Deposition of Symon Needham

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Date: 1642-05-05
Identifier: 815233r305


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County: Queen's Co
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Captivity, Robbery
Commissioners: William Aldrich, William Hitchcock
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 233r

Symon Needham of Ballycarroll in the parish of Kilteale in the Baronnye of Marieburrough in the queens County; Duly sworne, saith, that on or about the 4th day of December, last past at Ballycarroll aforesaid, hee was deprived expelled from robbed & robbed or otherwise dispoyled of his goods & meanes of livelyhood of the vallue following viz Cattle worth 109 li. part of his houshold stuffe & part of his houshould provision worth 44 li. Corne sown & in ground to bee soen worth 50 li. the moyetie of his lease of Ballycarroll for 21 yeares yett to Come; the malt house; kill; mill & bargain of beare & barly for malting; dureing the said tearme worth 25 li. per annum, which by reason of the rebellion hee doth not inioy; nor is hee in expectation for future to make the landlords rent; soe that this deponent verilye beeliveth his estate therein to bee vtterly lost to his da mage of which hee thinketh to be worth 150 li.
And these words following were spoken & outrages Comitted in the night time in maner heareafter expresed: viz diveres rebbells came & brake open a gate that was locked opening into this deponents yard: hee this deponent heareing theireof, went imeadiatly to a window next that gate & demanded (whoe were theire); twise or thrise beefore any answered, and calling to them againe said whoe is theire; (Patrike;) they answered twentye Patriks if you will, this deponent demanding what they wanted; they answered; (you) out of your house; hee desireing to know the reason why, they answered, you shall know that ere morning; & soe presently tooke away most of this deponents cattle; whereupon this deponent sent divers Ireish tennants after the rebbells; whoe at theire retourne said they could not finde them; and withall an English woaman sent this deponent word by one of the tennants, that shee was informed for certaine that 3 severall Companys: viz (the rebbells from Clanmaleroe portenhinch & Arreggan): did all intend to meete at his house that night & theirefore sent this deponent word to looke to himselfe vpon which; as alsoe beecause hee had butt little pouder & shott; & not knoweing how: or where to gett suply when that little was spent and haveing but little hope of ayd to relieve him in any reasonable time (by the perswation of his frends) resolved to goe to Dublin with his family; yet beefore this deponent tooke his Journy hee sent to one John Moore a neare neighbour; and demanded of him; what hee thought best

fol. 233v

to be don; hee answered; it is reported abroad in the Cuntry that your house hath great store of provision in it; therefore hee thought it was much aymed at & in danger; yet advised this deponent to stay a while & see further saying that if hee this deponent were in danger; hee might presently step to his house, where hee said hee thought this deponent might be safe for a time; and parted; But beefore the aforesaid Moore wase retourned to his owne house; the Crye was up about towne & next towne that the rebbells from Clanmelleroe & Portenhinch; were Comeing to robb this deponent; whoe did presently with his wife; children & family; & part of his goods; repaire to the said John Moores house; & did alsoe gett the said Moore to send some of his servants to this deponents house to fetch more of his goods, which accordingly hee the said Moore did, promising that hee would doe his indeavor to keep the aforesaid goods; together with the Cattle, Corne, hey & all other goods Left in & about the house & yard of this deponent for the use of the deponent; After this deponent had beene a little while at the said Moores house; hee heard; and soe did many more both heard & did see about 5 or six hundreth rebbells come marching with drum & bagpipes towards this deponents house as hee was credibly informed by divers whoe were amongst those rebbells, But they heareing that this deponent was repared to John Moores house, came noe nearer then about a quarter of a mile from this deponents house, where they robbed & spoyled the English; expressing much anger & discontent that the said Moore had soe prevented them; as this deponent was credibly informed & doth verely beelive The Names of the Cheefe of those rebbells <A> as this deponent was informed, were Con ô Demshy, Lisha ô Demshy Henry ô Demshy Nicholas ô Demshy; Rosse ô Demshy: Laughlin ô Kelly Walter Jacob: and Divers others from Clanmalleroe & Portenhinche
The Cattle, houshold stuffe, houshould provision & other goods left with the said Moore, together with the hey corne; hey; & other moveable goods in & about the house & yard of this deponent which this

fol. 234r

deponent; conceaveth to bee Lost: in all amounting to the sume of 393 li. or thereabouts Alsoe this deponent further deposeth, that himselfe; wife; & family, travelling towards Dublin about the 9th day of December, last past; were taken prisners at the mott Raskall in the County of Kildare; & kept prisners one night in the Campe amongst the rebbells; whoe boath theire; & at divers other places by the way; were robbed & dispoyled of horses; mony; plate; apparell & linings, to the vallue of 110 li. or theire abouts By; or by the meanes of one <B> Georg Weisly off Castle rooe in the said County of Kildare; Captaine of those rebbells, & one John ffitzgarrett his Lievetenant & theire souldiers, & divers others all allonge the way to Dublin ffurther this deponent saith that hee had two Leases in the County of Catherlow; of the lands of Ballygallduffe & Ballynowe al ia s Rathintresh eo g e out of which hee reserved 37 li. rent per annum or theireabouts; over & above the Lords rent payd; which by reason of the rebellion hee is dispoyled of; nor is this deponent in any expection for future to make the Lords rent; soe that hee verily thinketh his estate theirein to bee lost, which hee vallues to bee worth 300 li.
And further saith that theire are divers debts owing to this deponent, by such as are out in now out in the rebellion of this kingdom as hee is informed & verily beliveth to bee out viz
Murtagh ô Cavinagh Conty Washford indebted __________________________50 li.
Derby Lyne Conty Catherlow indebted _________________________________14 li.
Marks Grene Conty Catherlow indebted ________________________________05 li. 10 s.
<C> Edmond ô Neale & Donnough ô Kerwin Conty of Catherlow indebted ____38 li. 00s.
James ô Bryan County Westmeath_____________________________________30 li.
James Wulverstone Conty Wicklow indebted____________________________40 li. 00 s.
Toto ______177 li. 10 s.
And saith that other severall debts are oweing unto this deponent by such as are disinabled to pay by reason of the present Rebellion in all amonting to the sume of 165 li._04 s._00. <(165)> .Soe that his whole losse by meanes of the presente- rebellion amounteth to 1498 li._4 s._00 d.
Symon Needham
Jurat April May: 5th 1642
William Aldrich
William Hitchcocke

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Queens County (269
Symon Needham Jur
Quinto Aprilis Ma ij 1642
Cert fact
Intr 4 dec

Deponent Fullname: Symon Needham
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent County of Residence: Queens County
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: John Moore, Con , Lisha , Henry , Nicholas , Rosse , Laughlin , Walter Jacob, Murtagh , Derby Lyne, Marks Grene, Edmond , Donnough , James , James Wulverstone
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Mentioned, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor