Deposition of Henry Baxter

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Date: 1643-06-21
Identifier: 833217r158


1641 Deposition Item Type Metadata

County: Cavan
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Multiple Killing, Robbery, Words, Lost By Debts
Commissioners: John Watson, William Aldrich
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 217r

Henry Baxter of the county of Cauan, in Barrony of Talloknoho, gent sworne & examined deposeth & saith that at the beegining of this rebellion, hee was deprived robed and dispoiled of his goods & Chattels & me a n e s by the rebles of the said County, as followeth of the value and to his losse of 760 li. ster by the Rebells of the said County li.
Inprimis of 30 mil t ch Cowes worth --- ------------------------ 75 -0-0
Item 40 beeres --------------------------------------------------- 70-0-0
Item twelue 3 yeare oulds -------------------------------------- 24-0-0
Item 16 2 yeare oulds ------------------------------------------ - 22
Item 3 English bulls worth ------------------------------------- 6-0-0
Item 20 horses & mai e rs worth -------------------------------- 60-0-0
Item 50 sheepe --------------------------------------------------- 18
Item brasse, peuter & linning --- ------------------------------- 30-0-
Item Corne in the hadgyard ------------------------------------ 80-0-0
Leas worth -------------------------------------------------------- 30-00-00
<presente Losse: 760 li.__0: 3 d.
future losse 20 li. per annum>
Muneys due from such as ar in rebellion 415
Brian dorrgh mc Kernan
late of Cartecorick Com ffermanagh gent 4 li.-0-0 3 {45} __ 3
Turlagh o Rely of
Tomasah Barrony of loghteile Com Cavan gend 1-0-3
760 __ 00 __ 3
Owing by them that are robbed & for the presente disabled to mak satisfaccion
300 li. __ 00 __ 00
freehold land worth20 li. per annum whereof 2 yeres proffit is already lost amounting to 40 li.
And hee is like to be depriued of loose the future proffits thereof of his fre e hold land worth 20 li. per annum vntill a peace be established And This deponent further
<b> [ It ] sayth That Knogher mc ffarrell oge o Rely of Tomragin in the Barrony of Talloghknohoe gentleman Phillip mc ffarrell oge his brother Laughlin Mc Enrow of BallymacEnrow yeoman all of the County of Cavan Hugh Brady of kildallon in the same
<Jurat 21 Junij J:W: W:Ald:>

fol. 217v

County gentleman Turlogh Maergagh ô Rely of Tomasin of the <a> Barrony of Loughty & parrish of Lowghty gent were the Rebells that soe robbed and dispoyled him of his goods And further saith: that he this deponent for safftie of his liffe fled to the Castle of Croghan belonging to Sir James Craige knight where hee stayd. for abo u t seven months together & att Length was deliuered vpon quarter, dureing which time and often since this deponent hath heard he it comonly reported & confidently affirmed by divers people especially the Rebellious souldjers & others of that towne that there were such strang visions and apparitions comonly seen which made great roreings like as of a bull on the water of Balturbett & noice on the water of Belturbett <and some [ ] of these> <A yere> after the English were drowned there sometimes the dead corp ses or apparitions therof long after theyr drowneing appeared on the water and that besides those visions strang sowndes & often a strong noise was heard there as it were of the waters suddaine riseing & clapping together and much scriching & howleing in the night and strange lights seene in the castle & divers voics heard as it were s inging of Psalmes Which soe often and soe much affrighted the Rebel souldjers and watchmen at the bridge of Belturbett aforesaid: That they were faine to fly away from thence to parts a farr of Not dareing at all to stay nere the place as this deponent hath often heard from severall of the Rebell souldjers [ for ] there watcheing [ afrighted] who confessed it gods doeing for theyr dr{ow}ning of the English then And the deponent hath heard it alsoe credibly reported by Rebells and others liveing in and neare the Towne of Beltrubet and verily beleeveth that since the protestants were soe drowned at Belturbett there noe fish at all could be caught or seene nere that place where as formerly <b> there had beene a great plentie: And saith that at Length the grand Rebells Phillip o Rely Edmund o Rely and Richard Ashe & Mullmore ô Rely gaue this deponent and about 130 more protestants a passe in his Maiesties name to passe goe to Trim: But when they vsed his Maiesties vse name whether they ment his Maiesty of England or a king of their owne makeing, he cannott tell: And saith that the said Phillip ô Rely is by the Rebells constituted President of the Counties of Cavan & Province of Vlster & taketh vpon him that Comand: & to bee is alsoe cheefe of the Rebells counsell

fol. 218r

Counsill there: And the Rebells at Belturbett have amongst and of themselues named & made new free burgesses & a provost <a> by name one Owen Brady: & given and allotted vnto them Burgesse acres: formerly possessed by and belonging to protestants
<Mr W: Mr Ald:>
Henry Baxter
Jur 21o Junij 1643
Joh Watson: Will: Aldrich


kings name

fol. 218v

Cavan hand
Henry Baxter Jur June
21o 1643
Int w

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Deponent Fullname: Henry Baxter
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Gentleman
Deponent County of Residence: Cavan
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Brian dorrgh mc Kernan, Turlagh o Rely, Knogher mc ffarrell oge o Rely, Phillip mc ffarrell oge o Rely, Laughlin Mc Enrow, Hugh Brady, Turlogh Maergagh , Phillip o Rely, Edmund o Rely, Richard Ashe, Mullmore , Owen Brady, James Craige
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Debtor, Debtor, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim