Deposition of Thomas Pickering including letters to and from Lady Offaly

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Date: 1642-08-15
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County: King's Co
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Assault, Captivity, Killing, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Words
Commissioners: Henry Brereton, John Sterne, William Aldrich
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 117r

<No 61> Thomas Pickering Clarke Late Curate of Killeigh & Linally in the Kinges County sworne & examined deposeth and sayth: That att the time of the begining of the present Rebellion this deponent was by the Rebells forcibly and Rebelliously expelled from deprived & dispoyled of the proffitts and benefites of his Cures aforesaid which before the Rebellion were worth to him yerely communibus annis ffortie pownds: whereof one yeres proffitt is already lost: & he is like to loose the future proffitts thereof vntill a peace be established And the Rebells alsoe deprived Robbed & dispoyled him this deponent of howsehold goods worth xx li. Corne worth xxv li. Beasts horses and Cattle worth xxx li. Bookes worth x li: Hay worth 5 li. provition for howsekeeping as swyne malt wynnowed wheate & powltrie worth x li. x s. Soe that this deponents present losses (besides the future) by meanes of the Rebellion amount vnto the sume one hundreth and fforty pownds sterling And further sayth that the parties that so deprived Robbed and dispoyled him this deponent and that are in Rebellion robbing & spoyleing the kings subiects & the protestants and carrying armes against them are theis that follow vizt Shane McBrasill of fferr the Barrony of ffercoll <A> in the parrish of Lynalley in the Kings County gentleman Brian mcEdmund of the same gent William Luther of Killinmore gentleman Daniell McRichard ô More of killinmore gentleman: & Brian his brother And further sayth that Lewis Lord Viscount Glammaleroe Henry Dempsy Esquire brother to the said lord viscount Charles Dempsy sonn to Barnaby dempsy of Knockardagurragh in the queens County Esquire Andrew ffitzpatrick gent Conn dempsie ofnere Clownegowny
[ ] 1205

fol. 117v

in the Kinges County gentleman Phelim Dempsie of the same his brother James McDaniell of Tennykill in the queens <B> County [ ] Esquire John Vickers ofin the queens County gent Art O Molloy of Ralighin in the kings County Esquire Charles Connor of killenantoge in the kings Countie Esquire Edward Connor of Clonerrill in the kinges Countie gent Daniell Doyne of Tynnehinch in the queens County gentleman & John McWilliam of Cappenskerraghe in the queens County gent Rise all into open armes and hostility & against the protestants and they and their souldjers robbed and dispoyled Many protestants of their goodes and Committted dyvers owtrages and Cruelties And att seuerall tymes assaulted and beseeged the Lady ô ffaly in the Castle Geashell in the kings County: & that they or such of them as subscribed their names seuerally therevnto writt and sent to the said Lord ô ffaly the seuerall & respective lettres hereafter expressed vizt

Hugh Bir
[ ]

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fol. 168r


fol. 168r

A letter of the Rebells to my Lady Offalye at her first seige
We his Maiesties Loyall subiects, at the present imployed in his Highnesse service for the sacking of this your Castle, you are therfore to deliuer vnto vs the free possession of your said Castle promising faythfullye that your Ladyship together with the Rest within <C> your said Castle resiant shall haue a reasonable Composition, otherwise vpon the non yeilding of the Castle we doe assure you that we will burne the whole Towne, Kill all the Protestants and spare neyther Man woemen nor Child vpon taking the Castle by Compulsion. Consider Madam of this our offer and impute not the blame of your owne folly vnto vs. Think not that heere we bragg: your Ladyship vpon submission, shall haue a safe Convoye to secure you from the hands of your enemies, and to lead you whether you please. A speedye replye is desired with all expedition and thus we surcease
<hand 3 fol> incerte here her answere
Henrye Dempsye
Charles Dempsye
Andrew fitzPatrick
Conn Dempsye
Phelim Dempsye
James mcDaniell
John Vickars

<C> Vppon St Johns day Captaine Smith of Eglishe in the Kings County having receaued great wrongs from one Teige mcOwen o Molloy being his Neighbour, went out of the Iland vpon his owne land, whereinto he had fled for streingth with the Number of thirtye men, to surprise this Teige McOwen in his owne house, but he hearing of there approach, fled, vpon which Captaine Smith hauing broken open the doores Ransackt the house, and finding good store of <D> Beare and Aquavita (being Christmas) the souldiers, fell to drinke somwhat excessiuelye, not dreaming of the Imminent danger which did hange ouer there heads; for the O Molloyes to the Number of fiue or sixe hundred came suddenlye vpon them, and although they had time sufficient to haue carryed away there Prey being in the Cotts, yet the drinke prevayled so much ouer them, that they must needs giue battaile [batt] to the Enemye, where the Captaine with all his souldiers were miserablye slaine, except one scotch man and an Englishman who came to Geshell and was the Relator of this tragidye The next day the widdow vpon Composition surrendred the Iland to haue halfe her goods and all her Clothes, with the Clothes of the rest of her Tennants which were in the Iland which was not faythfully keapt, for they coming out of the Iland were all stript.
There was slaine in this battle with the Captaine two Ministers one Mr Baxter and Mr Johnson


<a> There was Liuing at Lea one Mr Gearing which had beene Vickar of that place fortye yeeres, and now was neere <E> a hundred yeares of Age this man the dempsies killed in his owne house, being but a mile distant from Ballybrittas, the cheife house of the Lord of Glanmaleroe and after this there Cruell Murder they buried him in a ditch by the Common Roade
<April 24 1642> Sunday the 24th of this Moneth there came two Rebells to the house where John ap Hugh and his wife then Liued, being both sicke in there bedds, these Rouges were hyred by some of there Neighbours to doe this execution, they coming there they murdered the said John ap Hugh and his wife in there bedds being sicke, with there skeynes.

A letter sent vnto my Ladye Offalye by my Lo: of Glanmaleroe when he brought his great Peece of ordnance vnto Geashell
<Aprill 21 1642 > Noble Madam
It was never my Intention to offer you any Iniurye before you were pleased to begin with me, for it is well knowne if I were so disposed you had <f> not beene by this time at Geashell, so as I find you are not sensible of which Curtesies I alwayes expresed vnto you since the begining of this Commotion, howsoeuer I did not thirst after revenge but out of my louing and wonted respectes still towards you, I am pleased and desirous to giue you faire Quarter, if you so please to accept therof, both for your selfe Children and Grand Children, and likewise for your goods: And I will vndertake to send a safe Convoye with you and them eyther to Dublin, or to anye other of the next adioyning Garrisons, eyther of which to be at your owne election: And if you be not pleased to accept of this offer: I hope you will not impute the blame on me, if you be not fayrelye dealt withall, for I expect to haue the Command of your house before I stirre from hence, And if you please to send anye of your Gentleman of your house to me I am desirous to Conferre therof at Lardge and so expecting your speedye answeare I rest
Your Lo: Cussen
Lewis Glanmaleroe

fol. 169r

Madam there are other Gentlemen now in this Towne whose names are heerevnto subscribed who doe Joyne and unite themselues in this myne offer vnto you
<G> Lew: Glanmaleroe
Art: O Molloye
Henrye Dempsie
Edw: Connor
Charles Connor
Daniell Doyne
John Mc William

After the Receipt of this letter my Ladye returned this Answeare
My Lord
I little expected such a salute from a Kinsman whome I haue euer respected, you being not ignorant of the great dammages I haue receaued by your followers of Glanmaleroe, soe as you cannot but know in your owne Conscience that I am Inocent of doing you any Iniurye vnlesse you count it an Iniurye for my people to bring backe a smalle quantitye of myne owne goods, where they found them and with them some others of such men as haue donne me all the Iniurye, they can devise (as may appeare by there owne letter) I was offred a Convoye by those that formerlye beseiged me, and I hope you haue more honnor then to follow there example, by seeking her Ruine that never wronged you, Howeuer I am still of the same mind, and can thinke noe place safer then myne owne house, wherin if I perish by your meanes the guilt will Light on you, And I doubt not but I shall receaue a Crowne of Martyrdome dying Innocentlye. God I trust will take a poore widdow into his protection from all those which without Cause are risen vp against me.
your poore Kinswoman
Lettice Offalye
<postscribed> If the Conference you desire doe but Concerne the Contents of this letter I thinke this answeare wille giue you full satisfaction and I hope you will withdrawe your hand & shew your powre {in more noble actions}

fol. 169v

My Lady of Offalies Answeare to the first said summons
<hand A> I receaued your Letter wherin you threaten to sacke this my Castle by his Maiesties Authoritye, I haue ever beene a Loyall subiect, and a good Neighbour amoungst you, therefore I cannott but wonder at such an Assault. I thanke you for your safe offer of a Convoye wherin I hold little safetye and therfore my resolution is, that being free from offending his Maiestie, or doing wronge to any of you I will liue and dye Innocentlye, and will doe my best to defend myne owne, leauing the Issue to god And though I haue beene and still am desirous to avoyd the avoyding shedding of Christian blood, yet being provoked, your threatts shall noe whitte dismaye me
<A>Lettice Offalye

After two mounthes my Lord of Glanmaleroe, brought a great peece of ordnance, with severall other of his Rebellious associates, and adminition with them and dischardged it against the Castle: which att the first shott burst & flewe in peeces: but playd still with their musketts & other peices against the Castle of Geashell vntill evening & then they the said Rebells tooke away the broken ordinance & martched away in the night: But before they parted away vizt the very day that the ordinance soe broake the said Lord Glanmaloroe writt and sent to the said Lady ô ffaly this letter following vizt

fol. 170r

A fter the discharding of his ord nance and that it receaued a breache in the breeche he sent this second summons vnto my Ladye
<H> To my Noble Cussen the Lady Lettice Barronesse of Offalye
Madam I receaued your Letter and I am still tender of your good and wellfare, though you giue noe Creditt therevnto And whereas you did vnderstand by Relation that my Peece of Ordnance did not prosper: I beleeue you will be sensible of the hazard and Losses that you are like to sustaine therebye, vnlesse you be better advised in accepting the kind offer which I mencioned in my letter vnto you in the Morning, if not expect no further fauour at my hands and so I rest
Your Ladyships Lo: Cuson
Lew: Glanmaleroe

To which letter my Lady returned answeare by one of her owne men which was keapt prisoner and as not as yet returned from them the Copye of which letter is this
My Lord
Your second summons I haue receaued, and should be glad to find you tender of my good ffor your Peece of ordnance I never disputed how it prospred, presuming you would rather make vse of it; for your owne defence, or against Enemies then to trye your strength, against a poore widdow of your owne blood. But since you haue bent it against me, Let that blood which shall be shedd be required at there hands that seeke it, for my part my Conscience telleth me that I am Innocent, and wishing you so too I rest
Your Cusen
Lettice Offalye
<Aprill 2 1642>

7 1211

fol. 170v

A Coppie of a letter which was found in a one of the houses when we beate them out of the Towne which was to be deliuered that afternoone following
I doe admire at a lady of your worth and Honnnor as you Conceuie your selfe to be, should in soe regardlesse a sort in steed of matters of Consequence in your letters vse friuoulous & scandelous words expresslye nominating vs your Enemies Glanmaleroe Kearnes, and that in that letter written this very day vnto Sir Luke fits Gerrald desiring his assistance To the Number of fiftye men which should Quash and Cashire vs here hence, he being your Enemye noe lesse then we, secluding Kindredd not prophanesse of Religion Nay your Ladyship was not formerlye abashed to write to William Parsons, naming vs in that letter vnto him a Mixt Multitude Remember your selfe Madam consisting of more woemen and boyes, then men: All these letters before your Ladyship shortlye shall be produced: Both the Messengers we haue intercepted together with your letters, and doe detaine them as yet prisoners, vntill such time as therof we Certefye your Ladyship which at the present to doe; we thought expedient: They are therefore Censured to death, and this day is prefixed for there execution: your Ladyship by your Letters desires Nouelties, Heare then Sidley Coote corrospondentlye to the intent of your letters to Parsons coming to your ayde, being intercepted in the way, was deadlye wounded, Ten taken prisoners, his Ensignes taken away one Alman Hamnetts man if he comes safe with his message as I hope he will not
8 1212

fol. 171v

20 Kinges County
Mr Tho: Pickering
Jur 15o Augusti 1642
hand w
Cert fact

Deponent Fullname: Thomas Pickering
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Clerk
Deponent County of Residence: Kings County
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Shane McBrasill, Brian mcEdmund, William Luther, Daniell McRichard More, Brian *, Lewis Lord Viscount Glammaleroe, Henry Dempsy, Charles Dempsy, Andrew ffitzpatrick, Conn dempsie, Phelim Dempsie, James McDaniell, John Vickers, Art O Molloy, Charles Connor, Edward Connor, Daniell Doyne, John McWilliam, Barnaby Dempsy, Lady , Henrye Dempsye, Andrew fitzPatrick, Conn Dempsye, Phelim Dempsye, James mcDaniell, John Vickars, Teige mcOwen o Molloy, * Baxter, * Johnson, * Gearing, John ap Hugh, * Smith, Lewis Glanmaleroe, Art O Molloye, Henrye Dempsie, Edw Connor, Charles Connor, Daniel Doyne, John Mc William, Luke fitzGerrald, William Parsons, Sidley Coote, Alman Hamnett, * Lloyd, Charles Dempsie
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned, Victim, Denounced, Denounced, Denounced, Denounced, Denounced, Denounced, Denounced, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Mentioned, Mentioned, Denounced, Denounced, Denounced, Denounced, Denounced, Denounced, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Author