Deposition of William Moorehead

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Date: 1642-07-19
Identifier: 817032r045


1641 Deposition Item Type Metadata

County: Longford & Westmeath
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Killing, Robbery
Commissioners: John Sterne, William Hitchcock
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 32r

William Moorehead of Tyrrells pace in the countie of Westmeath cleark being duelye sworne & examined deposeth as followeth vizt
That That about the fift day of december last 1641 after the beginning of this Rebellion, and by meanes theirof, he lost to the number of fourescoire and Ten head of chattell, consisting of milcsh kowes, bulls, oxen, heyfers & yearlings, as also horses mares, and colts which wer for the most part left in the custodye of christopher tyrrell of Boylibrek Esqwyre whoe afterwards turned Rebell and died in Rebellion Elynor tyrrell of <A> Castlle-este widow whoe is alsoe since turned rebell and Thomas Tyrrell of Kilbryde Esqwyre a Counsellor and confederate with the Rebells excepting his mares & colts, which mares & Colts which wer rebelliously taken away by Edward tyrrell sone to Maurice mcWilliam tyrrell of the parr ish of Castlea st, as also other his chattlle wer in the Like maner taken away, by severall other persones dwelling neare vnto Tyrrells pace, whose names, this deponent knoweth not all which chatlle wer well worth two hundereth pounds sterling
<2> And This deponent further sayeth that about the twentieth & eight day of January 1641 theirefter, he was compelled to forsaike his farme of tyrrells pace leaving the same in the possession of the said christopher tyrrell, with his howshould stuffe corne & other goods he hade th thaire
<3> This deponent sayeth alsoe so that About the eight day of december last 1641 some of the Inhabitants of Ballyloghloe broke in to his mansyon hous their Joyning vnto the parishchurch & tooke away all his houshould stuffe & other good{s} which was their left expelling his servants out of the said hous & dwelling <B> Hubert mc gawly of downegan in the said Countie gentleman whoe since turnd rebell having in the meanewhylle in his custodye some of the said houshould stuffe & goods, togither with a flocke of his sheep of the number of fyve hundereth & eleven excepting a few number of those which wer taken away, by others of the Inhabitants their
<+> & This deponent sayeth that donnogh mc teag coghlan of Ballyloghloe entered vpon his this deponents farme of Cryvemore & did take away to the value of twentie pounds sterling of corne with ten dayes mauth of hay to the Lose also of twelf pounds sterling which he had given a Little before for the said farm vnl
his howshould stuffe of Tyrrells pace & of Ballyloghloe he valweth to one hundereth pounds sterling, his sheep to sixescore pounds & his corne at Tyrrells pace to thirtie pounds sterling
<5> This deponent also Left in the custody of the said Thomas tyrrell of kilbryde his silver plate worth fyfeteine pounds his gown & cassock worth seven 7 pounds sterling
<6> he deposeth also that he Loste by be meanes of this present rebellion which was offered for his Interest of his farme of tyrrells pace 150 pounds sterling now accompted worth nothing of bookes worth twentie markes sterling
<7> And Lastly he deposeth that he hathe Lost in moneys fort tythe corn{e} in the parishes of Ballyloghloe, & newton fertillogh 129 pounds ster{ling} and also the benef dwe the last yeare 1641 and also the benefit of his gleab lands, smalle tythes & other perqwisits of bothe parishes being weill worth to him per annum twentie & sixe pounds sterling
Their was also due vnto the fo d eponent by Ritchard dillon of [Ath] Lonebrock Esqwyre the somme of seven pounds sterling for a sola{ } out of the parish of Templlepatrick the last Easter as also fowre pounds sterling & ten shillings dwe by Heugh geoghegan of Newton & his son Thomas geoghegan payn{ } the last michaelmass of the parish of newton fertillogh
Robert nugent of Rathgerrot, & laughlin odalye of Ballygalmore 32 li. Owen odalye,
[Ghein] omonaghan William omartein of killyvalley 3 li. 10 s. <[47] li.> and cahill ohaughtillye 3 li. 10 s.
<Jur: mr sterne mr Hitchcock> <47 li>

fol. 32v

hewgh geoghegan of Newton 4 li.
<A> Murtogh geoghegan of the same 4 li.
Edward geoghegan of coronair 2 li.
Elizabeth geoghegan of the same 2 li.

<18 li.> Connell geoghegan of coronair 6 li.
<A.> He further saith that heugh geoghehan of Newton exacted & gotte an acquittance of this dept of 4 li. & other moneys also dwe before alledging that it would saife him from paying the sum vnto the Irish & rebellious army as also murtogh geoghegan exacted an acqwittance of foure pounds in the lyke maner of which their was not any money payed for satisfaction made vnto the said deponent
Art geoghegan of Ballymcheugh did take the tythe of the said being gathered by my brother James Moorehead being weill worth 6 li. sterling being due 10 s. before this rebellion vnto the said deponent
Thomas geoghegan of Tominston 5 li.
[oQin] of nockecosker 2 li.
Murtogh hackett of the same 1 li.
Pearce hacket of the same 1 li.
Rowry mcwyre of the same 1 li.
Connor osurye 1 li.
Elizabeth geoghegan dawghter vnto kedagh geoghegan of Loghinlona 4 li. 10 s.
Bryan geoghegan of hyghenston 1 li. 10 s.

<29 li. 15 s.> The parish of Ballyloghloe
Ballyloghloe 6 li.
nockdonimye 5 li.
Christopher mcgaulye
2 li. [10] s. of Rathduff 2 li. 10 s.
Elynor gauly wyfe to Auly mcgauly of Cairne for the tythe of Williamston 8 li. 10 s. 8 d.
Robert mcgauly of Ballyinmannagh 1 li.
farrell mcgauly of the same 1 li. 5 s.
due vpon one man in cryvemore 2 li.
Culvock 4 li.
Christopher haughphen of Twy 7 li.

< { } li. { } 23 d.> Laughlin oLiddock of Laghill 4 li. 10 s.
There was alsoe due to this deponent seuerall debts owing by seuerall persons amounting in all to 105 li. 15 s. or thereabouts: which because of the Rebellion he is affraid he shall loose
And further saith that The tythe of Ballydowghan being sould to one Robert dillon was notwithstanding kept by force by the tennants of the said toun being worth 4 li.
as alsoe by John mcgauly of downeghan [ ] 3 li.
The tythe of Ballyincarbre being brought vnto the gleabe land of the said parish was thence [ ] taken away by the tennants of Ballyloghloe as also the paresons shaire of the tythe of the said toun being worth 3 li.
And further saith That Aulye of mcgawlye of the Cairne in the County of Westmeath Redmond mcgaulye his eldest sone & heyre vnto the said Aulye, & Hubert mcgauly of downeghan in the parish of <B> Ballyloghloe in the same countie are in rebellion as this deponent hath hard, & And there was one Inglish man murdered neare Williamston in the said parish, and a you g young Irish man travelling by downegan in the said parish was hanged by some of Hubert mcgawly his people <C> And Inglish woman also was hanged at the gate of Tyrrells pace
William Moorehead
Jurat 19th July 1642
John Sterne.
Will: Aldrich
<62 73>

fol. 33r

And this deponent hath beene further saith That he hath beene at chairges of building vpon the vicaridge of Ballymore Loghloe one hundereth marks sterling at Least
& the deponent gaven vn to Pierce mcgawlye twelf pounds sterling for a fyne or Income of an half plewgh land of Killinrowan from whence he is expelled: he haveing a leas for 11 yeres: now accompted worth nothing: but the fyne quite lost: His whole losse for the presente is: 912 li. his <220 li. per annum> future losse of Church liveings & farmes; 220 li. per annum
William Moorehead
Jur de novo: 1o Augusti
Will: Hitchcock
Hen: Brereton

Mr Brereton
mr Hitchcock





fol. 33v


Westmeath o
Mr William Morehead Clerk
Jur 19o Julij 1642
Intw Cert imediate
5 dec
Let this be amended & lett
him depose all that he knows to be
in Rebellion & for his owne sonn
& fr Tirrell the lawyere



Deponent Fullname: William Moorehead
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Clerk
Deponent County of Residence: Westmeath
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: christopher tyrrell, Elynor tyrrell, Thomas Tyrrell, Edward tyrrell, Maurice mcWilliam tyrrell, christopher tyrrell, donnogh mc teag coghlan, Ritchard dillon, Heugh geoghegan, Thomas geoghegan, Robert nugent, laughlin odalye, Owen odalye, * omonaghan, William omartein, cahill ohaughtillye
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor