Deposition of Edmund Welsh

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Date: 1642-01-22
Identifier: 814118r068


1641 Deposition Item Type Metadata

County: King's Co
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Apostacy, Assault, Robbery, Words
Commissioners: John Sterne, William Aldrich
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 118r

<62> Edmund Welsh of Moylarstowne in the Parish in Henristowne & Barony of Phillipstowne in the Kings County a Brittish Protestant being duely sworne deposeth
Thatt on the 6 & 7th dayes of December Last, he this deponent was robbed of & Lost 2 Reekes of pease; each of 12 fathom & an halfe in compasse; one of 12. & one of 11. & an halfe, 2 Reekes of whe{ate} of 13 fathom a peace; one Reeke of Beare of 11. One Reeke of Barly of x. 2 Reekes of Oats with 27 Barrells of wheate o{f} the Measure of Athy threshed. & 12 Bushells of Beare malt; w{ith} Miscellane & other Corne due worth ________ 200 li.
Item 13 acres of old Measure of the Cuntrey of Beare & wheate in { } grownd; with severall crofts; in which he sowed 50 barrells & a quart{er} of the Measure of Athy; worth ____ 150 li.
Item 47 greate Oxen; worth ________________________ 80 li.
Item 35 greate Cowes; worth _______________________ 70 li.
Item 95 swine worth ______________________________ 19 li.
Item Cattle of 3 yeares old the next lent 18 worth _______ 21 li.
Item yearelings 14 worth __________________________ 7 li.
Item of 2 yeares old 21 worth _______________________ 15 li._15 s.
Item 12 plowgh garrans: worth ______________________ 36 li.
Item 5 greate horses; & 3 Nagges worth _______________ 60 li.
Item 6 English greate Mares, & 2 Irish with their Coalts worth ___40 li.
Item 2 greate brewinge pannes & 4 smaller; 2 aquavite potts 4 brasse potts & 1 iron pott: 20 p er of sheetes: 8 dossen of Napkins, 21 Hu{ } 5 truncks & 3 che s ts 1 drawinge table; 1 rownd table 5 beddes with their furniture; pewter; Candlesticks & such other howshould stuffe; worth__130 li.
Item in ready money __________________ 184 li.
Item in Leases & Losse of his fearmes ___ 150 li.
Item in debts ________________________ 139 li. in the { }
<his> whole loss amountinge to about ____ 1302 li. 15 s. by meanes of, or by the hands of Peirs ffitzgarald of Ballisonan called Captaine amongst the Rebelles; Luke ffitzgerald his Ensig{ne} Thomas Ruth; & Gerald Kevanagh his sergeants & Gerald fitzger{ald} of Castle Row; & divers others in thatt Company. And by Henr{y} Demsy called Captaine amonge them & Nicholas Demsy his Lieveten{ant} & John McMurtogh demsy his Ensigne, & John mcffrancis dempsy his Corporall; with divers others well known to the deponent; & his followers. And this deponent sayth the said 7th of xber att suppertime; the abov{e} named Thomas Ruth & Gerrald Kevanagh; with others to the number of 19 with swords & skeanes came vp to this deponent & the said Ruth puttinge his naked sword to the deponents breast; bade him yeald vp the Castle to the popes holines; butt this deponent thought he jeasted; till severall other swords weare Likewise presented to his breast & Piers ffitzgerald

fol. 118v

takinge his Petronell ready cocked presented the same alsoe to this dep{onents} breast, sayinge (when this deponent offered to draw his sword) thatt itt was in vaine for him to strive against soe many, & soe disarmed him: & tooke from him his sword & dagger with 8. gunnes; with certa{ine} powder & Leade: Alledginge that theare was an Excommunication, from the Cheife of their Church against any of his religion that wowld nott doe the Like; & if he had nott done soe; & thatt soone; some of his neighbours wowld have had his head. And thatt they wowld nevar aske any Quarter; nor accept of any Pardon; vnlesse itt weare a generall pardon. And thease traiterous words weare then & theare spok e n; & thease hostile & outragious Acts committed as aforesaid all which {t}his deponent vpon his Oath averreth, As alsoe he And he further deposeth {tha}tt after the seazinge of the aforesaid Castle; & the said Robberye{s} {Comm}itted Gerrald ffitzgerald of Castle Row & Gerratt fitzger{ald of} the same; & Thomas ffitzgerald of Beland & Edward Wal{le of} Ballinakille; & Gerald Walle of Phrumpulstowne; & Pie{rs ffi}tzgerald of Beale–a–roue & James & Gerald ffitzgerald no{w} of Narrogh-begge; with Laurence Goghegan Prior of the fria{ry} of the Abbey of Moore in Castle-dermott; & one dillon a Jesuite preist dwellinge with the old Countesse of Kildare att Kilcae; weare all of them & many others continually comminge to the said Piers: & conversinge with him in the said Castle & other places; & the said Piers sessed his soldiers on the Cuntry & said; thatt the moneyes which formerly the Kinge Cuntrey had allowed to be payd to the mainteininge of the Kings soldiers, showld now be payd to his soldiers; & noe thankes to them ffarther he deposeth not &c. He deposeth further that he hath credibly heard that Gerald Wall{e} aforenamed; & John Welsh of Castledermott Clearke; & Edmund Wall Clearke; & Samuell East Justice of the peace are apostatized & gone to Masse. f farther he deposeth nott.
Edmund Walsh
Jur 22o Jan: 1641
William Aldrich
John Sterne

[1290] 1280

Deponent Fullname: Edmund Welsh
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent County of Residence: Kings County
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Peirs ffitzgarald, Luke ffitzgerald, Thomas Ruth, Gerald Kevanagh, Gerald fitzger{ald}, Henr{y} Demsy, Nicholas Demsy, John McMurtogh demsy, John mcffrancis dempsy, Gerrald ffitzgerald, Gerratt fitzger{ald, Thomas ffitzgerald, Edward Wal{sh, Gerald Walle, Pie{rs ffi}tzgerald, James ffitzgerald, Gerald ffitzgerald, Laurence Goghegan, * dillon, John Welsh, Edmund Wall, Samuell East, Countesse of Kildare
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Apostate, Apostate, Apostate, Mentioned