Deposition of John Jesop

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Date: 1642-01-08
Identifier: 812188r161


1641 Deposition Item Type Metadata

County: Carlow & Killkenny
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Apostacy, Robbery, Stripping, Words
Commissioners: Henry Brereton, William Hitchcock
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 188r

John Jesop of CloynMoore in Countye Killkenye esquire sworne and examined saith
That from the 5th daye of 9ber laste paste or neere there vnto he hath byne residente in and neere vnto this Cittie of dublin vntill this presente further saythe that he but hath byne sufficentelie enformedde by letters and otherwise of the ill vsage of the Englishe protestantes in the Countye of Waxforde since this deponentes comeinge to dublin Towne & believeth the same to be true & Particularrlie of the expullsion by the rebells of one William Swantone esquire from Mc Mayne in the said Countye and of his greate losse in cattle vppon the premises, further this deponent: saythe that the said Mr Swantone hellde Mc Mayne aforesaid, with its apurtenannces from this deponent: with 650 lib ster stock of this deponents, at the yeerelie rente of 230 lib ster payable vnto the deponent: hallfe yeerelie, further saythe that he hath byne <A> crediblye enformedde howe Nicholas fittzHenrye this deponentes Lande Lorde and a papiste was presente when that aforesaid outerage was comittedde, and that Rallphe Waddingtone of St: Johns esquire and Jonas Rishforde of Eness Corsye gent, dwellinge not farre from the premisese beinge lykewise strippedde, and afterwardes becominge brattes of the Romishe Church, haue since that tyme byne restoredde vnto their gooddes, or the true value of them, and doe nowe lyue securelie amongste the Rebbelles there vnder the countenance of somme preistes & fryarres, which are often resorte vnto them. And this deponent: before the rebellone was expullsudde & nowe is depriued by the same rebellone of remedie and regayninge his posessone of a farme called Bronesswood of which he was to haue had a lease for 61 yeeres & further sayth that the Englishe famelies (beinge manye in nombre) by hym formerlie placed there wer driuene awaye, & as he crediblye is enformedde pap <papistes> and Rebbelles putt in their places, And of a howse whereof since the Rebellon{e} he was by the Rebells expelled in Nue Rosse, and some meadowes thereunto aperteyninge, grauntedd by the deponent defendant vnto one Anthony Tranisa, an Englishe man & a protestante for 3 liues, the defendant deponent duringe that tearme hauinge reseruedde 10 lib rente by the yeere vnto hymselfe, the forenamed particularre losses this defendant deposethe to haue by happnedd vnto hym into the County of Wexforde. Further saythe that he is by the Rebells now expullsedd from 5 lib rente by the yeere neere ResseBerrekyne Countye of Killkeny, and from 15 lib rente at Killinassepucke where this deponent hath bynne crediblie enformedde one John Spronge an Englishe protestante & tenante vnto this defendant thereon, hath byne dissepoyledde of more then a 100 libs worthe of in Cattle, Corne horses, & other howsehollde gooddes. And this deponent abo was at Cloyn Moore aforesaid: Robbedde, and dissepoyledde by the Rebells of all his sheepe Cowes, Corne haye, horses, to the verie hoggs, and poulltrie vppon the premises there his wife & chilldrenne by Water with greate difficulltie escapinge vnto Waterforde with lyfe, further sayth that his people and deyrie tenantes beinge there strippedde the Rebbelles then vsed one John Manselle gent with all fauour and Courtesie, for that he was a papiste, allthough he came but latelie oute of Englande, & noe acquaintance wer betweene them, further saythe he and the deponent was then expullsedde from [Rose Curbu] allsoe Countye Killkennye, and this deponent further saythe he is by the presente rebellon in greate daungerre to be depriued of and loose more then 600 lib ster of moneyes due {unto hym by such} as this presente rebellon hath made vnable to satisfye

fol. 188v

fol. 189r

This deponent further saythe that he beleeuethe and in his conscience is fullie perswadedde that the procuremente of the forenamedde particularre leases estate in the Counties of Waxforde, & Killkennye, the settlemente & purchase of them, the builldinges, improuementes, and other the costes vppon the premises by this deponent from tyme with his owne particularre stocke ta ke n and awaye thereone doeth and his goodes whereof he was robbd and dispoiled as aforesaid doth at an vnder ualuaton [ ] amounte vnto the somme of fiue thousande two hundredde, and twentye libs ster: or thereaboutes of loss e and damage to this deponent And further saythe he hath a farme which was profitable vnto hym in the Counntye of Corke called Balliknocke, of and conncernninge which he hath receiued noe certayne enformation how the case stan n dethe with hym thereon but feareth he is depriued thereof [ ] of As con n cer n ninge anye trayterouse wordes, or anye other vnlawfull outerages this deponent can saye nothinge but And further saith that he hath crediblye hearde that all the papistes in the Countyes of Waxforde and Killkennye, and in all the Counntyes of Irelannde ar actors, abettors, or at the leaste secrette well wisherres vnto {t}he Rebellonne & that James Buttlerre of or neere the Barronie of { }verke esquire, William Graunte of Ballttarsenye in the aforesaid Barronye {g}ent, & James Stronge neere Rosseberkenne gent, w er, & neere { }00 more were actors in the pillageing [ ] & robbing of Cloyn Moore aforesaid
John Jesop
Jur viijo Jan: 1641 coram nobis
Hen: Brereton Will: Hitchcock

fol. 189v

Com: Kilkeny 0
John Jesop
Jurat Jan: 8o 1641
Exr 5 Nov


Deponent Fullname: John Jesop
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Esquire
Deponent County of Residence: Kilkenny
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: William Swantone, James Buttlerre, William Graunte, James Stronge, Nicholas fittzHenrye, John Manselle, Rallphe Waddingtone, Jonas Rishforde, Anthony Tranisa, John Spronge
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Landlord, Mentioned, Apostate, Apostate, Victim, Victim