, Owen mc Redmond, Dermod Duffe, Edmond Duffe, Henry Bagnall, Walter Bagnall, Thomas Butler, Garrett mc Morish Kevanagh, * Butler, Mathew Roch, Edmind Birne, Donell Dorogh , Donell ne Naase , George Wadding, Teige , Oliver Welsh, John Carron, Owen Gaukagh Birne, William Reynolds
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Victim, Victim, Victim, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned