Deposition of Thomas Fleetwood

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Date: 1643-03-22
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County: Longford & Westmeath
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Apostacy, Arson, Captivity, Death, Desecration, Killing, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Stripping, Words, Massgoing
Commissioners: Henry Brereton, John Watson
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 37r

Thomas Fleetwood late Curate of Kilbeggan & Parson of Almoritia in the County of Westmeath sworne and examined deposeth and saith That since the begining of the present Rebellion, and by meanes thereof Hee was and still is deprived, robbed or otherwise dispojled of his Church meanes and farmes, and of the Rents and proffitts thereof: & of his goodes and Chattells, Consisting of Corne, malt Cattle Cowes sheepe swyne, horses mares, naggs, howsholdstuffe, apparell Rings bookes provision fewell debts and other thinges, amounting in all to the value, & tending now to his losse and damage of Seven hundreth and fowre Powndes And this deponent is like to be deprived of and loose the future proffits of his Church meanes and farmes, which (when the Rebellion began, were worth One hundreth and fowrteene pounds per annum) vntill a peace bee established: And further saith that he this deponente & some of his Children were taken Prisoners and for a time deteined, but after inlarged by the meanes of one Mackamilta a Taylor, from London, whoe was with Sir James Dillon & knew this deponents frends in London and is gotten from them alsoe and gone over (as this deponent hath heard) to Athlone And about Christtyde 1641 at his this Deponents goeing from Kilbeggan to Athlone erly with as much as three men could carry of Clothing & other thinges <A> (as convoyed by one Christopher Magowley (whoe for xx li. received of this deponent, promissed him saffe passage) It soe fell out That att Ardnarrah, twoe myles from Kilbeggan: a Preist saying masse, the people came forth with naked skeanes pikes & pitchforks, and then & there robbed & stripped this deponent of Clothes & all things he had, And threatened him for presumeing to carry any goods out of the Country And afterwards this deponent was kept a weeke in Calrie: where being left by the said Christopher Magawly (of stradaff in Calree) this deponent and <B> his wiffe stayd twoe nights at Ballelaghloe att donnogh mc Teige Mathaghlans howse, whither came ffarrell

fol. 37v

<A> ffarrell Magawleys sonns of Ballemanagh and others with an intent (as this deponent was tould) to kill this Deponent his wiffe & children: and to fling vs into the Loughe: Howbeit they escaped from them: The which ffarrells sonns are all in Rebellion And further saith That Awlie Magawleie Mc ffarrell (as Lieutenant <B> to Awly Magawly of Carne in Calry did strip naked some ould English men and women in winter And this deponent hath heard divers of the Rebells saie That the reason why they went into Rebellion, was becawse they were informed That there was made in England an Act of Parliament, That all of them should goe to the Church by a Certeine day or els bee putt to the sword, And that they would not lay downe armes except an act of Parliament should be made that a native should be capeable of any office vnder the King as Lord Lieutenant, deputy & the rest: That the Landes that were taken away theis 40 yeres, & passed by way of plantacion. should be restored: And that they should have tolleration of Religion: And this deponent further saith that one Brian ô Creive farmer in the <C> begining of theis troubles tould him. That there came a fryre to Masse that exhorted them all present to fall to this Course of Rebellion or commotion And swore themWishing them all to get skeanes and what weapons they could: And assureing them that though the English did discharge musketts and that some of them should be Killd yet they should not feare ffor such as soe djed should be saints And they should rush on with a multitude, and kill all the protestants & soe receive armes from them: ffurther he saith, That before the howse of Kilbeggan was taken: There was one <D> Edmund ô Brenan of Kilbeggan aforesaid then souldjer in the Lord Lamberts Company Being all the day in Company with one Captaine Vggan of Durrogh in the Kings Countie, a Rebell: (as he was informed) came in

fol. 38r

in to the said howse at night, the Lady Lambert sitting at Supp the table in the hall And then hee tooke a bible from the Cupbord & kneeling by her, swore by the booke, that he was and would be true, and stand a firme subjecti: yet presently getting vp drew his sword, And said All you that are on my side draw Cawseing a muteny & being there disapointed of his wicked plott gott out and <A> turned a Rebell and a notorious villaine, & soe remaines & did stripp and robb divers: And this deponent further saith That Lawrence Magawley the sonn of the said Christofer Magawly of Rathduff in Colry in the Countie of westmeath, a Rebell) came into Athloane in time of truse, demanded of him this deponent If he hadd any Popish bookes; saying he would buy some And this deponent answered hee would helpe him to three or fowre for a bible. vnto which the said Lawrence (in a most scornfull manner, replied: If I had knowne your mynd before: I would have saved one bible out of the fyre but lately ffor I saw six bibles burned a few dayes since: And further saith that one John Hussie <B> (who formerly killd run from the Lord Dillons troope from Dublin and whoe was afterwards a notorious bloody rebell, and imployed as Marshall to Sir James Dillon Knighte the great Rebell, Did in the time, that this deponent was prisoner at Athlone amongst the Rebells, attempt to discharge his Carbine wherewith to have Killd twoe english women: which were vpon the bridge: But his flynt flying out of the Cock of his Carbine. And soe he missing his ayme his ayme: Hee, in a rage, threw his Carbine to the ground & swore greivously: That thereby he had missed the killing of twoe English Rebells Divells And this deponent heard And from time to time observed, That the very nation, name and Kynd of the English, was most odious and contemptible to the Irish And that the irish Rebells endeavoured by all meanes quite to extirpate & roote out the English from this Kingdome of Ireland. And further saith That amongst other barbarous Cruelties of the Rebells, hee sawe one at them same time, when that he was in prison with th em in Athloane they murthered in the Church yard

fol. 38v

yard of Athlone an English protestant ministers sonn named mr Burton, And that done they turned his wiffe and children out of the towne: which Children (as this deponent was credibly informed) perished and dyed ffor that the Cruell Rebells would neither harbour nor suffer any other to releeve them But threatned to burne the howses of such as should give them any succour, as they had vsually delt with others And further sajth That the vulgar sort of Rebells would say They were the Queens Maiesties souldjers: others, that they were Commanded by the Queene King soe to deale with us and had his broad seale for it. And this was in deed of late their generall saying: And this Deponent being in Athlone (att the time that there was for a tyme a tyme) a Cessation of armes betwixt the Lord President of Connaught and Sir James Dillon, tearmed governour over the Rebells of Westmeath and Longford, There came <A> in one Redmond Magawlie eldest sonn to Awlrie Magawlie of Carne in Calree in the said County of westmeath: whoe vpon Conference, sayd vnto him this Deponent That if hee would give him 5 s. hee would gyve this Deponent his landes: If ever he or any other minister should ever againe enioy tyth in this Kingdome, At Last he said plainly that the King went to Masse Hee said further that becawse one Christofer Magawley was Killed by some of the English souldjers: Beinge protected by the Lord President, That therefore <B> Terrence Coghlan: did not trust to his Protection he had from Dublin from the Lords Justices But brought the next day out of his private roome, ffiftie complete peeces or guns, and Joined with Sir James Dillons forces And further saith that the foresaid Christopher Magawlys sonns are and were Rebells from the begining of the Rebellion especially his sonne Oliver whoe hath murthered and hanged divers protestants whose names he knoweth knoweth not And younge James Magawley heire of Ballilaghloe in Calree in this deponents owne sight Did often shake his pike at one of this deponents Childrens brests and said that hee could not rest vntill he had shedd some of the Protestant Bloud And I hope (said hee) ere Long

fol. 39r

Long to run this Rapier throughe many: which James Mawgawly was a great Robber and spojler of the English <A> & soe were Hubbert Magawleys sonns of Dunegan Himselfe being aged: And saith that Oliver Dalton of Miltownes eldest sonn is an Ensigne in Sir James Dillons Regiment, And Richard Dalton of Dallistowne is Captain which twoe lay (with their men) beleaguerring Athlone And that Art Malaghlin sonn-in law to Awley Magawlie of Carne, (being) a Captain, with his men, lay at Carrick and beseeged Athlone And whenas poore, sick souldiers, weake feeble women or Children and the like would goe vnarmed to the Peasefeilds nere the towne, to gather some for Releefe, the foresaid Captaines & Rebells (Lying in waite) would come forth of their holdes, and often stopp and murther them with skeanes and mangle the Corps (The vsuall terme or title theis Rebells in generall gave vs, Being base English doggs Parliament Rogues & pottage bellied rogues Rebells And sayd that wee came but beggars out of England and had nothing but what wee had wrongfully gotten from the Irish nation: And further saith That by Chance this deponent mett with a Preist of the Parrish of Ardnurragh during the time of Parlying betwixt the Lord President of Connaght, and Sir James Dillon: And demanding newes the Preist vowed, that the Irish were to send ffortie thowsand into England to ayde the King against the Parliament, and said, That whereas it was said, that the King sent over Commissioners hither He knew it was false, & the Parliament at Kilkenny were not such fooles to beleive it ffor it was only the Parliament of of England that sent them, and gave out that it was the King (to delude them) but it should not serve the turne, And this deponent hath seene Little Children, women with Child, & ould people stabbed to death with skeanes by the Rebells, & the dead Corps cruelly murther d <A> mangled, And hath heard from the mowthes of the Rebells themselves of great Cruelty vsed by the Rebells to the [ ] Protestants in other parts vnhumanlyke, as for one instance they to stabbed the mother with a wom weapon

fol. 39v

weapon (Jane Addis, by name: the wiffe of Henry Addis) Leaving an infant, not a quarter ould, with the dead Corps: and then they putt the brest of its dead mother into its mowth, and bidd it suck (English Bastard, and soe left it there to perish (as some of this deponents <symbol> Irish acquaintance confessed & tould him: And further saith that the lord Jones President of Munster Connoght cawsed an English woman (whoe could speake Irish & knew the way to venture and goe towards Dublin last winter was twelvemonth with a Letter, But shee was taken within fyve myle of the towne of Athlone & brought back & stoned to death by the women of the towne <A> of Athlone Dwellinge on the hitherside of bridge: Sir James Dillon and some Companies vnder his Command being then in the same place: This was confessed by some that were then present, and came to the deponent & others: And this deponent <B> did heare That mr John Dillon the Lawyere (though hee be protected yet he is one of the Rebells Counsell at Kilkenny as som of themselues haue confessed And further saith That Garrott Dalton <B> of dondonnell lay at the Toy with a Company of Rebells robbing & stripping all that went that way to Athlone for refuge: And as this deponent heard for Certeine cawsed William Sibthorpe (Parrish Clarke of Mullengarr an <C B> English man to be hanged: He the said Garrott Dalton, by report, had much of the English goods:) And whenas the Rebells one morning: scaled the walls of Athlone and came in this deponent whoe was in one of the howses nere the gate & sawe & heard them when as they gott into a seller where lay eleaven sick souldjers not able to rise and goe thence: the Rebells then and there stabbed the sick men saying only Lord have Mercie vpon vs & soe departed this liffe Att the doore of the Celler did stand a Comander with armour on, & his naked sword in his hand forceing more Rebells in with straw fyre and fewell to make a great fire there: and cawsed the Rebells to fling the English mens Corps into the fyre and burne them (saying in Irish ffling the English doggs into the fyre & burne them: And this deponent was tould by one that was servant to the Lord Dillon of Killanfaghnie in westmeath (and that was forced by Sir James Dillon to stay with him: vntill he stole away when the English army first came downe thither:) That he heard a woman of the howse say

fol. 40r

say (whenas she viewed from the walls the English army marching) That she had every day and night praied that the English should not come: And being that they were comen she would never pray againe, & soe fflang her beades away: And this deponent hath heard by some that came from the Rebells say: That they have heard some friers (after a boasting manner, say, That they had putt the English and Irish by the eares togeather, and lett whoe would part them: And at the begining of this Rebellion they went from place to place forceing and perswadeing all men to take that course in hand which they did, And the deponent further saith, That at his being at Athlone, Mr <A> Anthony Brabson of Ballelaghsoe on Connaght side nere Athlone and Mr Edmund Kelly of Moyevenagh in the County of Roscomen nere Athlone, are notorious bloudy Rebells, and beseiged Athlone divers times burnt the hay and turfe nere Athlone, they being both Captaines of Rebells: (which said Brabson was was a Protestant, or soe seemeing in time of peace and an English mans sonn) And that they and their Companies have killd divers English & others that were Protestants both men and women, And have stollen the Cattle from Athlone divers tymes: ffurther he sajth that the lord President of Connaghts steward mr Booth rydeing one morning towards the English army on westmeath side, was slaine, by one Tibbott Magawly <B> a notorious Rebell & late servant to mr Thomas mc Talbot Dillon, another notorious rebell Likewise whoe received armes from Dublin, The said Tybbott had divers other Rebells with him and did cutt and mangle the dead Corps greivously And for lucre of some gould ringes did cutt of the said Booth his hand and carried with him: as and some that came after <C> into the Market did informe this deponent. And further saith that young Edmund Malone dwelling nere Athlone in the County of Westmeath is a notorious Rebell, and came against the towne with his men: And Joined with Oliver Magawlie aforesaid in the hanging of Mr Edmund Dalton a Protestant, as this deponent was credibly informed And the said Oliver with his Confederates Killd a little Protestant yowth: sonne to Mr

fol. 40v

William Morehead minister as he was goeing with an intencion to gett some releefe for his distressed mother brothers & sisters and that in revendg of his fathers death (as some there dwelling tould him that came into the Markett: And this deponent further saith That one mr Hubbert ffox of Kilkoursy in the Kings County (a bloudy Captain of Rebells, and one whoe Joined with those that beseeged Athlone and tooke much goods from divers of the English went against Trim with his forces and with them was at the battaile of Ballekerrin (as some prisoners Confessed in this deponents hearing) went one morning very early to Kilbeggan with his forces: & did putt fyre vnto & burne the Abbey the lord Lamberts dwelling howse; burning first the doores and stares: Soe that some English people and children were faine to leape out of some of the windowes to escape burning, & steale away vnder hedges and banckes As some of themselves soe escapeing, being now in the Citty of Dublin informed the deponent. Hee likewise then burned the Church the towne & the mills: They that escaped alsoe said to this deponent That divers women and children liveinge amongst them (since this deponents departure) in the parrish of Kilbeggan: (notwithstanding they turned to Masse: yet the Rebells there hanged some: and stabbed to death others: And further this deponent heard from some of them That an Englishman that was one of the dragooners from Athlone loosing his Companie & Martching on that way hidd himself in a hutch in a backside of a house But being found there, was stoned and killed, by some Churles & women of the parrish of Kilbeggan: And saith that Laghlin daily of Tirrells pace, a Rich merchant is a notorious Rebell and stripped and robbed divers, as this deponent was informed by such as stayd behynd him at Kilbegan & now are in Dublin: Part whereof he, and his Confederates stripped nere Tirrells pace, in the County of Westmeath
Tho: ffletewood
Jur 22o Marcij 1642 coram
Hen: Brereton
Joh Watson:
<And this deponent further sajth: That John Adis of skehan nere Kilbeggan went to masse And in this deponents hearing Laboured to seduce others to the popish religion: saying that he had beene a Papist in his hart for three yeres before his goeing to Masse: which was in Christmas 1641 after the Rebellion began, as the said deponent was certainly informed by papists there And that Arthur Rawley of Kilbeggan turned alsoe to Masse And that Edward Conner late of Clinnerrill in the kings County about the same time brought 140 Rebells with him vnder his command to Kilbeggan: whoe tooke away the lord Lamberts Cattle & sheepe in Rebellious manner from Kilbeggan aforesaid. Tho: ffletewood:>

Deponent Fullname: Thomas Fleetwood
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Curate
Deponent County of Residence: Westmeath
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: * Mackamilta, James Dillon, Christopher Magawly, donnogh mc Teige Mathaghlan, ffarrell Magawley, Awlie Magawleie Mc ffarrell, Brian Creive, Edmund Brenan, Captaine Vggan, Lawrence Magawley, John Hussie, Redmond Magawlie, Christofer Magawley, Terrence Coghlan, Oliver *, James Magawly, Hubbert Magawley, Oliver Dalton, Richard Dalton, Art Malaghlin, * Jones, John Dillon, Garrott Dalton, Anthony Brabson, Edmund Kelly, Tibbott Magawly, Thomas mc Talbot Dillon, Edmund Malone, Hubbert ffox, * Lambert, Lady Lambert, * Burton, Jane Addis, Henry Addis, William Sibthorpe, * Booth, Edmund Dalton, William Morehead, John Adis, Arthur Rawley, Edward Conner
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned, Mentioned, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Apostate, Apostate, Apostate