Deposition of Ann Mawdesley

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1643-03-28
Identifier: 812221r180


1641 Deposition Item Type Metadata

County: Carlow & Killkenny
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Assault, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Stripping, Words
Commissioners: Henry Brereton, William Aldrich
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 221r

Ann the wife of Mervin Mawdesley late of the Citty of Kilkenny gent sworne & examined deposeth and sajth That since the begining of the present Rebellion vizt about the ffeast daie of Easter last paste Her sayd husband & shee were at Kilkenny aforesaid deprived robbed and dispoyled by the Rebells of their meanes goodes & chattells consisting of houshold goodes Lynen apparell Beare in the Seller & other thinges of the value of threescore & nynteene Powndes fifteene shillinges ster And sayth shee knoweth not the names of the Rebells that soe robbed her & her husband But was credibly informed & beleeveth that <A> they were the Rebellious souldjers serving vnder the Comand of Phillip Pursell of Ballifoyle in the County of Kilkenny Esquire sonn in law to the Lord Mountgarrett and an < [B] > Captain of a Company of Rebells And about the same time some of the Rebells in Kilkenny aforesaid struck and bett a poore wo English woman vntill shee was forced into a ditch where she dyed, Those barborous Rebells haveing first ript vpp & Letten her childes guttes about her heeles & most cruelly murthered that child (which was about 16 yeres of age) And further saith that Joane Smith widow the deponents mother whoe dwelt in his howse with her this deponente, was alsoe by the Rebells Robbed & dispojled of her estate goodes and Chattells worth three score powndes ster, And furth{er} < 139 li. 15 s. B> sajth that one [ Kantleye ] Cantwell provost Marshall att or nere Kilkenny for the Rebells and his Company hangd 7 Englishmen that they fownd in the way from Balline{kill} whereof one was a Taylor named Richard Phill{ip} & they hanged alsoe an Irish man becawse hee was in {the} Company of those seven Englishmen All which 8 persons w{ere} hanged on a howse in the towne of Kilkenny on a how{se} newly framed of timber And one of the Rebells fell vpon his { } to the Lord Mountgarrett to have all the English hang{ed} whoe answered he would pistoll him if he made any more { } requestes ffor that such English as were left would gladly

fol. 221v

enough goe away & leave the Cuntrie if they knew howe: which this deponent thincketh they would ffor that the Rebellious Irish would still abuse & oppresse those English which they had not slaine nor banished and would comonly call them English doggs: And further saith that the Rebells at Kilkenny stripped and robbed all the English thereaboutes & in particuler they thrice stripped one Mr Wheel{er} (an English gent) and his wiffe & Children
Ann Mawd{esley}
Jurat martij 28o 1643
Hen: Brereton
Will: Aldrich

{9 Kilkenny}
Ann Mawdesley Jur
28o Marcij 1642
Intw Exr
Cert fact
hand w


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Deponent Fullname: Ann Mawdesley
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Wife
Deponent County of Residence: Kilkenny
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Phillip Pursell, * Cantwell, Lord Mountgarrett, Mervin Mawdesley, Joane Smith, Richard Phill{ip}, Mr Wheel{er}
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim