Deposition of Murrough O’Laughlin

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Date: 1642-01-15
Identifier: 816119r062


1641 Deposition Item Type Metadata

County: Meath
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Apostacy, Robbery, Lost By Debts
Commissioners: Henry Brereton, Roger Puttock
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 119r

An estimate of the goods Cattles & Chattles of Murrough รด Laughlen Late of Ardbrachan in the County of Meath gent taken by Edmund Rely of the Com of Cavan Meath gentleman & Mulmore McEdm: his sonne Thady Brady of the same Com, Robert Nettervill <A> & Walter Delahide of Knockcumber in the Com of Meath gentleman, Tho: Beetagh of Liscarten & John Brady of the Grange in the same Com & other, theire accomplics, as Richard White of Ardbrachan aforesaid & Anthony Plunkett somtime of Telton in the aforesaid County of Meth, on & since the xxiijth day of November. Anno domini 1641 given in upon oath
Inprimis horses Cowes heyfers sheepe swine
& other Cattle to the value of ___________________________________ 29 li._10 s._00 d.
Item hay, turnes furzes, & the fruits & Comodities in he garden value ___ 15_00_00
Item howshould goods of all sorts value ___________________________ 66_00_00
Item The losse of three seuerall Leases of howses & Lands value _______ 35_00_00
Item The losse of perquisits & duties of
Clearkships held by the said Murrogh _____________________________ 20_00_00
Item The losse of debts due as abouesaid __________________________ 20_00_00
Summa totalis _______________________186_00_00
And further he cannot depose save that John Morgan of Novan robbed the right revernd ffallen in God the Lord Bishop of Meath of some of his bookes
Morogh o Loghlen
jurat 15 Jan: 1641
Roger Puttocke
Hen: Brereton

These are gone to Mass:
Robert ffisher
Richard Luttrell
James Cary
Robert White
Pat: Drun & Turla ffagan
Tho: Drun
Nichol: Lock and
John Mony and his wife
Gilbart White
Mary ffurnevall

fol. 119v

fol. 120r

fol. 120v

Jur 15o Jan: 1641
Morrogh o Laghljn
Com Meath 23 Nov:

A Certe and [ ]


Deponent Fullname: Murrough
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Gentleman
Deponent County of Residence: Meath
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Edmund Rely, Mulmore McEdm:, Thady Brady, Robert Nettervill, Walter Delahide, Tho: Beetagh, John Brady, Richard White, Anthony Plunkett, John Morgan, Robert ffisher, Richard Luttrell, James Cary, Robert White, Pat: Drun, Turla ffagan, Tho: Drun, Nichol: Lock, John Mony, Gilbart White, Mary ffurnevall
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Apostate, Apostate, Apostate, Apostate, Apostate, Apostate, Apostate, Apostate, Apostate, Apostate, Apostate