Deposition of Thomas Scott

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Date: 1644-02-08
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County: King's Co
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Arson, Assault, Desecration, Killing, Robbery, Stripping
Commissioners: Henry Brereton, Henry Jones
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 240r

Thomas Scott of [ ] Moyestowne alias Castle Derensy in the Kinges Countie gent sworne and examined saith That since the begining of the present Rebellion vizt on or about the vjth day of December 1641, one Edmund Mooney of Esker in the sam{e} county gent a Captain of Rebells Cahir Coghlaine of the parri{sh} of Lemanahan & said County gent Another Comander of Rebells <A> John Doland of Cloghan in the same County gent Another Comander of Rebells John Dallaghan of Cloghan aforesaid gent Another of the Rebells Comanders Mc Collogh ô Mecloghlin of the parrish of Lomanahan aforesaid Another of their Commanders Donell McLaughlin of the ffaddan in the said County gent a cheefe Comander of Rebells and Edmund fferdarroghe of Annamore in the same County another Comander John oge Coglaine of the Coole in the same County gent another Comander Con McJames McLaghleine of Castlereogh in the same County gent & his sonn Cormuck & John ô Mooney of [ ] the parrish of Lemanaghan gent another rebellious Comander assisted and attended with many others of the septs of the Coghlaines & others to the number of 300 rebellious persons all Comanded by John McGarrett Coghlan of Streamstowne in the same County Esquire a Colonell of many companies of Rebells: Martched & came Armed in forceible and Rebellious manner to the deponents said howse in Moyestowne aforesaid And then forceibly assayled and sett fyre on the gates of the same howse or Castle, & by that and other Cruell vyolence (vsed by their multitudes surprised & in the seised on the said howse And then & there forcibly depriued & robbed him of his howshold goods Cattle horses sheepe Corne hay ready mony & other his goodes & chattells to the value of one <12040 li.> thowsand twelve twoe hundred pownds at the least: And before this Deponents face carried away the most of those goods & there still kept the rest: And afterwards this deponent sawe xvj of his oxen in
[ 1234] 1224

fol. 240v

<B> in the handes & possession of Nicholas oge Harbet of the same County Esquire in his bawne of Cloghan: his the said Harberts servant vizt John Dalloghan & his other servant John Dowland being 2 of the parties that robbed and took away those oxen (amongst other of his goods) from him this deponent: And this deponent asking the said Dallaghan if he did well in takeing away his said goodes: the said Dallaghan made Answere that if it were toe doe he would doe it still And further sayth That the said Rebell Edmund ô Mooney was not ashamed but publiquely said that they meaneing the irish Rebells had a Comission from the kinge for what they did: And this deponent with much difficulty escaped away with his liffe but the Rebells about half a yere after the Rebellion meeting by chance without the gates of Lislooney (conducted by one Hugh Dallaghan Esquire towards Connaght) this deponents wiffe & 3 children they stript them againe of all they had left worth 40 li. more: and putt them kept them in restraint for a month and almost starved them And the Rebells lighting alsoe of the deponent kept him alsoe in restraint in the Castle of Lislooney whither at length they had suffered his wiffe and children to come vnto him when he had nothing to releeve them with And there kept them all in durance for a yeare and a halfe together, And further saith that on the xvijth day of June 1642 Arthur Scott this deponents sonn being an officer for his Maiesty in the warrs comeing to privately to visitt him this deponent and his wiffe (being his distressed father & mother, from the Army goeing <C> to Athlone, One John McTeige ô Madden of Lislooney servant to Hugh oge ô Dallagher (in whose howse this deponent & the rest were kept prisoners) together with Edmund fferdorogh Coghlan of Annaghmore in the same County gent, Conell Coghlaine his brother Owin McMurtogh of Lisloony another of the said Hugh ô Dolloghans servants & his wiffe & donnell McBrian Coghlane of Cl a nony gent, & divers other cruell Rebells mett & haveing notice that this deponents said sonn had bin to visitt his father & mother, and that he was then returned back & in bed in the howse of one Owin McMurtoghe of Lislooney, those cruell Rebells forceibly entered into the same howse & into the Rome where he was soe in bed: where they fynding his sword some

fol. 141r

<symbol> of them suddenly gave him there with a greivous wound in the head And then he striveing to recouer his sword those cruell villaines with swords skeines & other weapons then and there gaue him at Least twenty slashes stabbs & wounds whereof many of them being mortall hee then and there died. And when he was almost <D> speechles the Rebell Edmund fferdaragh Coghlan in a Jeereing & scornfull manner asked him if he thought his mother would cure him but he makeing noe answere the same Coghlan then said that if she could she should not, & soe struck him in the head with a muskett stript him imediatly of clothes his armes & iij li. xv s. in money, and 2 angells of gould as those Rebells after confessed to him this deponent which was after devided amongst them: And the deponent and his wiffe fynding their said sonn soe murthered were not admitted to bury him But the inhumane Rebells putt him in a hole & soe left him.
<E> And further saith That some of the said John McGarret Coghlanes souldiers about June 1642 digged vpp the Church of Tesaran and the corpses of protestants there interred and cast them out of the Church, and (out of wicked spite) Layd the dead bodyes of one Mr Richard Loftus & his wiffe (which were buried about 2 or 3 yeres before there) vpon the topp of a hedge naked they haveing then and there broken their Coffins & wynding sheets which bodyes soe left to open view & devowreing this deponent himself saw with his owne eyes: And those wicked Rebells pulled downe the pulpitt & seats of that Church and threw them and the Common table out of the dores. And when they had digged vp the floure of the Church they said that Scott (meaneing him this deponent had hidden his money there, And those Rebells therevpon carried away in cotts the earth soe digged upp vnto th Lumploane then possessed by John McGarret Coghlaine aforesaid of purposse thereout to extract salt peeter for makeing of gunpowder
Tho Scott
And this deponent further saith That one Samuell Porter an Englishman about May 1642 comeing to see this deponent in the Castle of Lisloony the souldiers of the said John McGarrett called him out of the Castle, carred him ouer the water & hanged him.
Tho: Scott
Jur viijo febr 1643
Hen: Jones
Hen: Brereton

fol. 141v

K: County o
Tho: Scott Jur viijo febr 1643
E R Ex
6 dec


Deponent Fullname: Thomas Scott
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Gentleman
Deponent County of Residence: Kings County
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Edmund Mooney, Cahir Coghlaine, John Doland, John Dallaghan, Collogh Mcloghlin, Donell McLaughlin, Edmund fferdarroghe, John oge Coghlaine, Con McJames McLaghleine, Cormuck , John , John McGarrett, Nicholas oge Harbert, John Dalloghan, John Dowland, Edmund Mooney, Hugh Dallaghan, John McTeige Madden, Hugh oge Dallagher, Edmund fferdorogh Coghlan, Conell Coghlaine, Owin McMurtogh, donnell McBrian Coghlane, Owin McMurtoghe, Arthur Scott, Richard Loftus, Samuell Porter
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim, Victim, Victim