Deposition of Arthur Culme

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Date: 1642-05-09
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County: Cavan
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Apostacy, Arson, Captivity, Death, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Stripping, Words, Lost By Debts
Commissioners: Henry Brereton, John Watson, William Aldrich
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 127r

[Lacunae resulting from damage to this text have been filled from copies located at MS 833, fols 133r-140v and MS 832, fols 115r-119r]


The examination of Arthur Cul{me} of Cloughvter in the County of Cavan Esq{uire} duelie sworne And examyned & being deposeth and 1642
sayth that on Saturday the 23 of October {last}betweeyn the howres of 7 And 8 A Clocke {in the} evening, one Thomas Pallatt An Inglish {man} repaired to this Deponent from Cavan towne And tould him that their weare severall Rebeles with some Scotch forces which had taken Clownis in the County ffermanagh And killed Mr Arthur Champion at {his} house at Shanocke And that Mr Edwa{rd} Alderiche with others had fled for their lives And weare at Cavan; wher Captaine Baylie was, As hee [was] prepareing to resist the rebeles And that Milmore mac Edmond Rely the then high sheri{fe} of that County with divers others in {his} Company had repaired to ffarnham Ca{stel} to Sease on sutch Armes As we{are} their to Arme men for the prosuca{cion} of the said Rebeles; As also for t{he} defence of the Cuntrye, for in {that?} Castel their was as this depon{ent} has bine Credibelie informed Com{pleat?} Armes And Armour for fortie m{en at} least it being A Castel belonginge {to} the heir of Sir Thomas Waldram wh{o} is An vndertaker in that County of Cava{n} The said Pallatt had scarcelie don{e} his relation when the high sherif{e of } that County Milmore mac Edmond Re{ly} with diveres in his Company knocked at this deponentes doore, And requir{ed} entrance, And Conferane with the said depon{ent} for the speedie advancement hee had for some service for his Maestie this deponant nothing suspecting him oppened his doores And Immediate{lie there} rushed in divers men with sk{eanes swords ? pist}oles And Pikes And to{uld this deponent that} hee must yeild {himself his Armes} And Ammunition in{to their hands: for he had}A Commission {from his Maestie}

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{to dis}arme All the British; being by mee the {deponent} demanded the {reason} of it, they said, the intention of his majestie was by their meanes to bringe into subjection the puritan faction of the parlaiment of Ingland, And that they would right the Queenes maiestie for Assparsions laide on the Royall progenie; to bould for them to speak, or without any moedestie [ ] to bee related haveing this with naked weapones at the breast of this deponant seased him, they tould him if their weare resistance made by any, that their Commission was to kill their wiues And Children before their faces {to} burne their huses; And afterwardes to kill the parties reisisting And on this they demanded the key of the Castel of Clowater which was A stronge tower scitiuate in the mydust of a Lough some muskett shott from this deponents house which this deponant refuseing to doe becavse it {h}ad the name of A forte ; without maintaynance or allowance they weare readie to have {mu}rdered this deponant vntill one Anthony Culme A kinsman {of} this deponante who then had they key of the Castel in {his} Custodye desired them to hould their handes {And} hee would deliver them the key which accordinglie {he} did; Immediatlie upon this Milmore mac Edmond Rely {the} then high sherif; And Edmond mac Milmore Rely {the sai}d sherifes father, called for A bibul; And Charged {this} deponant on perill of his life to dypose what {soever} Armes, or other Ammunition hee had in his hou{se}; vnto which I replied I would hide nothing {fr}om them, And bade them to seartch which {a}ccordinglie they did, Immediatlie they tould mee, that I {must} forthwith bee Carried to to that vninh vninhabited {and} Comfortless Castal of Clowater their to remayne {wi}th a stronge guarde till they had subduied {the} whole kingdome And their pleasures were furder {kn}owen, my The deponentes poore Afflicted wife, who was but latelie {be}fore brought delivered of A Childe, with teares did {s}olioitt their favour that I the deponent might staye in my his house till the next monringe with A safe guarde, but in that rebellious Route neither wordes noe teares {would}Availe but awaie both she And I weare Carried {that nig}ht to the Castal where I was they weare left with a stronge {guard ab}out us And one Owen Mac Turlagh Rely was {left Captaine} or Cheeife Commander of that guarde {whom for ought t}hat euer I could perceive was a most {Civill man much} troubled at them {distempers, and vnder God during his} Imprisonment wh{ich was of six moneths a contynuall preserver of his life}

fol. 128r


the Cheeife men which I the deponent marked And knew at {his} Apprehension the 23 of octob was Milmore mac Edmond Rely the high sherif And Edmund mac Milmore Rely the said < b > sherifes father; who were the onelie men that spoke the wordes afore rehearsed, their was likewise present that was Armmed And Assistantes to them John mac Phillip mac Milmore Rely of Lismore, Mr Oliver Nugent Grandsone to Mr Nugent of Ballaimagh in the Conty of Meath, Owen mac Turlagh Rely, who was left Captaine of Clowater Castal, Shane mac Oweny Sheriden of Carbratan William mac Owen Bane She{riden} And Shane mac Owen Bane Sheriden of Killekerie And one Brian Modder Rely A most desperite And wicked Bloudy villayne, whose Continvall wordes weare that hee knew noe reason that they should spare the life of any Inglish; And threatned to burne the houses of all such As should releeive any their was likewise present Patrick Roe of the parish of dine, Owen mac Edmond Rely A serv{ant} of the sheriffes also one Owen Grane mac Gu{ire} James oge o Sheriden, ffarrall mac turlag{h} Rely of the parish of dine, with divers others as neare As I could gusse to the number of 7 score or 8 score it was likewise tould mee by severall As likewise Conffessed by himself to mee that Mr Phillip mac Milmore Rely of Lismore, was at my house when I was Apprehended but As hee said Could not finde in his harte to see mee Apprehended, hee was likewise at the takeing in of Turbett And Cavan As him self, And others tould mee; but As he said Abused by the Sheriff And others who tould him they had A Commission for what they did; but he perceiving they had none hee retired home, And renounced their Actiones, And was by Phillip mac Hugh Rely And other their Cheeife Commanderes, Imprisoned in the Castel of Ballinecarge for the space of A month or more As I was Credibalie enformed, And has bine As I have [herde] severall of the Inglish decl{are} A great {releever}of them And saved {manie of} them {from perishing} at {my come}ing out {of that Country did protest never to} beare A{rmes} Against {his Soveraigne earnestlie desireinge to bee received into his Maiesties graci}ous prote{ction}

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{This} deponent furder deposes that on the 23 of october when the aforesaid Rebeles Ceased on him, that hee was then possesed {of} at least to the valew of 300 li. in househould goodes A 100 li. {in} plate, mony And jewelles, in Apparrell And linin for himself and wife 100 li., Corne in haggard and swone to the valew of at least 50 li., Cowes oxen sheeip horses And hogges to the valew of at least 200 li. buildinges defaced [Burnte] And spoyled, to the valew of two li. 500 li. but [ ] I [ ] they [ ] [ burne] which 500 li. will not repaire [ ] of Certaine Rentes due to mee vntill this present 350 li. besides the losse I shall have of them till A setelment Comes their was debtes due to mee on severall men some wherof are rebeles and others ruined And distroyed by the rebellion to the valew of 120 li. most of my goodes weare Ceased on, by Edmond mac milmore Rely, And milmore mac Edmond Rely the then high sheriff; I had taken from mee towe horses mares And a horse gelding by one donill {r}oe the sonne of patrick Roe of dine hee tould mee himse{lf hee} tooke them awaye becavse, if hee had not {oth}ers would: I was Credibelie informed that one {mil}more mac donil Rely of dine tooke An other gelding of myne awaye with him the said milmore mac donill Rely I sawe him the same daye hee stole my gelding awaye at the Castel of Clowater in Armes, And hath bine Credibalie informed since that hee is A Rebell; also one Brian mac Nicholas Sheriden had an other of my geldinges, And was And is in rebellion Owna Sheriden of Carbratan was at the seig of droedagh with the rebeles, I The deponent sawe him severall times beare Armes And was Credibalie informed that he was A provist {mar}shall Appointed by the Rebeles in the parish of {kill}more, I And he sawe Charles mac Gawran beare Armes and hee was at the Castel severall times when I was with seveall Rebeles attending him; And I hee hath bine Crediblie informed that hee the said Charles mac Gawran {Do}nil mac Gawran, Phelim mac Gawran Gilderan [mac} Gawran; And the most of that sept: are notor{ious rebeles} they live in the halfe Barrony of Tallahagh {and Countie} of Cavan I have bine likewise Credibelie {informed that} Mr James Talbot of BalleConnillin the {Countie of Ca}van is And {hath} bine A most notorious Cunning {Rebel Te}ige Brady {of Ca}van has bine A {Captain of the Rebeles and at the} seig o{f Dr}oedagh so {was Hugh boy o} Rely {And Turlogh o Rely Captaines of} the rebel{es as} afore{said}

fol. 129r

{hee this} deponent hath bine likewise Crediblie informed that Phillip mac Hugh Rely is Cheife of the Rebeles in the County of Cavan And He this hath seene Shane mac Milmore Rely of the parish of Drumlane to beare Armes And hee is A Captaine of the Rebeles in that parish I haue seen Edmond mac Dermott of the parish of Dromlane to beare Armes severall times; And beleeve hee is A rebell He hath alsoe bine Crediblie informed that Richard Ashe of Lisnemahon goes to masse; And was at the seige of Droedagh, And at most of the rebeles meeitinges within that County And at A sessiones, which the rebeles kept in the first weeke of the last lent hee with severall others bound themselves publiquelie by An othe to maintayne the Cause they had in hand for the freedome of their religion, And lik{ewise} of the Kingdome, which they desired this I was Crediblie informed I was Crediblie informed alsoe that one William Moore of Tallavin in the County of Cavan; will not goe to Masse but that hee is Conveasant with them in most of their meetinges & beares Armes And was At the seige of Droedagh I likewise knoweth milmore mac Phillip Rely of Drommore And Brian Rely his sone to be rebeles for they beare Armes And weare warderes in the Castel wher I the deponent was [ imprisoned? ] S o was And John Rely of Togher was A notorious malicious villayne; And As I the deponent was Crediblie informed And doeth verilie beleeve that most of the sept of the Relyes are Rebelles, their is Also one Alexand{er} More mac Cabe one who is An Artch rebell whom I have seen to beare Armes their is also one Henry Ashe of Cavan & Patrick Ruddin of Cavan whom I have seene to beare Armes with the Rebells And is Crediblie informed that they are rebelles The weeke before Christmas last As he was tould Edmond mac milmore Rely of Cavatt with diveres otheres did repaire to the house of docter Bedell then Bishop of Kilmore: And seised on all {his} goodes And Bookes And sent him And his 2 sonnes with one Alexander Clogen A mynister And one Richard Castledine prisonners to the Castal of Clowater wher He was with A warrantt which He sawe vnder his hands to boulte {both them and} mee all close in Irones the bishop onel{ie excepted there hee and} they remained for A month {but afterwardes they} on some C{ondicions} weare sett at {libertie and the Bishop shortelie after dyed in a ministers} house {neere the said Castel}

fol. 129v


<d 6 > I The deponent further deposeth that he was likewise Crediblie informed that Robert Nugent of Carlestowne in the County of Westmeath was A notorious Captaine of the rebelles And was at the besiegeing of Sir ffrancis Hamiltons Castel in the Conty of Cavan aboute the begining of ffeb last; from whence hee with neare 2000 more were repulsed And soundlie beaten As I was informed by divers that weare present I was alsoe Crediblie informed by those that weare present that on the 25 of Janvari last their was some theritie woemen And younge Children with seaven men flunge into the river of Belturbett And when they offered to swime for their lives they weare by the rebelles followed in Cottes And strooke in the heades with poles the same daye they hanged 2 men at Turbett I doe verily beleeve that Milmore mac Edmond Rely the then sheriff had a hand in the Comanding that murder for the daye before hee was at the Castel wher I the deponent was prisoner And sent 2 notes which I sawe him writt but did not reade the Contentes them notes hee sent by one Bryan Modder Rely; And hee the said Bryan noe sooner Came to Turbett, As I was informed by those that weare present but this abovesaid last named murther was Committed And which is remarkable the bodies of them so drowned was not seen to Appeare aboue the water till some 6 weekes after But iust As Phillip mac Hugh Rely Came into the towne of Turbett which was the first time hee Came there after the murder was Committed all the deade bodies Came floeateing vp to the bridge these parties weare all formerly staid in the towne by his protection when the rest of the Inglish went away soe as it is much to bee doubted hee had A hand in it All this flooting & rising of bodies I was Crediblie informed by those that sawe the Corpes, And some of them suspected to bee actores in the murtheres their was also one John Ogel A tanner {h}anged in his owne house becavse hee would not Coenf{ess mo}ney to the roeges; A littall aftar Christmas last [there] was one Peter Crosse And his wife both ould people {murder}ed in the County of Cavan by a Roge of {the Magaffranes the} sonne of one John ma Caffa{rane} of {the poole of Raine in the parish}of {Drumlane and Countie of Cavan}

fol. 130r

< 7 >
their was also As He was Crediblie informed sixteen scotch men, or more their aboutes murdered in their houses in the barony of Clanche, and Conty of Cavan their was also one Elliott A Scotchman murdered in the towne of Cavan, As also one Benydect Cottman all men protected by them, diueres men weomen And Children are privitlie, And pupliquelie murdered dailie amongst them, As I have bine Credibelie informed dureing my restraint amongst them their was shewed mee Artickeles Agreeyde on by Sir Phelym O Neale And his Captaines that whomsoever would not goe to masse within A fortnight should bee Imprissoned And loose all their goodes shortlie after they published an other Edict that whomsoever would not goe to masse by Easter should bee hanged this was some ten dayes before Easter On this severall preistes And fryarrs repayred to mee perswadeing mee to goe to masse And that I should have my goodes and landes, And bee perfered, And bee made As they said A fellow of the nobles I demanded whom they weare, they tould mee the Relyes, one this one Redmond ffitz Simmondes A monke Came into mee And very furiouslie inveighed Against Kinge Henry the 8, And Calvin And Luther And said their damned herisies which they had broached togeather with the puritan faction of the parlament of Ingland, had sett all Christendome on fire but that the pope the Emperor, the French king, the kinge of Spaine and other Catholique prynces would joyne, And roote out all the protestantes in Europe And that they expected dailie Aide {f}rom them, And that their was A french Army landed {at} dover And scotch Army to assist them at {ne}w Castel, And that all the papistes in Ingland weare {in} Armes And that the protestantes would joyne {wi}th the papistes against the puritanes And that what {they} did was by the kinges speciall Command whose {prerogative} they would mayntayne; And that short{lie the Kinge} would come in person to assist them {wit}h this and the like speeches and vaine relations did {not onelie h}ee but many more feyde the poore {people and assureinge mee} of vic{tor}ies

fol. 130v

fol. 131r


haveing noe other meanes
sometimes also assureing them that their is one of the ONeales ritchlie married in Turkie; And is become Turke, to him they sayd they had Sent for Aide; And did dailie exspect it; many of them saying how they are were deluded, would fayne rune from them, if they might bee received into mercy the miseries which I the deponent hath suffered are many haveing lost all that I had, my Children taken from mee And one of them deade; being by the villaynes stript; the rest sent to Irish Cottes liveing on the Almes of Irish Bagares, And 2 of them still amongst them, my wife And eldest boye whoe with mutch A doe I kept with mee; still threatd to be turned to the mercy of those merciless traitores; my self Continvallie threatned with severall deathis As hanging stabeing And some times to bee knocked in the heade with strones from An vpper lofte when I was A sleeipe for feare I should resiste them never being suffered all {the} while I was their to goe of the Iland wher the Castel stoode their being not 4 yardes of grounde about it & most times locked Close in my his Chamber And they many times boulted both my his leges And so I he laye night And daye; but I praised be god for it hee had favor in the eies of the Captaine of the Castel who many times Contraye to the Commande of the sheriff whose prisoner I he was eased mee of my boultes And did hime many other favours for which I He prayed god to requite him In this Case I the deponent Continued 6 monthes till by the providence of god and favour of my Lord Moore I He was with his wife And eldist boye exchanged to droedagh for other prisoners, aboute the 23 of Aprill sutch protestantes As Hee w{as} Crediblie informed that went to masse {weare Thomas} Brady A mynister James Nugent A {mynister Cochonaght Sherid}en A scholemaster Richard {Ashe Henry Ashe John} And Nicholas Smith John lock{inton John Gwin} Ringan Elliott And {divers others}

fol. 131v

And saith that for the said debtes aforesaid to him owing parte of them were due on James ffitzger{ald} As I have harde in rebellion Thomas Smythe allys Gowen of Carrigeheshill Glasnie Rely all As He hath harde to be in rebellion, Milmore mac Hugh Rely the Brother of Phillip mac Hugh Rely tould mee the deponent that hee And his said Brother Phillip mac Hugh weare present when the Inglish men weare killed neare the bridge of Gillinstowne I have bine Credibelie informed that Henry Beatagh the sonne of James of Beatagh of New Castel was A Captaine of the Rebeles I also sawe one Captaine JeniCo Rotchforde, And Captaine Thomas Plunkett in Meath with Armes whom I was Informed weare Captaines of the Rebeles also He had in his Company one Michale Smyth of portshanmone in the Conty of Meath who ride in Armes And Acknowledged hee was one that did live for the most parte with Phillip mac Hugh Rely
Arth Culme
Jurat May 9th 1642 coram nobis
Joh Watson
Hen: Brereton
William Aldrich
And this deponent furder sayes that parte of the debtes aboue mencioned are due by Milmore mac Edmond Rely of Cavett, And parte due by Richard Balfe of Edenburte And Oliver Plunkett of Croskeile; all As hee had harde in rebellion And furder this deponant sayes that the rebeles had in their Custodyes taken from him Evidences <of the deponant> from him of 12 tates And A quarter of land which this deponant purchased of Mr Thomas Burnett which land lies in the Barony of Trough And Conty of Monnehan And Cost this deponant 800 li. also A lease of 35 tates of land which this deponent houldes from the bishop of Clogher in the Conty of Monnehan for which lease {th}is deponant refused severall times 1000 li. also {a} lease of 40 poles of landes which this deponant houldes from the bishop of Kilmore with severall other Convay< ances , And evidences which Concerned this Deponantes > also the [ ] {estate the} value of which landes this de{pon}ant {ca}n<not Certainlie incerte>
{Jur vt supra} {Joh}Watson William {Aldrich} Hen: {Bre}reton <Arth Culme>

fol. 132r


[Other text relates to

fol. 131v

and appears in the relevant point in the deposition]

of this deponantes
ances, And evidences which Concerned this Deponantes
not Certainlie incerte

Arth Culme

fol. 132v

Arthure Culme jur {hand}
May the 9th 1642
Cert fact


[Waring copy at MS 832, fols 115r-119r, another copy at MS 833, fols 133r-140v]

Deponent Fullname: Arthur Cul{me}
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Esquire
Deponent County of Residence: Cavan
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Thomas Pallatt, Arthur Champion, Edwa{rd} Alderiche, Captaine Baylie, Thomas Waldram, Edmond Rely, Milmore mac Edmond Re{ly}, the Queene, Anthony Culme, Owen Mac Turlagh Rely, Edmund mac Milmore Rely, John mac Phillip mac Milmore Rely, Oliver Nugent, Owen mac Turlagh Rely, Shane mac Oweny Sheriden, William mac Owen Bane She{riden}, Shane mac Owen Bane Sheriden, Brian Modder Rely, Patrick Roe, Owen mac Edmond Rely, Owen Grane mac Gu{ire}, James oge o Sheriden, ffarrall mac turlag{h} Rely, Phillip mac Milmore Rely, Phillip mac Hugh Rely, Mr Nugent, {mil}more mac donil Rely, Brian mac Nicholas Sheriden, Owna Sheriden, Charles mac Gawran, Phelim mac Gawran Gilderan [mac} Gawran, James Talbot, Teige Brady, Donil mac Gawran, Hugh boy o Rely, Turlogh o Rely, Phillip mac Hugh Rely, Shane mac Milmore Rely, Edmond mac Dermott, Richard Ashe, William Moore, Brian Rely, John Rely, the Relyes, Alexander More mac Cabe, Henry Ashe, Patrick Ruddin, docter Bedell, Alexander Clogen, Richard Castledine, Robert Nugent, Bryan Modder Rely, the Magaffranes, John Ogel, Peter Crosse, ffrancis Hamiltons, John mcCaffarane, * Elliott, Benydect Cottman, Phelym O Neale, Redmond ffitzSimmondes, King Henry, * Calvin, * Luther, the pope, the Emperor, French king, kinge of Spaine, the kinge, * ONeales, Thomas Brady, James Nugent, Cochonaght Sheriden, Richard Ashe, Henry Ashe, John *, John Lockinton, John Gwin, Ringan Elliott, Nicholas Smith, James ffitzgerald, Thomas Smyth, Glasnie Rely, Henry Beatagh, JeniCo Rotchforde, Thomas Plunckett, Michale Smyth, James Beatagh, Richard Balfe, Oliver Plunkett, Thomas Burnett, bishop of Clogher
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Witness, Victim, Victim, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Rebel, Mentioned, Mentioned, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim, Victim, Victim, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim, Victim, Victim, Mentioned, Victim, Victim, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Apostate, Apostate, Apostate, Apostate, Apostate, Apostate, Apostate, Apostate, Apostate, Apostate, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned, Debtor, Debtor, Mentioned, Mentioned