Deposition of Richard Germin

Collection: Bysse Depositions

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1642-05-27
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1641 Deposition Item Type Metadata

County: Clare & Limerick
Deposition Type: Bysse
Nature of Deposition: Arson, Robbery, Lost By Debts
Commissioners: Philip Bisse, Thomas Bettesworth
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 175r

279 279
Richard Ger min clerk & Prebend of Limerick deposeth that since the begining of the present Rebellion he hath bine robbd & dispoiled of the goodes chattells & meanes worth in all following
An Inventory of such goods and Chattles and other losses: as Richard Germin Clerk preb{end} of the Cathedrall Church of Limmerick haue <a Brittish protestant> sustayned and lost: since the begining of this Rebellion: being late in the parish of Killgoogen Clancore in B{a} ronny of Conelloie & county of Limrick
Imprimis in sheepe lost and taken away off: from the land of Balliloyny which he held from Sir Phillip Persival knight one hundred three score & 18 sheepe fifty and eight sheepe: by Sir Edward fiz Harris his company and tennants the tennants of Nicholas Carny soveraigne of Kilmallock Rebells <in Rebellion> & the tennants & seruants of Ellen ny Gerald widdow of Limmerick valued at _____32 li.:
mor In Corne in stacks: two stacks of oats and a small stacke of small barley: which <in Rebellion> Sir Edward fiz Harris his tennants and his Company about him threshed and carread away from himmee off the lands of Balliloyny Rebells about the fowerth of february past the 3 stacks of Corne valued ______ 30 li.__00
In horsses: taken away about the same time by one James Reagh of Irchkey parish <in Rebellion> in the County of Corke gentleman and by Nicholas Karny his tennants of Ballngousy gentleman both rebells 8/ horses lost price ___20 li. __00
more eight [ ] yeereling Cawlves taken by the same tennants of Nicholas Karny of Ballingousy abouesaid valued _____ 4 li. __00__00
more lost in hay in stacks vpon that ffarme of Balliloyny _____ 12 li.__00__00
hismy howsses here vppon that land howsses & my tennants which are burned & ruinated valued _____ 10 li.__00__00
hismy losses: which I sustayned by reason of not inioying that lease: which in my ditching building and other monys: disbursed about that ffarme of Balliloyny & BallinRaph: worth < [ ] > lost to mee by this rebellion _____100 li.__00

fol. 175v

<B> Item sent [ ] to Mr Redman Barry of Lisgriffin gentleman in Rebellion [ ] one hundred weathers and Ewes which hee did vndertake to keepe safe for mee now lost worth _____30 li.__00__00
more twenty ffiue head of Chattle which Robert Donwort did driue & carry away of mine, of the lands of Balliloyny to Redman Barrey in Rebellion of Lisgriffine to bee safely kept for m ee worth _____ 40li. __00
goods and Chattle of mine lost at the stout Castle of myallow
<C> Item at the Coming doune of the Lord Mount Garret to Myallow & other Lords in Rebellion <in Rebellion> which was about Candelemas in bookes which Ihe lost at that Castle worth _____ 20 li.:00
In wearing Clothes and other wollen Clothes: there lost worth _____ 4 li.__00
In provision at that Castle lost of minehis _____ 2 li.:__00
In Chattle at that same time [ ] nine great great Cowes and one bull: which Leiftennant Williamson & ffranncis Boodele had of minehis to keepe for mee taken away from him lost to mee valued _____ 20 li.__00
In sheepe two hundred of his which ffranncis <D> Boodell of Myallow of mine deliuered vnto Davy Roch of Ballioleis in the parish of Myallow: which two hundred sheepe were mine now lost worth _____50 li.__00
Thomas Browne of Cammas in Rebellion in the County of Limmerick gent & his Company robbed & riffled myhis howsse on St Stephens <in Rebellion> day at night and Carried away in bedding wearing Clothes & provision worth _____ 10 li.__00
In horsses at the same time of mine found afterward in his possession at Cammas worth ____ 8 li.__00
sum: tott: _____184__0

fol. 176r

<E> Item a stacke of Corne which John Supple of Cuaggan in Rebellion in the County of Limmerick gent threshed and carried away of his mine from GortRoe in the parish of Clancore being a ffarme which I held from the right Honorable the Earle of Corke where I liued: lost worth ____6 li.__00__00
<mor> a gray breeding mare & colt which cost mee fiftene pounds which John Supple had of mine lost worth____ 15 li.__00
more the sayd John Supple & his tennants in Rebellion in ruinating & riffling my his housse & coming away his my howshold stuffe table bounds &c and other necessarys out of my howsse about the mildele of January past _____ 10 li.__10
In Hay in stacks: which the sayd John Supple feed of mine devowred with his Chattle_____ 6 li.__00__00
<in Rebellion> in Chattle which the sayd John Supple & his Confederets tooke away from him me worth _____ 6 li.__00__00
In plow ta c kling worth _____1 li.__00__00
more a stacke of Corne lost in January last taken away by strangers Rebells I know not of the land of GortRoe worth _____ 6 li.__00__00
<ff> more in Chattle which Eddey Lacey of Browry in Rebellion & his Company & tennants & Morric Lacey of Ballipuckin in Rebellion booth in the County of Limmerick lost tooke awawy from himme [ ] about february past worth _____ 6 li.__00
In swine taken neare about the same time by the sayd Laceys: & there Company worth _____ 2 li.__00__00
lost at the stonne howse of Rathgongan when it was taken by Eddy Lacey: & John Supple in Rebellion in severall goods _____ 2 li.__00__00
more a lease which Ihe held of the lands of GortRoe in the parish of Clancore & County of Limmerick from the right Honorable the Earle of Corke for 14 yeers: or vpward yet to Come vnexpired: the improument over & aboue the rent yeerly 30 li.: and now lost after all hismy chardges: there by this rebellion worth _____ 150 li.__00

fol. 176v

In Corne in ground vpon the land of CortRoe in the parish of Clancore: which I expect to bee lost worth _____30 li.
Depts owing mee
& of debts part whereof owing by
Imrpimis due vnto mee from william Bragge late of Balliloyny in the County of Corke husb: [ ] the sume of _____ 22 li.
more due to mee from severale more men in the parish of Askeaton: whose names I cannot remembe: by reason: I cannot come to sight of my bonds: the sume of _____40 li.__00
<G> more due to mee by like from John mc mc Patrick of Effine now in rebellion lost_____ 4 li.__00
more due to mee from Richard Gibbon now in rebellion of Kel Keiltewige in the County of Corke the sume of ____ 5 li.__00
more due to mee for the tythes out of Rahin in count of Cloyne out of the Rahin: for the last yeere the sume of 12 li. which is lost to me: only 4 li. excepted which one michell Marrey mc Swyny oweth mee the rest lost ____ 88 li.__00
Item those spirituall liuings which I he had vizd: the prebend of Effine the vicharige of Askeaton: the vicharige of Rathgongan & the vicharige of Rahin vnited to Rathgongan: worth Communbis annis____ 160li.__00
Besides divers other losses in all comeing to 868 li.
Imprimis part of the Chancele of Rathgongan which was f air ly b uilt vp: together with the Chuors : which part of the Chancele: being now burnt & ruinated together with the sayd Church by reason of Eddy Lacye of Browry Esquir & John Supple of the Craggan which will cost him mee the building againe & repayring of it_____ 10 li.
Richard Germin
Jurat coram nobis 27 May 1642
Phil: Bisse
Tho: Bettesworth

Richard Germin his Examinacion

Deponent Fullname: Richard Germin
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Clergy
Deponent County of Residence: Limerick
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Phillip Persival, Earle of Corke, Edward fiz Harris, Nicholas Carny, Ellen ny Gerald, James Reagh, Redman Barry, Robert Donwort, Lord Mount Garret, ffranncis Boodell, Davy Roch, Thomas Browne, John Supple, Eddey Lacey, william Bragge, John mc Patrick, Richard Gibbon, michell Marrey mc Swyny
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Mentioned, Mentioned, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor