Deposition of William Nicholls

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Date: 1644-01-16
Identifier: 815345r401


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County: Queen's Co
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Robbery, Words
Commissioners: Henry Brereton, Henry Jones
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 345r

William Nicholls of Capanagragin in the Queens County yeoman sworne and examined saith That in or about the month of ffebruary 1641 1641 when the present Rebellion was begun & since The Rebell Servants and souldjers of Charles Dun gent eldest sonn to Barnaby Dunn of the Brittas the Queens County Esquire by the direccion of the said Charles <A> Came with force and armes to the howse of Rowland Vawghan called Cappanagragin aforesaid And then and there robbed deprived and dispoyled him this deponent of his Cattle howshold stuffe provition and other goods And they alsoe at or about the same tyme robbed & dispoyled him the said Rowland Vawghan of the most part of his goods and meanes of greate value And they alsoe robbed one dennis Mather their neighbor of the most of his goods which were alsoe of good value & generally they robbed all the protestants in the cuntrye thereabout s And saith that the goodes and meanes whereof he this deponent for his owne part was deprived hindered & then lost amounted to One hundred powndes sterling Besides the meanes his the said father in law Rowland Vaughan intended to haue conferred vpon him which was worth (as this deponent is verely perswaded) 200 li. more And further saith that the Rebellious souldjers that soe deprived him and the said Vawghan and Mather & their protestant neighbours of their goodes, carried the same goodes to the said Charles Dun their Maister whoe then lived at Brittas aforesaid his fathers howse and was a notable Rebell which said Charles Dunn sayd those goodes should bee saffe there and then and there by strong hand deteined them from their owners. And further sajth That after those goodes were soe taken away They the said Rowland Vawghan Dennis Mather, and many others of their neighbors fled to Brittas aforesaid in hop where their goods were In hope to have harbour and releefe there: Where they had not stayd above one day But that one [ ] Art Mc

fol. 345v

<A> Cormuck Dun Donnell Dunn of Donnyhinch gent both complicees and kinsmen to the said Charles Dunn and their souldjers tendered a note to the said Vaughan Mather & the rest of the protestants to signe with their hands to partake with & be true to them the said Art McCormuck and Donnell Dunn and the rest of the Rebellious irish Confederats The which note (becawse those protestants refused to signe) those Rebells then and there told them that if they did not goe away w presently from Brittas aforesaid that howse and Castle should be beaten downe about their eares & they should be putt to the sworde. Wherevpon those protestants fled went away and had a Convoy sent with them by the said Donnell Dun: which Convoy threatened <B> to hang them and had withs prepared for the purposse, And had done it (as this deponent is verely perswaded) had not they not mett by accident with a letter with the from the said Barnaby Dunn which hindered their wicked intentions
William Nicolls
Jur xxvjo Januar 1643
Hen: Jones
Hen: Brereton

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fol. 346v

Queens County
William Nicholls Jur
16 Jan 1643
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Deponent Fullname: William Nicholls
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Yeoman
Deponent County of Residence: Queens County
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Charles Dun, Art Mc Cormuck Dun, Donnell Dunn, Rowland Vawghan, dennis Mather, Rowland Vaughan, dennis Maher, Barnaby Dunn
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Mentioned