Deposition of Bartholomew Storer

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Date: 1642-06-02
Identifier: 815266r341


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County: Queen's Co
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Robbery, Words
Commissioners: Henry Brereton, William Hitchcock
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 266r

Bartholemew Storer of Ballicarroll in the parish of Kilteayle in the Barrony of Maryborogh in the Queens County duly sworne sayth that on or about the 4th day of December last past at {Ballicarroll} aforesaid hee was robbed & dispoyled of his goods & meanes of liuelyhood of the vallue following viz Cattle worth ________________________________120 li._0 s._0 d.
It part of his houshould stuffe part of provision for his house worth _____036_0_0
It Corne sowen & to bee sowen & ground meete to be sowen worth _____131_0_0
It the moyeltye of his lease of Ballicarroll for 21 yeares yet to come worth 25 li. per annum H is interest therein which beeinge vallue at six yeares [ fine is ] worth _______150_0_0
Before the Rebellion began being worth 150 li. & now [ ] esteemed worth nothing
And Soe lost And the deponent alsoe saith that these words were spoken & outrages comitted in the night time in manner heareafter expressed viz divers rebbells came & brake open a gate locked in the yarde that soe they might take away his bease the said Bartholomew with one Simon Needham his brother heareing there of went Imediatly to a window next that gate & demanded who was there twise or thrise before any answered at lenth the said Simon caled to them & sayd who is there, Patrick they answered 20 Patrickes if you will. He demanded what they wanted they answered you out of your house he desiringe to know the reason why they answered you shall know that eare morninge & presently tooke away both there bease the said Bar: sending presently divers Ireish men after them who vpon there returne sayd the cold not heare of them any wheare and with all an English woman sent him word by one of them that shee was informed for certaine that 3 severall Companys viz those rebells out of Clanmeleroe portenhinch and Avreggan did all intend to meete at his house that night & therefore wished him to looke to himselfe vppon which he not beinge prouided with any store of powder and shot & not knowing how to gett any suply when that little was gone & seeing litle ground to expect ayde in any reasonable time to reliue him; sent to one John More a papist dweling very neare; & asked his advise what hee thought best to doe whether to stand to it or venter to Dubling he answered that your house was reported vp and doune the Cuntry to haue great store of provision in it & therefore thought it was in greate danger, yet advised him to stay awhile & see further, saying that if hee where in danger he might presently com to his house where hee should be safe & soe parted, but beefore the said more was gott to his owne house the cry was vp all about that the rebbells from Clanmoleroe & was coming to rob the said Bar Storer vpon which hee repared with his sonne and servants and part of his goods to his house who accordingly did soe promising to doe his best indever to keepe them for the aforesaid Storer, & when hee had beene 2 or 3 houres at the said Mores house: hee harde; & many more both heard and see about 6 or 700 rebbells come marchinge with drumes & baggpipes towards the said Storers house as hee was crediblye informed by many whoe weare amongst the rebbells; but they heareing he was remoued to John Mores came noe nearer than about a quarter of a mile of his house wheare they robbed and spoyled the English expresing much anger and discontent that the said more had soe prevented them. the names of the Cheefe of them rebbells, as hee was informed

fol. 266v

<A> was Come ô Demsha and Lisha ô Demsha his brother Henry ô Demsha Nicholas ô Demsha Rose ô Demsha Walter Jacob Loughlin ô Kellye and divers others from all of all Clanmeleroe and Portenhinch. And th e deponent further saith that theis goods & chattells following he left at the said John Mores howse vizt
Bease horses houshould stufe houshould prouision & other goods left with the said More to gather with the Corne and hay & other moueables in and about the house and yarde all which the said John Mores alsoe promised to preserue & doe his best to keepe for the said Storer in all amounting to the summ of all which is now lost __________________416 li.
Alsoe the said Storer further informeth further saith that hee his sonne and servants traveling towards Dubling at or abut the 9th day of December last past was taken prisoner at the mott ô scall in the County of Killdare and kept one night in the Camp amongst the rebbells who there and at diuers others places by the way to Dublinge were robbed and dispoyled of horses mony Apparell Bookes to the value of ____________________22 li.
<B> By or by the meanes of one George Weisly of Castle Rooe in the same County of Killdare Captaine of that Company and one ffitzgarrett his Lieuetenant and diuers others in the said County;
It debts owing to the said Bar: Storer which hee doth beleeue is all lost by reason of the rebellion, amountinge to 69 li. 2 s. (vizt) li. s.
Impr Zackrie falkner of Athloane in the County of west Meath robbed by the rebells ___23 _0
It Henry Richarsonne of Ballicarrall in the queens Conty robbed alsoe ______________03_5
It Oswell Elmer of Athloane in the County of Meath robbed as he supposeth _________03_0
It James ô Brine of the same towne dead ______________________________________30_0
It Shane Brinsome of Ballicarrall aforesaid robt ________________________________02_10
Item Patrick ô Dooling of the same in rebellion as he thinck s _____________________02_0
Item Dermott ô ffulloane of the same robd ____________________________________02_0
Item Donogh ô ffulloane of the same robd ____________________________________01_6
Item Phelby ffitch of the same robd _________________________________________00_10
Item Shane Duff of the same robd ___________________________________________00_5
Item for molt of divers people robd __________________________________________01_6
s ome whereof as this deponent beleiueth are in actuall Rebellion and the rest robbed by the Rebells and there by impouerished Soe that the totall summe of this deponent losses sustained by meanes of this present Rebellion amounteth to the summe of Nyne hundreth ffortie & seven pownds ster
Bar. Storer
Jurat Junij 2o 1642 coram
Hen: Brereton
Will: Hitchcocke

fol. 267r


69_ 2

fol. 267v


Queens County
Bartholomew Storer
Jur 2o Junij 1642
Cert fact
4 dec


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Deponent Fullname: Bartholemew Storer
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent County of Residence: Queens County
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Simon Needham, John More, Cone , Lisha , Henry , Nicholas , Rose , Walter Jacob, Loughlin , George Weisly, Lieutenant Fitzgarrett, Zackrie Falkner, Oswell Elmer, James , Shane Brinsome, Patrick , Phelby Fitch, Shane Duff, Dermott , Donogh , Henry Richarsonne
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Mentioned, Succour, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim