Examination of Ursula Row

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Date: 1654-01-11
Identifier: 819079r103


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County: Wexford
Deposition Type: Commonwealth
Nature of Deposition: Robbery, Confederacy
Commissioners: Ambrose Andrews, Edward Tomline
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 79r

The Examinacion of Vrsula Row of Bridgetowne wife to Nicholas Row of Bridgetowne in the County of Wexford gent aged about sixty two yeares taken vpon oath on the behalfe of the Comonwealth Concerning William Browne of Malrankan in the said County esquire
<To the 1st Interr> The examinant deposeth & saith that she well knew the said William Browne about twenty yeares past & that the said William to her personall knowledge dwelte at Malrancan the first yeare and almost the whole time of the Rebellyon and did not remooue in the Irish quarters <o> and did not thence remooue into the english quarters As Nicholas Row this deponents husband (Liuing within halfe a mile to the said William and seaverall other english and protestants dwelling in the Countrey did
<To the 2d Interr> The examinant cannot depose
<To the 3d interr> The examinant deposeth and saith that the said William Browne the first yeare of the warre & afterwardes did contribute, his person, his seruants, As Barnaby Realy <p> Dauid Hore, John Roricke, Richard Browne vncle to the said William & diuers others of his houshould seruants & vnder tennants with the said Williams horses & the vtmost of his endeauors and power & his proporcion of publicque Leuyes in forwarding & maintayning the rebellyon against the english the deponents cause of knowledge hereafter followeth in her ensueing deposicion
<To the 4th Interr> The examinant deposeth and saith that the said William Browne did the first yeare of the rebellyon contriue abet & further the same being the most actiue & forward man that the deponent knew or heard of in the Countrey, & that <q> the said (william in token of his forwardnes in promoting the said Rebellyon did before Christmas 1641: with a party of men vnder his Comand whereof his vncle & seruants aforesauid were parte) ag marched against the forte of Duncannon to beseige the same it being then kept by the said Lord Esmond & the english in opposicion to the Irish forces the said William being called & hauing the

fol. 79v

place or Comand of a Collonell for the Irish against the english This deponents cause of knowledge to the precedent & this Interrogatory is for that she did see the said william Browne & his seruants aforesaid & the souldyers raysed by him & vnder his Comand in actuall Armes marching in the Countrey to the forte of Duncannon as aforesaid: And further saith that the examinant being at Malrankan the said Brownes howse whereof in the first yeare of the rebellyon heard the said Browne to read a Letter to some gentlemen then present; directed by him to the Lord Roch in <r> Munster, & amongst other things giuing the said Lord Roch notice that the english did fly away from their dwellings as fast as bees in a Rainy day hasten to their hiues.
<To the 5th inter> The examinant deposeth and saith that she knoweth that the said William Browne was present & frequent with the Rebells at their vsuall meetings [ ] at some of which <s> meetings the deponent (hauing occassion to Wexford) did see the said William at personally present at, & actiue in the abetting & aduancing the said rebellyon
<To the 6th Inter> The examinant saith that she beleiues the said william Browne being soe forward & a man of an eminent condicion <t> was not absent in any meetings or elections of of the Irish in order to the furthering their Rebellion
<To the 7th inter> The deponent saith that she beleiues that the said William did take the oath of associacion being (as the deponent <u> heard in the Countrey) a generall thing
<To the 8th Interr> she cannot depose
<To the 9th interr> The examinant knoweth not of any office that the William was capacified with all onely the p place of a or <w> Comand of a Collonell as the deponent hath formerly related in her precedent deposicion

fol. 80r

<To the 10th Inter> The Examinant saith that the said William had an vncle Namely Richard Browne who was in actuall Armes vnder his Nephew the said William as aforesaid, & that the said Richard was a Notorious plunderer being present at the robbing of the deponent & others And that the said William had a brother Namely walter Browne which <x> said walter acted as a Leiutenant to his brother to the deponents personall knowledge, she having seen him in Armes & that the said walter as the deponent heard was killed at Dungans hill where the said William was taken prissoner by Collonell Jones & the english Armie
<To the 11th Interr> she saith that Nicholas Row the examinants husband Liued at Bridgetowne parte of the said Brownes estate being mortgaged to the said Nicholas from whence the said Nicholas fled into wales in the beginning of the Rebellyon, and this deponent continuing in the castle of <y> Bridgetowne after her husbandes departure with her young children was [ ] expulsed thereout by Richard Browne the said Williams vncle and about six of the said Williams seruants, who came in hostile & vyolent manner & threatned with pick axes & Irons to breake downe the grate of the said castle except the deponent had opened the same whereuppon the examinant was banished thence
<To the 12th Inter> The examinant deposeth d and saith that the said William did in the first yeare of the Rebellyon [ ] seize vpon & take into his possession fiue great stakes & one small stake of corne of seauerall sortes of the proper goods of the deponents husband then in his haggard at Bridgetowne & one oxe with three plough garrans & the deponents [ ] <z> husbands sadle Nagge with other houshould stuffe and prouisions to a considerable vallue, And further saith that Margaret Browne the said Williams wife in her husbands absence did come to Bridgetowne & oversee the threshing of the deponents corne & the carrying away thereof & this deponent being in great need demanded of the said Mrs Browne a small quantity of Corne for her owne corne for the deponents releife

fol. 80v

wherevpon the said Mrs Browne denyed to giue the deponent any of her the deponents said corne telling the deponent that she the deponent was not well in her wits to demand any such thing
<To the 13th inter> The examinant deposeth and saith that the said William Browne was at the seauerall murders & Massacres Comitted vpon the english in the first yeare of the warres at the Tower of Hooke shelbeggan & Dungulph in the <a> County of Wexford As the deponent credibly heard by the generall relacion of the whole countrye & that the deponent Living neere the said Browne did vsually heare where the said william was and what his actings were and further saith not.
Vrsula Row her marke [mark]
Sworne before vs the
xith of January 1653
Edw Tomlins
Am Andrewes


3d William Brown Malrankan [ ]

Deponent Fullname: Ursula Row
Deponent Gender: Female
Deponent Occupation: Wife
Deponent County of Residence: Wexford
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: William Browne, Barnaby Realy, Dauid Hore, John Roricke, Richard Browne, Lord Roch, walter Browne, Margaret Browne, Lord Esmond, Nicholas Row
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Confederate, Confederate, Confederate, Confederate, Confederate, Confederate, Confederate, Confederate, Mentioned, Victim