Deposition of Martha Mosley

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Date: 1643-10-29
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County: Carlow & Killkenny
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Assault, Death, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Words
Commissioners: Henry Brereton, Henry Jones
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 90r

Martha Moseley the Relict of Samuell Mosley late viccar of Catherlaghe now deceased sworne & examined deposeth and saith That about the begining of November 1641 when the Rebellion was begun at Catherlagh aforesaid her said husband was then aliue, And then hee and shee this deponent were forceibly expelled & deprived and dispoiled of and from the possession Rentes and proffitts of his benefices or Church meanes leases goodes chattells vizt sheepe horses mares Cattell swyne howshold goodes Corne hay and other thinges of the value and to their losse of One thowsand seventy six Powndes ster, And at the same tyme Joice Bromfeild of Catherlagh widow this deponentes mother since deceased (whose Administratrix the deponent is) was alsoe deprived and despoiled of an estate in Leases Corne Cattle howses and other goodes and chattells of the value & to her losse of One thowsand Powndes and above, By Thomas Davills of in the Queens County Esquire Mr Walle of Roughlan in the said County of Catherlagh Esquire & Robert Harpoole of in the Queens Countie Esquire and their souldiers and partakers whose names she knoweth not And that this deponentes husband and shee with their 4 children & her said mother fled from their habitacions to the Castle of Catherlagh where they remained for about one yere or thereabouts , and there endured much miser greefe and calamity [ wh ] and such in deed that as she thincketh was the death of her said husband and alsoe of her mother And shee further saith That whilest for some of the time that she and the rest were in the said Castle vizt betwixt St Stephens day in Christmas 1641 and the weeke before Easter then next following the said Castle was beseeged by the [ parties bef ] said Tho Davills mr Wall &

fol. 90v

<B> Harpoole and their souldiers and by Walter Bagnall of Dunleckny Esquire Robert Evers of Clonghney in the County of Catherlagh gent, and their souldiers Complicees & partakers whose names she cannott expresse, And saith that [ ] One night whilest that siege lasted there were slayne and hurt at the Church and about the same nere to the Castle the number of xxv men women and children English protestantes & were moste barbarously mangled hewd and slashed by the Rebells And one women whoe had her hand cutt off the deponent (by godes assistance) cured (as she did divers others, whilest she was there) And amongst the rest she soe cured there was a poore stript woman that the night aforesaid was most miserably wounded and cutt with fowre seuerall great cutts all through the scull of her head, and one in her face, and left for dead & layd there for about 24 howres and yet at length (by goodes great helpe) recouered her senses and soe much strength that she crawled and came into the Castle being there a most miserable Object of pity & although such as sawe her despaired of her recouery yet god working with such meanes as this deponent vsed to her, she was afterwardes very well recouered
About whitsontide 1642 one Hugh Everard and Edward How twoe protestantes were within muskett shott of Catherlagh Castle both murdered mangled and cutt in peecs most barbarously by the said Mr Robert Harpoole and his souldjers
In or about September 1642 one John Dearmon of Catherlagh a protestant souldier (amongst others) goeing out from the said Castle of Catherlagh to gett some Corne wh where with to fynd himself his poore wife and children, was within a Quarter of a myle of that Castle together with the rest mett with by divers bloody Rebells and there he was most barbarously butchered and murthered
And about September aforesaid 1642 att the same time and place The wife of one Jonathan Linn and her daughter [ ] were alsoe surprised by the Rebells as they were gathering Corne, And were from that place halled &

fol. 91r

& carried to Staplestowne wood where and when those 2 poore women were hanged vpp vpon a tree by the haire of their heades all night, And being alive the next morning they were cutt downe by the Rebells, but being fownd to haue life in them those merciles villaines then and killed them outright They being both very handsome and proper women
About the later end of August 1642 one Bennett Bower went out of the Castle to gett in (if he could) some of his owne Corne, and there went with him one Alice Chaveney & her little sonn and another woman that had bin formerly servant to the said Bennett Bower All which Re b fowre were about a Quarter of a myle from the <C> said Castle mett with by the souldjers of the said Robert harpoole whoe then and there tooke the said Bennett Bower prisoner murthered the little boy & his mother & the said other woman, the poore childs head being pittifully mangled & his belly soe opened that his bowells fell out and the one of the womens throat being cutt & almost her neck cutt off & thother pittifully mangled & massacred
One widow davies was about the same time shott to death att the waterside as she was washing a few beanes nere to the Castle, And soe was a little boy that dr was prentice to widow Roades, Henry Sanders and his sonn were alsoe shott and killed at seuerall tymes
And this deponent further saith That about the later end of Aug{ust} 1642 (which was about a fortnight before her husband died) one Captain Lieutenant Anthony Harman ) in the said Castle of Catherlagh (out of spleene and Covetousnes) tooke from and out of the possession of the deponentes said husband divers of his owne pr goodes & alsoe divers goodes late belonging to the deponentes mother worth above 40 li. and would neuer restore the same
<Dr J: H B>
Martha Mosley
Jur 29o Oct 1643

fol. 91v

And further saith That about [ one ] fortnight the 14th of October 1643 this deponent comeing towardes Dublin and lying one night at Timolin an Irish garrison of the Rebells heard the Rebells in that garrison much blame themselues and say That when theis Comotions began they were too blame in that they had not putt to death all the protestantes in stead of stripping of them for then they could not haue attempted to drive them the Irish out of Ireland as they intended to doe: yet said that the English could not doe it though all the force of England were landed in Ireland or to that effect
Martha Mosley
Jur 29o Octobr 1643
Hen Jones
Hen: Brereton

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Martha Mosley Jur
[1]9 Oct 1643
1 Nov

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Deponent Fullname: Martha Moseley
Deponent Gender: Female
Deponent Occupation: Widow
Deponent County of Residence: Carlow
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Samuell Mosley, Joice Bromfeild, Hugh Everard, Edward How, John Dearmon, Bennett Bower, Alice Chaveney, * davies, Henry Sanders, Thomas Davills, Mr Walle, Robert Harpoole, Walter Bagnall, Robert Evers, Anthony Harman, Jonathan Linn
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned