Deposition of William Strangwaies

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Date: 1642-12-16
Identifier: 830131r103


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County: Galway & Roscommon
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Death, Killing, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Stripping
Commissioners: John Watson, William Aldrich
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 131r

William Strangwaies Late of Killenlugg in the County of Galway gent Ensigne to Captain John Ridge & Mustermaster of the province of Connaght sworne & examined deposeth and saith That after the begining of the present Rebellion vizt about the tenth of december 1641 This deponent att Killenlugg aforesaid was deprived robbed or otherwise dispoiled of his goods & chattells of the values following vizt of beasts Cattle & horses worth CClxxv li. x s. Corne & hay 70 li. Apparrell xxx li. Howsholdgoods & provition 40 li. The fyne of his farme at Laballirow in the County <A> of Mayo given vnto Sir James Dillon now a notorious Rebell for a leas thereof for xxj yere comenceing at May now last past (The leas and writing being by the Rebells taken from him) xx li. debts owing xxxv li. The proffits of his farme at Killenlugg worth clerely vnto him xx li. per annum & he is like to loose the future proffitts for one yere more & then his leas expireth worth 20 li. Soe as his losses in all amount vnto the sume of ffive hundreth and tenn pownds tenn shillinges ster And saith That the parties that soe deprived Robbed & dispoyled him are Rebells & not only with force and armes soe robbed and deprived of him but stripp{ed} him and his wiffe of all their clothes saveing his shirt and her smock & exposed them to the couldnes of the winter and to goe away in that distresse 6 or 7 myles for shelter, Soe as the deponent comeing to a deepe River was gladd to wade through to the shoulders first with his wife on his back, and after for his sonn and daughter, And this deponents aged father of 86 yere ould was alsoe robbed and stript of his horse and clothes & was exposed to the like want that this deponent suffered And after by meanes of frends recouering Clothes and strength and adventureing with the wing of Musketteers against the enemy was shott and therewith slayne at Mullentrim in the County of Roscomon: & th{is} deponents said wiffe dyed about the tenth of August last, And <B:> sayth That one Mary the wife of Cormuck mc Dermond of Killenlugg being nurse to this deponents child was soe cruell and

fol. 131v

& barbarous that she forceibly tooke away from him the said childs Coate and the very sheete wherewith he was tied to a girls back that carryed him away with this deponent and his wiffe, when they fledd for safetie of their liues: & she alsoe forceibly tooke away from that girle a loafe of bread and cheese: which shee hadd to carry away for victualls for them & soe robbed them of their meate after they were deprived of their Clothes & other meanes of Livelihood And further sayth That the other parties Rebells that soe robbed, & deprived him <A> of his goodes & meanes were thies that follow vizt William Mc Hobart Bourke now of Killinlugg (this deponents howse) & Richard Bourke his sonn vllick Keogh Bourke of <Galway> Lisdrissan gent William ô Birne a popish Preist & the said Cormuck Mc Dermond Richard B mc Edmond Bourk of Buntobber gent Vllick mc Edmond Bourk his brother Edmund oge Kelly servant to Mr Bourk of Temp Castletogher gent Roberte ô Morraghe of Killenlugg aforesaid one of this deponents owne tenants & Edmund his sonn of the same John Mc Hugh, & Hugh mc John both of the same, and this deponents tenants William Brannaghe & Brian mc Kil{la}lly of the same alsoe tenants to this Deponent John Graue of Lisrewis servant to the said William Mc Hobert Bourk & divers others Rebellious souldiers Comanded by Richard Bourke sonn of the said William Bourk to the number of 40 or thereabouts whose names he cannott now Remember And further sayth That after ever since this deponent & his wiffe his father & said Children were driven from their habitacion & fledd to the Abbey of Roscomon this deponent hath ever since hath beene in service vnder against the Rebells vnder the Command of the said Captain Ridge <symbol> And this deponent hath credibly heard & partly knoweth that when mr Bewcannon & others of the Brittish were murthered by the Rebells att Shrowle, in the County of Mayo: The Lord of Mayo: that vndertooke to conduct them was then & there in Person & those brittish were then and there murthered by his followers in his the lord of Mayos presence
Will: Strangwaies
Jur 16 Dec 1642
Joh Watson:
Will {Aldri}ch

Deponent Fullname: William Strangwaies
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Gentleman
Deponent County of Residence: Galway
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: John Ridge, Mr Bourk, James Dillon, William Mc Hobart Bourke, Richard Bourke, vllick Keogh Bourke, William , Cormuck Mc Dermond, Richard mc Edmond Bourk, Vllick mc Edmond Bourk, Edmund oge Kelly, Roberte , Edmund *, John Mc Hugh, Hugh mc John, William Brannaghe, Brian mc Kil{la}lly, John Graue, Mary *, mr Bewcannon
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Mentioned, Mentioned, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim