Deposition of Job Ward

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Date: 1642-07-23
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County: Queen's Co
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Apostacy, Captivity, Death, Robbery, Stripping, Words
Commissioners: Henry Brereton, William Aldrich
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 277r

Job Ward late of Kilmarter in the queens County Esquire sworne and examjned deposeth and sayth That since the begining of the present Rebellion and by meanes thereof hee this deponent hath beene expelled from and deprived of the possession Rents and proffitts of his Landes Lordshipe of Colpe consisting of the Landes of Newbawne & Brownstowne in the Countie of Wexford of the <180 li. per annum> value of one hundreth and threescore fowrscore powndes per annum: whereof one yeres proffitt is already lost & he is Like to be deprived of the future proffitts thereof worth 180 li. per annum vntill a peace be established, And this deponent by meanes of the Rebellion is deprived of and must Loose his charges of improvements of the same lands amounting to 1000 li. And hath beene by the Rebells in the said County robbed and dispoyled of and must loose at Newbawne & Brownstowne aforesaid Corne & stock to the value <1680 li.> of five hundreth pownds. And further saith that hee this deponent is and hath bene by the Rebells in the queens County forceibly expelled & deprived of his farmes of Kilmarter Ballymaddock and kilpatrick in that Countrie of which he holdeth by hath a leas for thirtie yeres in beinge & of the Rents and proffits thereof of the yerely value of <100 li. per annum> 100 li. ster: whereof he accompteth one yeres value to bee already lost worth 100 li.: & th is Lik to loose the future proffitts thereof vntill a peace be settled being of the value aforesaid: And this deponent was & is there alsoe deprived & robbed of sheepe worth 150 li. & <34 li.> of howsehold stuff and other thinges worth Lx li., And this deponent by meanes of the Rebellion is and hath beene expelled from deprived and dispoyled of his farmes of Kilcloggan and Templetowne in the Countie of Wexford which he tooke by Leas

fol. 277v

<Lease> from Sir Arthur loftus knighte for 25 yeres or thereabouts yet in being worth ffortie five powndes per annum clerelie whereof for which the deponent paid the fine of 600 li. Soe that when the Rebellion began hee accompted his interest therein (whereof he is now dispoyled) was <symbol> worthand now is esteemed to bee nothing worth vnto him And this deponent was there alsoe robbed and deprived of 1300 sheepe 250 great Cattle Cowes and oxen horses Mares geldings and Corne worth one thowsand pownds ster at the least And this deponent was alsoe by meanes of the Rebellion And this deponent alsoe by meanes of the Rebellion is and hath beene expelled from deprived and dispoyled of the Landes of Blackrath in the Countie of Kildare Whereof att the begining of the Rebellion he had a Lease from Sir Nicholas White knight for the terme of xx yeres or thereabouts in being, & of the Rents and proffitts thereof <55 li. per annum> being clerely worth vnto him 55 li. per annum: whereof he accompteth one yeres proffitt to be lost: & is lik to be deprived of the future proffitts thereof vntill a peace be established besides Corne in the hagard & growing vpon the same land When the Rebellion began worth 500 li. besides his household stuff there worth 40 li. more And of and from the vseage rents and proffitts of a brewhowse Malthowse gardens and other comodities & proffitts therevnto belonging Lying nere vnto the Customhowse in Dublin Whereof he had and hath a leas from Sir George Sexton knight for ffortie xxiiij yeres yet in being worth clerely ffortie pownds per annum <40 li. per annum> whereof of one yeres proffi tt he accompte th to be already lost & must lo ose the future prof i tts till a peace be had and of brewing vessells & other vessells vtensills and other goodes which were and are there by meanes of the Rebellion wasted and spoyled worth Cxviij li. sterling

fol. 278r

& of 1000 li. stock of debts belonging to the said imployment of brewing now becomen desperate or otherwise vtterly lost by meanes of the Rebelljon: And further saith that Peter Wicome Esquire now or late high Sherriff of the Countie of Dublin now oweth vnto & keepeth in his handes of this deponents owne money from him this deponent the sume of seven hundreth powndes sterling which this deponent hath absolutely lost for that the said <A> Peter Wicome is now an actor in this presente Rebellion & carryeth armes with & is an assistant to and amongst the other Rebells And further sayth that hee this deponent was in his way from Knockray to Wickloe on or about the xiiijth or xvth of ffebr Last robbed stripped & dispoyled by the Rebells of his & his wiffe s Jewells plate Lynen howsehold stuff & other goodes worth one thowsand powndes & of xxviij serviceable horses and studd Mares, and [ forfy ] ffortie Cowes <symbol> of the value of CCl li. more And this deponent further sayth that since the Rebellion began & by meanes thereof: hee this deponent hath beene and is alsoe expelled from deprived and dispoyled of the howses Landes tenements & hereditaments (which hee then held and possessed and yet ought to hold and possesse of the values here in right of Mary his wiffe the Relict of Calcott Chambre late of Carnow in the said Countie of Wickloe Esquire deceased & of the Rents and proffitts thereof of the values hereafter mencioned vizt, of a fair lyme and stone howse & the lands of Knockra with the hamletts and feilds thereof conteineing 1314 acres worth clerely by yere 150 li., and of the lands of Cullintraghe worth

fol. 278v

Clerely xxx li. per annum, of the Landes of Rossecoose with the hamletts and feildes thereof cont 960 acres worth clerely per annum xx li., And of the 2000 acres of Land in Glanmalier heretofore worth & lett for 30 li. per annum but by improvement before the Rebellion began made worth & lett for 70 li. per annum & of 500 acres of Land more in Glanmalire aforesaid worth clerely xx li. per annum. And of a faire Lyme Stone howse with a slate howse vpon the lands of Ballihad, and of the landes of Ballinderry with a Corne mylle there & the lands of Ballihad with the hamletts & feildes therevnto belonging cont 970 acres worth clerely by the yere 130 li. & of the Landes of Claragh & Ballilugg cont 474 acres worth clerely by the yere 40 li. And of the lands of Ballyard & Ballilosky with the hamletts & feildes therevnto belonging cont 597 acres worth clerely 40 li. per annum: & of the landes of Ballinacargie containing 327 acres clerely worth 24 li. per annum And of a Lyme & stone howse not al yet fully finished in buildinge and the lands of Behanaghe & Ballikeine cont CCxij acres worth clerely per annum x li. And of a lyme and stone howse and the lands of Ballineclash with the hamletts thereof Cont 234 acres worth clerely xvj li. per annum And of the landes of Ballinemony cont 113 acres worth clerely per annum x li. And of the lands of Balliard with the hamletts thereof cont 199 acres worth clerely per annum 13 li., and of the lands of Clone Irkin with the hamletts thereof cont 182 Acres worth clerelie per annum xij li. And of a Lyme and stone howse and the lands of Rossahane with the hamletts and feildes thereof cont 199 710 acres worth clerely per annum xxx li., And of the landes of Tenekilly with

fol. 279r

with the hamletts and feilds thereof cont 348 acres clerely worth 20 li. per annum, And of a faire Lyme & stone howse and the lands in Aighrim with the hamletts & feildes thereof Cont 528 acres worth clerely per annum L li. And of the landes of Rahinegrene with the hamletts and feildes thereof cont 400 acres clerely worth per annum 20 li., And of the landes of Ballymurtaghe contacres & clerely worth 10 li. per annum And of 3 Burgesses proporcions in Carisfort worth clerely per annum 15 li. And of 2 Iron workes there worth clerely per annum CCl li. And of the howses & workes spoyled, with the furniture materialls & stock which is lost worth one thowsand poundes: of all which howses lands & workes which he soe holdeth in right of his wife this deponent hath lost one yeres proffitt they being worth in all when the Rebellion begun 932 li. per annum: & he is Like to be deprived of the future proffitts thereof worth 932 li. per annum as aforesaid vntill a peace be established: And this deponent further sayth that Sir Adam Loftus knighte was and is by the Rebells [ ] forcibly expelled deprived and dispoyled of (amongst other thinges of a Lyme and stone howse & the Landes of Kerrohy & Ballinoburny with the hamletts and feildes therevnto belonging cont 704 acr{es} of the value of 10 li per annum: the Remainder there of vpon the death of the said Sir Adam expectant vpon this deponent in right of his wife And of 311 acres of lands more in Garrinmore Ballinmoyre & Ballidonnellroe worth clerely xij li. per annum & which is alsoe vpon the death of the said Sir Adam expectant vpon this deponent in right of his wiffe as aforesaid: Soe that the whole present knowne losses of him this deponent by meanes

fol. 279v

Of the Robellion doe amount vnto the Sume of Nyne thowsand twoe hundreth eightie thirtie eight pounds ster: And his future Losses vntill a peace bee established doe & will amount vnto the sume of one thowsand three hundreth lii pounds And this deponent is much affrayd that the Rebells have burned spoyled & wasted not only all his but all the howses & buildings belonging vnto him in Right of his wiffe: whereof hee can putt noe estimate And this deponent further sayth that on the xijth of November Last hee this deponent with his wife & her sonne Calcott Chambre & his Children and servants being in the possession of their howse of knockray aforesaid were then and there beleaguered and strongly besett <A> there by Colonell Luke Birne of Killava naghe in the said Countie of Wickloe Esquire Colonell John Birne of Ballinecur in the same County gent Phelix Birne of in the same Countie gentleman Charles Birne of in the same Countie gent Turlogh Birne of in the same Countie gent Turloghe Birne of in the same Countie gent Barnaby Toole ofin the same Countie gent Garrott Birne of in the same Countie gent Turlogh Byrne of in the same County gentleman & Donnoghe Toole of in the said Countie gentleman & their souldiers they being tenn Companyes in all whoe vsed all the force and vyolence they could to have surprized the said howse for twoe dayes and nights together or thereabouts And at the length whenas this deponent fownd that he was not able with the souldjers he had and armes he hadd to hold & defend the said howse: & that hee feared much that the Rebells whoe hadd taken & surprised the person of this deponents nephew the said Calcott Chambre, & would either kill or doe him some mischeif They the before named, named Rebells & this deponent came to agreements of quarter, And therevpon vizt the 14th of November aforesaid the Rebells before named sealed signed

fol. 280r

Signed and dated with their hands & seales a writing to this deponent the tener whereof followeth vizt wee doe here in the presence of God and of his Angells and all the holy saintes in heaven faythfully covenant and vowe from the bottome of our hearts without any equivocacion or mentall reservacion that we will from tyme to tyme and at all tymes duringe this hostilitie and warre faythfully and truly preserve in saftye Job Ward of Knockrae in the Countie of Wickloe Esquire with his wife Children and servants and all tennants Cattle and howshould stuffe in the dwellinge castle of Knockrae togeather with his brother Mr John Ward his wife and children and all that doe belonge vnto them or either of them the said John or Job Ward to the vtmost of our power. And also wee do bynde ourselves to leave five of the best peeces and musketts for the defence of the said howse and to redeliver backe Callcott Chambre of Mynmore nowe in our Custodye, to the said Job safe and well into the Castle of the said Job Ward and noe way to molest any of them but to see them bagge and baggage safely conveyed out of the Country either for England or elcewhere when ever the said Job shall desire to be gone att or before May next This we avowe and take our oathes vpon the holy Evangelists our Manuells and all other bookes, we vse or ought to sweare by. And yt is our true intent to observe all condicions in this present writinge, so god be our helpe and salvacion att the houer of our deathes and att the last day In witnes of our true reale intent and meaneinge we haue all taken our oathes and putt vnto our handes and seales this 14th of November 1641 Luke Birne John Byrne ffelix Byrne Charles Byrne Thurlagh Byrne Thurlagh Byrne Barnaby Toole Garrott Byrne Thurlagh Byrne Donnogh Toole which writing being deposed vnto by all the same Rebells & deliuered to this deponent he (as necessitated & inforced therevnto) deliuered them some armes such as they required or rather Comanded from him & therevpon hadd his said wives <symbol> sonn wyv es nephew deliuered vnto him & stayd in the said howse of Knockray with his wiffe & family a good space after: yet the said Rebell <A> Luke Tooll, notwithstanding his the said oath & agreement repineing

fol. 280v

that this deponent and his family stayd soe long at his howse writt a letter & intending to pick and Lay hold of some quarrell against him writt and sent a letter to this deponent which followeth in theis words vizt. Sir I vnderstand that the report of our distruccion & overthrow a Wednesday last was very pleasant and welcome vnto you: & that the very noice of your Mirth and shooting was heard in the seuerall townes adioining vnto you that night Alsoe when you heard of the comeing of the Army from Dublin into theis parts that you were makeing of provition brewinge & killing of beeves: your nephew Chambre (after he gott a faire quarter, and being soe familier amongst our army went to Carnow to offend vs as much as he can: where I hope he wilbe vsed according to his desert. The quarter that my Captaines gave you in suffering you to depart freely and to take away your goodes I doe allow but for your residence or aboade there any Longer I will not suffer Therefore depart and goe amongst your frends without delay ffor he that would rejoice at my hurt shall not dwell soe nere my dore: ffearing you would offend as your nephew did Soe hopeing this to be a faire warning of which you may take notice at your perill dated the viijth of december 1641.
Luke Toole
To Mr Job Ward theis to bee delivered at knockrath with speed
Which letter this deponent haveing received & pervsed sent itt it to be Likewise pervsed by the said Colonell Luke Birne whoe after pervsall thereof writt a letter and sent it to the said Colonell Luke Toolle: which letter followeth in theis words: Honored Colonell and worthy Cozen My love & best wishes to you remembred I shall desire you according to the Confidence I repose in you That you will

fol. 281r

Wilbe pleased to restraine molesting or troubleing Job: Ward his wife children and servants according to our former promisse past vnto the Mr Ward the which I desire to be fully performed you may vnderstand by this letter that some of your people hath threatened Mr Ward alledging that you would turne himself and his family out of doores before the now Christmas, being contrary to our Covenant past vnto him I shall Likewise desire you to cawse proclamacion to be made there that none whatsoever shall molest or troble Mr Ward or any belongs vnto him vpon paine of death for which I am yours that is your assured loveing Cozen to comand Luke Byrne. And this deponent further sayth That in the tyme of his said restraint amongst the rebells: He had and received 3 seuerall letters vnder the handes of the said ffelex Birne John Birne Gearrott Birne & Charles Birne the Rebells, which letters particulerly & seuerally follow in theis words vizt being directed vizt one of them to Phillip Hill of <A> Connott in the Countie of Wickloe The second, to James Goodman of Loghlinstowne in the County of Stilorgan in the County of Dublin gent & the third to William Wolverston of Stillorgan in the Countie of Dublin Esquire The tenour of which first letter, is this, vizt Cozen Phillip Hill we Remember ourselves kindly to you and doe most earnestly intreate you of all loves and as you tender our tender our creditts and the honor of vs al that you will not fayle vs of the trust wee repose in you, which is to see Mr Job Ward with all his Company and goodes saffly conveyed vnto Mr James Goodmans, To whom wee have likewise written to see them saffely conveyed from his howse to Mr William Wolverstons and thence to Dublin in safetie according to our faithfull Covenant which Mr

fol. 281v

Ward will shew you vnder [ ] our handes seales and oathes: Therefore we pray you haue a faithfull care of them and whatever belongs to them: whom wee send to you with a good guard. And it is our harty desires they may goe saffe with bagg and baggage to Dublin And thus not doubting of your true and faithfull care herein We Comitt you to goe and shall remaine
Your thanckfull frendes & kinsmen ffelix Birne John Birne Gearott Birne Charles Birne
The worde of 2d Letter are theis
Cozen James Goodman we remember ourselves to you and doe most earnestly intreate you of all loves and as you tender our Credditts and the honour of vs all That you will not faile vs of the trust we repose in you which is to se Mr Job Ward with all his Company and goodes saffly conveyed to Dublin with bag and baggage vnto Mr Wolverstons, to whom we haue written to see them safely conveyed to Dublin with bagg and baggage Therefore we pray you have a faithfull care of them and that belongs vnto them: whom wee send vnto you by our Cozen Phillip Hill And this not doubting of your true and faithfull care herein we comitt you to god and shall remaine your thanckfull frendes and kinsmen: Felix Bi{rne} John Birne Gearott Birne & Charles Birne: And the Contents of the third letter are as followeth vizt Cozen William Wolverston we remember ourselves kindly vnto you & doe most earnestly intreat you of all loves as you tender our credditts & the honor of vs all That you will not fayle vs of the trust we repose in you: which is to see Mr Job Ward with his Company and goodes saffly conveyed vnto Dublin according to our faithfull Covenant w it h which Mr Ward will shewe you vnder our your handes seales and oaths: Therefore I we pray you have a faithfull care of them & whatever belonges vnto them whom wee send to you by our Cozen Mr James Goodman. And it is our hartie desire They may goe saffe with bagg and baggage And thus not doubting of your true & faithful Care herein We comitt you to god & shall remaine your thanckfull frends and kinsmen ffelix Birne John Birne Gearrott Birne & Charles Birne: And further saith that about the iiijth of ffebruary 1641 the said John Birne and Garrott Birne writt and sent their Letters <A> to their Cozen Brian McTurlogh & Walter Boy Birne at Wicklowe In theis wordes vizt Loving Cozen

fol. 282r

Loveinge Cosens I shall entreate you that you will permitt this bearer to goe vnto the blacke Castle to see whither John Joyce and the rest would suffer. Mr Ward to putt his goods to be kept there vntill he sendes for a barke to carrye them away from thence and suffer one or two of Mr Wards men to stey there to keepe them goods in regard we have given him a quarter and promised to convey his goods and himselfe out of the Countrye I further desire that if the Castle be taken in the meane tyme that you suffer none to take any thinge of his goods vpon payne of death. I yours to comand John Byrne Garrott Byrne And afterwards that is to say the 8th day of ffebruary last past 1641 the said John Birne and Garrott Birne togeather with ffelix Birne Charles Birne and Thurlagh Birne did addresse theire lettre as followeth in theise words vizt whereas there was a Covenant made betweene the worshipfull Collonell Luke Birne and severall other Captaines and Comanders of the Irish Armie and Job Ward of Knockrae in the Countie of Wickloe Esquire bearing date the xiiijth day of November 1641 And whereas alsoe it is mencioned in the said Covenant the said Collonell Luke Birne vpon the delivery and yeildinge vpp of the mannor howse of Knockrae aforesaid and certaine Amunition in the said Covenant specified by the said Job Ward should safely conduct guard and assiste the said Job Ward John Ward theire wives and Children togeather with theire servants and goods out of the Countrye whensoeuer the said Job should desire to be gone att or before May day next ensueinge the date of the said Covenant or agrement as by viewe and sight of the Said covenant with the hand and Seale of the said Collonell Luke Byrne togeather with the said seuerall Captaines and Comanders, and vpon theire seuerall oathes more playnelye may and at large will & and will appere Theise are therefore to will and entreate you and everye of you his Maiesties subiects and of the Irish Armye peaceablye and quietlye to permitt and suffer the said Job Ward John Ward theire wives Children servants and goods to passe & repasse amongst

fol. 282v

amongst you and everye of you to Dublin or otherwise else where without your or any of your steyes letts hinderances or interrupcions of them or any of them theire or any of theire goods whereof you and euerye of you may not fayle dated this viijth day of ffebruary 1641 at our Catholique Campe ffelix Byrne John Byrne Garrott Byrne Charles Byrne Thurlagh Byrne To all our well affected to the Catholique Cause and all other his Maiesties subiects whome it may concerne And this deponent further sayth That whenas at length (after all the letters aforesaid soe as aforesaid written and Covenants and oaths made) & th at this deponent with his wife family & goodes w ere removeing from knockray aforesaid towards the black Castle of Wickloe: with intencion from thence to escape to Dublin & were 3 or 4 myles on their way then that is to say xiiijth day of ffebr last 1641 hee this deponent and his wiffe & children & frends were assaulted & sett vpon suddenly th by the Rebell Captaine <A> Turloghe oge Birne & his servants souldjers and Confederats (whom the other Rebells sent along with them for their Convoy: & robbed stripped and dispoyled them of their howsholdgoodes money plate Jewells Lynnen howsehold goodes & other goodes & chattells of the value of one thowsand twoe [ ] ster Hundreth & fiftie pownds ster as aforesaid

fol. 283r

And further sayth That dureing the tyme that this deponent was in Captivitie amongst the Rells, at Knockrae within the Countie of Wexford Wicklo e he had and Collected from the Rebells divers cawses & reasons (as they averred them to bee) Why from their owne mowthes: why the Sept of the ô Birnes did rise within the Countie of Wicklowe against the protestants And first they averred and affirmed vnto him this deponent That there was a warrant sent by the state of Ireland vnto the Lord Esmond, with directions to his Lordshipp suddenly to apprehend Hugh Birne and all his brothers togeather with Luke Birne Luke Toole and many others of the cheifest of them; and presently to hange them vpp by Marshall lawe, and as they have [hads] often many of them affirmed vnto this deponent, they had most of them been taken had not the lord Esmond sent a Coppy of the said warrant vnto Sir Robert Talbott who presently gave then notice of it and wished them to be vpon theire keeping And so they presently gathered head Secondly they malitiously affirmed that they had been three tymes planted since 1610 contrary to his Maiesties gratious intencion and that my Lord Parsons hade most of the Country and ha d [ ] had for divers yeares had a Revenew of 50000 li. per Annum out of these and other lands which they said his lordshipp had wrested out of the handes of the Irish and by his profitt out of the Court of Wardes (one of theire cheifest greevances) Thirdly they did with many oathes avowe that one dayly who <A> was a cheife Clarke vnder the Master of the Wardes the nowe Lord Parsons (the said dayly being nowe with them) did by many oathes and undeniable circumstances make it playnely appeare vnto them to be true that the aforesaid some of 50000 li. per Annum did before theise troubles constantly come into the Coffers of the Master of the Wards the now lord Parsons And that he further added that theire was an Act of Parliament conceived privatly in this last Sessions that all papists should by May then following (being May last) goe to church or forfeite theire estates to his Maiestie and refusinge so to do should be hanged vpp before theire owne doores Theise are were theire cheifest greivances which had been often tould of by them with bitter raylinges and most dreadfull threatininges to all the protestants (vpon the cheifest whereof they meant to take full

fol. 283v

full revenge if they could And that the Popes holynes had given them a generall pardon for 30 yeares vpon condicion that they did with contancie prosecute this religious warre to the vtmost of their powers And that the kinge of Spayne was to send them Ayde and 60000 Armes with powder and leade and 50 brasse peeces of ordinance, All which they expected howerly They said our Queene had written to the kinge of ffrance who would send 20000 Armes which were at sea and dayly expected. They also affirmed that they had letters from his Maiestie who assured them he would never countenance this warr this aforesaid warr ant aforesaid but would leave it to be ended by the State here who had been the beginners of it They also said that his Maiestie sent over hither noe forces and for those that were already come he knewe not of them And They assured this deponent that none of the ffleete or the kinges shippinge would appeare at sea vntill such Armes and ayde as they looked for were come first to them, and that some that were neare about the Queene had assured them thereof And that the Queene had chosen Ireland for her dowrye and that the Kinge and parliament were iealous one of the other. And that they dayly expected 2000 of theire owne men out of Spayne (who were to come along with the Munition and were as good souldiers as were in Europe. And they tould this deponent that there were letters dayly written by the Queene to the Earle of Anytrm Earle of Clanrickard and some other greate Earles of this kingdome to favour this cause and in due tyme to manifest themselves in the Catholique warr. And they geeringlye affirmed that not an Irish man in our Armye would doe any other then shoote ouer their Irish Irish Rebells heads, and when they gott our Armie farre enough out of Dublin they would revolt to their Irish without all peradventure And they threatned to burne our shippinge as they lay a ground and made nothing of the doeing of it in the night with a smale number of men And further saith that he could not [ ] perceive they feared any

fol. 284r

any thinge so muche as the turninge out of the papists out of Dublin and Drogheda by reason they were confident by theire meanes if they remayned still amonge the protesta English protestants to gett both places with fewer men and lesse losse, And that it was confidently affirmed <A> to him this deponent by Peter Bremigham a preist that there were yet in Dublin 5000 Armes hidd in places that were not knowne of by the state. And that they very confidently assured themselves that the Lord Esmond would deliver vpp the ffort of Duncannon vnto them and said that Sir Thomas Esmond went in and out very frequently and supplyed himselfe with powder out of that ffort And that vppon killinge of 4 gentlemen of the Cavenaughs by one Mr John Esmond and eight of the souldiers of Duncannon there was order given to pillage Lymbricke and to burne the Lord Esmond his howse But Sir Thomas Esmond sent a supply of powder to Luke Birne to Carnow which appeased all againe And the old lady Esmond making a ffeast <B> to Luke Birne and other Comanders of the Irish Armye there grewe a great league betweene them and Mr William Gough her ladyship p s sonne was at that tyme made a Captaine amongst them and is out with the Rebells And further saith that at Wickloe there was a lettre shewed him this deponent by one of the Cheifest of the Comanders of the Birnes importinge that the towne of Drogheda could not hould out longer then Thursday the 17th of ffebrury followinge (being ffebr last past) if by that tyme they were not releived which lettre likewise in the latter part thereof implied that there was good store of provision amongst the papists which the protestants should never tast of if they were starveinge And that Mr Walter Waddinge of Wexford tould him this deponent the

fol. 284v

The 13th of ffebruary last past at Knockray that there was a shipp aryved at Wexford laden with a 1000 barrells of wheate which came out of ffrance, and that the Irish had free egresse and regresse, out and into the towne of Wexford, And that there came in Armes to Wexford out of ffrance which were brought in thither by a merchant <A> of the towne whose name this deponent could not learne nor durst enquire) and as this said deponent was certaynly informed Sir Morgaine Cavenagh furnished his Regiment from thence paying 12 s. for every muskett to the Marchant And that the Rebells were very confident of the redshanckes and seuerall other papist Scotts of Scotland for theire assistance, and that they boasted much of leather ordinance which they had gott men as they said to make And to that purpose they did in this deponents sight seize all Mr Burr his leather at Wickloe and tould this said deponent it was for that vse And tould him also that Hugh Birne had men in the North which had made 7 or 8 barrells of powder a weeke And further this deponent saith that at his comeinge to Dublin they were some what dispersed and many of them went backe vpon the defeate they had on Saturday the 12th of ffebruary last, that they were much devided in opinion, not throughly armed and for the most part lay scattered and vnles they had have lately been supplied this deponent beleeveth theire powder was is very short.

And this

fol. 285r

And this deponent further sayth that dureinge the tyme of his being in restraint amonst the Rebells he did observe and see certayne Articles and [ ] Statutes touchinge the [ ] Church of Rome and other thinges [ ] The tenor whereof followeth in theise wordes . 1 wee doe with firme fayth beleeve and professe all and singuler the Articles and poyntes which the Catholique and Apostolicke Roman Church beleeveth and confesseth and to our dyinge day will by gods grace maynteyne and defend the same against all sectaries Jewes Atheists and enimies whatsoever even with the losse of our lives estates and goods. 2 wee also in our Conscience sincerelye confesse beleeve and doe acknowledge king Charles to be our sovereigne lord kinge of England Scotland ffrance and Ireland whose priviledges prerogatives & Attribuites really due to his imperiall Crowne and Royall dignitie 3 wee promise and vowe likewise to god to maynteyne and defend by gods grace against all evill affected persons, be they of what sect whatsoever. 4 wee promise and vowes likewise to be true to our poore oppressed Countrye the kingdome of Ireland with the losse of life estate and goods and will endeavour to free it from the bondage greivances and oppressions vnder which it groneth by the meanes of evill Officers and ministers contrary to his Maiesties gratious intencion 5 wee doe vowe and promise to wronge noe Catholique or Challenge any estate or lands so they were possessed of them before the plantacion being in the yeare 1610 or any landes possessed by any of them since then soe as they purchased or brought it for money or otherwise 6 wee promise and vowe further to make noe difference betweene the meere Irishe and them of the pale or betweene the old Irish and newe so they be professors of the holy Church and maynteyners of their Contrye liberties All theise and everye of the precedent Articles we the aforesaid promise vowe and sweare to maynteyne and cause all other (of whome wee shall have power) to maynteyne and defend inviolable by gods grace soe

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so god helpe of theise of his Gospells Amen By the Spirituall and Temporall We acknowledge all our Accions and designes are to be guided and confirmed to and by the divine power, and that nothinge without him and his Assistance ought to bee invented or agitated whereupon wee thought it convenient behavefur, and expedient in this pious iust and vpright enterprise which we have at the present in agitacion In the name of the most holy Trynitie And for the preservacion of his Maiestie our Queene and theire royall office theire prosperitie honor Crowne and dignitie, to mannage governe execute and maynteyne our said Terior appt e attempts accordinge to the lawes of god and man, And though we invest our selves with a most inviolable Constant and subsistinge resolucion to fight in the defence of our fayth to the vtter effusion of our blood and losse of our lives, And notwithstandinge fearinge the Indignacion of the Almightie in not indevoringe to exterpate depresse and avoyd all dissolucions disorders and confusions att the present and in future to bee And breed invest and ingrasce both vnitie peace and Charitie in both spirituall and temporall and common welth We doe hereby streightly comande constitute and ordeyne in payne of such condigne punishment as the nature of every offence doe or shall respectivelye demerritt That theise ensueinge statutes be fully and constantly fullfilled observed kept wholly and puncktually maynteyned by gods permission and assistance to the vttermost of our powers And by all and everie our Armies forces and subiects vizt, 1 That All and every person of vs and ours shall feare serve honor love and obey God the kinge and our superiours 2 That all and every of vs and ours in tyme and dureinge our divine service shall honor and serve god with our drawne swordes 3 That everye Comander shall dedicate his Collors to a certayne Saint & invocate his assistance against all Adverse Attempts 4 That no n e shall force or ravish any woman or mayde 5 That noe service

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service or exployte shalbe attempted or done without the superiors direccions or privitie 6 That noe former dissentious Jarres discords or contention of any nature whatsoever they were shalbe malitiouslye stird moved revyed remembred or put in vse or agitation but shalbe solye lefte to the Ceasure examinaction and discretion of the Superiors breast of the Catholique Church And this deponent further saith that in the said tyme of his restraynt he had certayne libellous & rediculous verses delivered vnto him by one Peter Bremigham a Masse <A> Preist The tenor whereof followeth in theise words, vizt
Scotts are noe Rebells; why they are Conquerors/ since ffree boote espyed them by this conquered land/ Conquerors without blowe, howe our Courtyors/ for feare of blowes, doth graunt what they demaund/ ffye, hide your faces, confesse you are but dastards/ since England nowe is conquered twice by bastards;/ ffirst by the Normand who brought you vnto Slaverye,/ and nowe by Lashly or by your owne false knaverye
The stake is three Crownes. foure nations Gamesters we/ there’s three to one; yet theres noe man dare/ take theise greate odds, the cause is as they say/ The foure knaves the [ ] stake and Cards we play./ This turnes the odds & makes some Gamesters shrinke./ the sett goes hard when Gamesters thinke it best/ though three men vye, the fourth man setts his rest.
And this deponent further sayth, that the said Coronell Luke Birne <B> though for some tyme he seemed to observe his oath and covenant yet afterwards (as this deponent conceived) repentinge himselfe thereof and devisinge by some way to gett some of this deponents goods from him tooke hould for that purpose of a malicious and false tale related vnto him by Robert Bowen one of the Rebellious Captaines and base sonne to Sir John Bowen knighte, and vpon that relacion he the said Luke Birne wrote a lettre to this deponent vnder his hands which followeth in theise

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theise words vizt Worthy Sir I am enformed by Captaine Roberte Bowen that you haue contrary to all iustice and equitie taken away of his goods to the value of ffourescore pounds sterling without any collor of right, And wee being comanded by the lawes of god and rules of hostilitie to keepe Justice and give each man his due, and haueing heard sufficient prooffe of the true state off the cause I see noe reason why Captaine Bowen should not bee satisfied of his due, therefore I pray vse what meanes you can to see his iust demands paid, which you may soone performe by callinge in all those vnto, whome you pawned your Cattle, and makeinge a liste of the debts due on them And Captaine Bowen or I will redeeme them, and what they may be worth aboue what you received he will receive in parte of his debt, Thus desireing to vse your endeavours in the payment of this debt I rest Yours to vse Luke Byrne 22o January 1641. And in persuance of the said lettre the said Luke Byrne directed his warrant of the same date to Seriaunt William Vltagh and others for seisinge <A> of the goods and Chattells of this deponent the said Job Ward the tenor of which warrant followeth in theise words videlicet Theise are willinge and requireinge you presently vpon sight hereof to repayre to knocra in the Countie of Wickloe and seize on the goods and Chattells of Job Ward of the same Esquire to be answereable for a debt of ffourscore pounes sterling challenged by Captain Robert Bowen to be owing and due to him by the said Job, and haueing soe seised on the said goods the same to be brought before mee to be disposed accordinge to Justice and equitie for soe doinge this shalbe your warrant Provided that noe extorcion be comitted by the vndernamed vnder collor of this warrant upon payne of death dated 22do Jan: 1641 To my serieant William Vltagh with sixe of his company this to execute with theire assistance Luke Byrne And this deponent further sayth that Sir Robert Tal the parties

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parties that are in Rebellion & which doe beare armes with and amongst the Rebells and are ayding and assisting them against the kings Maiesty & his protestant subiects are theis that follow vizt Sir Robert Talbott ofin the Countrie of Wickloe knighte, Barnard Talbott of Rathdowne in the same Countie Esquire Garrett <A> Talbott gentleman his brother Teige oge Birne of in the Countie of Wickloe a Commander of Rebells peet er Donnell McHugh Duff Birne now by vsurpacion of Ballinderry in the said Countie gentleman & his 4 sonns Teige Turlogh Christopher & Donnell: Samuell East of Ballemannor alias Lawrence Towne in the same Countrie ge Esquire Sir Morgan Cavenaghe ofin the County of Wexford knighte: Dudley Colecloghe of the Dufferyes <B> in the Countie of Wexford Esquire and Anthony his vnckle brother & Raph Waddington of Saint Johns nere Eniskorphie in the said Countie Esquire (formerly a Justice of peace & a protestant but now by wicked Apostacie turned turned from the true protestant church to Masse whoe alsoe casheered and putt from him (as this deponent hath credibly heard) his wiffe & sonn without meanes becawse they would not turne to Masse with him & that they in their passage for England were miserably drowned, George Cheevers Esquire late sherriff of the Countie of Wexford: Morrice Ewstace of Castle Martin <C> in the Countie of Kildare Esquire: Whom the Rebells have now styled & made Lord Viscount of Baltinglasse Morrice fitz Garrett of Allen in the same Countrie Esquire: Peirce ffizgarrett alias Ma ko Mc ô Mashe of Ballishannon Esquire eldest sonn to Sir James fitz Peirce fitzgarrett of Ballyshannon in the same County knighte: The Lord ffitzpatrick of Vpper ossery in the Queenes Countie

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The Lord of Dunboine of the same County The Lady fflorence <A> ffitzpatrick of Castle towne Esquire Walter Baskervile of late of Castletowne in the same County Esquire an apostate William Hetherington of Ballirone Esquire & [ ] Peirce ffitzgarrald of Balligeagle [ ] gentleman both of the queens Countie Nicholas Jacob of the same gentleman Barnaby Dempsie ofin the same County Esquire Thomas Davills of or nere Ballihyde in the same Countie Esquire Walter Bagnall ofin the same Countie Esquire Robert and James Harpoole <B> of Shrowle gent Esquires & Robert Bowen of Rossannaghe in the queens County gent Thomas ffitzgarrald of Immo in the same County gentleman The Lord of Dempsie of Clanmaleiro with many of the dempsies duns & ffitzgarralds & others whoe stand ind eb ted indicted in his Maiesties Corte of Cheefe place [ ] as Rebells in the present Rebellion & are fownd guilty of Rebellion by this deponent and the rest of the gran Jury: vnto which for their names places of habitacion addicions and f particuler factes this deponent for the more certentie referreth himselfe
Jobe Warde
Jur xxiijo Julij 1642
Hen: Brereton
Will: Aldrich

Deponent Fullname: Job Ward
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Esquire
Deponent County of Residence: Queens County
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Arthur Loftus, Nicholas White, George Sexton, Peter Wicome, Mary Ward, Calcott Chambre, Calcott Chambre, Luke Birne, John Birne, Phelix Birne, Charles Birne, Turlogh Birne, Turloghe Birne, Barnaby Toole, Garrott Birne, Turlogh Byrne, Donnoghe Toole, John Ward, Phillip Hill, James Goodman, William Wolverston, Walter Boy Birne, John Joyce, Earle of Anytrm, Earle of Clanrickard, Peter Bremigham, Lord Esmond, Thomas Esmond, John Esmond, [] Cavenaughs, William Gough, Walter Waddinge, Morgaine Cavenagh, Mr Burr, king Charles, Robert Bowen, Robert Talbott, Barnard Talbott, Garrett Talbott, Teige oge Birne, Donnell Birne, Teige Birne, Turlogh Birne, Christopher Birne, Donnell Birne, Samuell East, Morgan Cavenagh, Dudley Colecloghe, Anthony Colecloghe, Raph Waddington, George Cheevers, Morrice Ewstace, Lord Viscount Baltinglasse, Morrice fitz Garrett, Peirce ffizgarrett, James fitzgarrett, Lord ffitzpatrick, Lord of Dunboine, fflorence ffitzpatrick, Walter Baskervile, William Hetherington, Peirce ffitzgarrald, Nicholas Jacob, Barnaby Dempsie, Thomas Davills, Walter Bagnall, Robert Harpoole, James Harpoole, Thomas ffitzgarrald, Lord Dempsie, William Vltagh, Lady fitzpatrick, Luke Tooll
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Debtor, Victim, Mentioned, Victim, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned, Rebel, Rebel