Deposition of Sir Hardress Waller

Collection: Bysse Depositions

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1642-05-21
Identifier: 829284r188


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County: Clare & Limerick
Deposition Type: Bysse
Nature of Deposition: Robbery, Lost By Debts
Commissioners: Nicholas Bagbere, Philip Bisse, Richard French
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 284r

Sir Hardres Waller of Castletowne in the County of Limerick knight Tho: Barry gent William Pope Richard Mason & Tho: Miller depose that severally & respectively
The perticulars of the losses & suffrings of Sir Hards Waller knight together with the circumstances requisite according to the tenour of the Examinacion
<That> The Castle and Mannor howse of Castletowne, being in the parish of Killcornan, Barony of Kenry and County of Lymericke:
<the> The first day of January 1641 or thereabouts was first robbed, in parte.
The Last of January 1641 or thereabouts robbed the second tyme.
May the 4th 1642 the aforesayd Castle being 6 weekes intrenched and beseidged for want of water was yeilded:
the first of January aforesayd were droue from the lands of Ballymartin parte of the lands of Castletowne, the number of 200: choyce, breeding Ewes, by one James Roe Purcell of Killmurreene servant to Patrick Purcell of Ballycullane, in the parish of Kildeamo Barony of Kenry & County of Lymericke Esquire & others valued at ______ 100 li.
the last day of January aforesayd were droue from Ballymartin, Ballyeeshell, Bally George & the Meage, being seuerall parcells and diuissions, of the lands of Castletowne 780ty choyce breeding Ewes & 50ty choice riding Rams, 20 horses, 100 Cowes, milch & drie, 60 heifers and steeres, by Thomas Purcell Garrott fiz James Purcell <of Rhoomoylin in the parish of Ard Kanny in the County of Lymrick>, and diuers others of the servants & Tennants of the said Patrick Purcell val whome names he knoweth not ______ 980 li.

fol. 284v

<ii> The 4th of May aforesayd, the sayd Castle being beseidged soe longe as is formerly sett <B> downe, being not longer able to endure, was taken, before which, was during the seidge & at that present, and entred there into the sayd Patricke Purcell, as principall actor, Garrald fiz Garrald of Ballygleaghane, in the parish of Kilcornan, Barony of Kenry and County of Lymericke gent: Thomas fiz Garrald of Ballmamona in the sayd parish Bar: & County gent, Thomas oge fiz Garrald of Mornane in the sayd parish, Bar: and County gent: Dauid fizt Garrald of Dromehir in the sayd parish, Bar: & County gent: Dauid fiz Garrald of Ballycahan in the sayd parish, Bar: & County gent Garrott oge Garrald of Ballino in the said parish, Bar, & County gent: Phillip fiz Garrald of Dromherbegge in the said parish Bar: and County gent: Garrott fiz Morris Garrald of Ballynobig in the said parish, Barony and County gent: James fiz Garrald of Pallice in the parish of Chapple [ ] Isle Bar: & County aforesaid gent: Patr: Purcell of Ballinacarrigge in the parish of Ardkanny, Bar: & County aforesayd gent: William fiz John Garrald of Ballincarra in the sayd parish, Bar: and County gent: Mawrice fiz Garrald of the same towne, parish, Bar: & County gent: Mawrice fiz Garrald of Mullane in the sayd parish, Barony & County gent: Edmond fiz Garrald Edmond oge fiz Garrald & Edmond fiz John Garrald all of Killashooragh in the sayd parish, Bar: & County gent:

fol. 285r

<hand> Thomas fiz Garrald of Drominebrocke in the sayd parish, Bar: & Countye gent: Thomas Garrald of Byolane in the parish of Kildeamoe, <C> Bar: and County aforesayd gent: Dauid mc Phillip Garrald of Kildeamoe in the sayd parish Bar: and County gent: Tyrlaugh Kenneydy of Ballyoshea in the sayd parish, Bar: & County gent: John oge Mahowny of Cragganacree in the sayd parish, Bar: and County gent: Murraugh Mahowny of Ballyvoodane, in the sayd parish, Bar: and County gent: Edmond Russell of Ballynacurrah in the said parish, Bar: and County gent: Phillip fiz Garrald of Ballyroone in the sayd parish, Bar: and County gent: Thomas oge fiz Garrald of the same towne, parish, Bar: and County gent: Edmond fiz Tho: Garrald of Caherinena, in the said: parish, Bar: and County gent: John fiz Theobald Garrald of Ballyogasey in the sayd parish Bar: and County gent: Garralt fiz Theobald Garrald of Courtin Reynod, in the sayd parish, Barony & County gent: Garralt fiz James Garrald, of the same towne, parish, Bar: & County gent: James oge Garrald of the same towne, parish, Bar: & County gent: Garrott Purcell fiz Edmond of Curry in the parish of Adare, Bar: of Kenry, & County of Lymericke gent: John fiz Edmond Garrald of Currah bridge in the sayd parish Bar: and County gent: Mathewe Mahowny of Twoh, in the sayd parrish, Bar: & County gent: Thomas Dondon of Ballysteene, in the parish of Askeaton, Bar & County aforesaid gent: Myles Dowell of Milltowne in the the sayd parish, Bar: and County gent: Garrott fiz Thomas Garrald & Dauid fiz Garrot Garrald both of Ballynacourtey in the sayd parish bar & County gent: John fiz Garrald of Glin, in the parish of Glin, Barony of Connillo and County aforesayd gent with diuers and [ ] others of yongue gent: theyre servants Tennants & followers to the number of 400 or thereabouts and from thence & other places droue at that tyme or there kept them vpon the sayd land which they clayme as theyre owneli.
20 saddle horses val: ______100__00__00
40 large English oxen for drauft val: ______120__00__00
100 Ewes more kept till that tyme val:______050__00__00
A stud consisting of 20 mares and Coults: _____100__00__00
Jurat per Thomas Barrie do Castletowne
gent Coram nobis 21o May 1642

fol. 285v

<stet Tho Miller> besides implements of husbandry corne hay howshold goodes apparell beddinge furniture leases & other thinges merchandize & other goodes & debts & spoiled his howses to his losse of 6263 li. in that Countie and elswhere
Implements of husbandry of all sorts after the manner of England as w e a ynes, Carts, & carriages of all sorts bound with yron & chaynes both for plowes and Cartes, sythes, spades , shouells, pickaxes, mattockes turfe spades, sawes, beetles , wedges, sledges, Croes of yron and all other ymplements belonging to husbandry; val at_____ 32 li.
In the house
<hand> In the Garner or corne l of t, of wheate 30: bar: val at _____30 li.
In the same place of barly 10: bar: val: at_____07
In the same place, of malt e 17 bar: val: at _____08__10 s.
In the same place, of oates 60 bar: val: at _____ 18:
<102 li.__18 s.__00 d.>
In the same place, of beanes 6: bar val: at _____04 16
In the same place, of white pease 6: bar: val: at _____06 li.
In the haggard, of wheate, about 16 bar: val: at _____16 li.
<Thomas Barrie [ ]>
In the same place of barley about 18 bar: val: at _____12 li.__12
<Thomas miller>
Wheate in ground xxty English acres, val: at _____50 li.
<symbol> Barly in ground vj English acres, val: at_____18
Pease in ground vj English acres, val: at_____12
<symbol Tho: Barie> Oates in ground 204 English acres or therabouts val: at _____30
which he conceaueth to be lost to the value
ch in tot: of_____ 110 li
<symbol Thomas miller> one greate reeke of hay in the haggard val a t _____07
& on at the oxe howse, val at_____06
one at Ronmoylin val at _____07
one in fishers meadowe, val at _____06
one in the Lane by the calues close val: at_____04
& the loft ouer the oxe howse full of hay, val at _____05
which hee conceiueth is all lost to the value in tot of ______ 36
proui ssion in fyring, w ood, & turfe to the value of _____30

fol. 286r

<hand Thomas Barrie> One truncke of wearing cloathes val: 100li.__00__00
Howsehould lynnen, as sheetes, pillowe beers, table cloathes, napkins & towells to the value of _____005__00__00
Hangings for a large dyning roome and two chambers of tapistrie a n d diuers other hangings , and curtaynes for windowes; valued at ______ 100__00__00
Eleuen Doun e and feather beds six flocke beds with boulsters, pillowes blancketts, Ruggs & Caddoes to the sayd beds valued at _____080__00__00
Canapies & vallins for 2 beds of cloath of tissue, valued at ____015__00__00
Curtaynes and vallians for 6 beds of cloath and stuffe val at _____015__00__00
one couch, one great chayre & two stooles of cloath of tissue, val at ____06__0__0
one couch one great chayre & two stooles of damaske, val at ____4__0__0
one doozen of turkie worke chayres valued at _____26__0__0
one doozen of turkie worke cushions valued at _____3__0__0
halfe a doozen of very rich cusshions valued at _____6__0__0
halfe a doozen cushions of sattin richly ymbroydered val at ____8__0__0

fol. 286v

Curtaynes, vallins, counterpane, Carpet cupboard cloath, couch, chayre & stooles, contayning 20 yards of broade cloth, trimd with silke lace & frindge, val at _____16__00__00
Six stooles of greene broade cloath very richly ymbroydered, with a large carpett & cupboard cloath ymbroydered as aforesaid val at ______16__00__00
Three large cloath carpetts and one doozen of chayres of the same cloath & 3 cubboards cloathes of the same contayning 16 yards o f broade cloath val at ______05__10__00
one large Couch with bed and boulsters of sticht taffata, or such like stuffe val: ____05__00__00
Two very rich turkey Carpetts val: at _____10__00__00
Two doozen of pewter dishes and one payre of greate pewter flagons; one doosen pewter dishes of a smaller size, and 2 pewter flagons more of a lesser size val_____007__00__00
Candlestickes, Cham b er potts, stills and such like thinges of pewter and brasse val at_____ 005__00__00
fower copper vessells for brewing washing & such like vse val: at _____26 __00__00
fower great brasse pans and some small brasse kettles val: at ____08__00__00
fower yron potts, valued at _______02__00__00
2 payre of great rackes, yron grates for 5 chymneys with tongs and fire shouells to each of them val ______08__00__00
an yron grate & doore for a brewing furnace _____01__00__00

fol. 287r

li. s. d.
A greate yron Jacke (being hard to bee gott in this kingdome) cost _____ 3__0__0
A clocke (brought out of England) cost 6__0__0
In white e arthen ware of all sorts, as bottles, bason s, Ewe r s, Candlestickes, cups chamberpotts, and the like, val: at _____10__0__0
A barrell and a box (lately brought out of England) of venice glasses val at_____05__0__0
<William Pope of Castletowne> A doozen doozen of eart h en bottles of all sorts for the Cellar val at _____3__12__0
<hand Tho Barrie> One great chest of Bookes val: at______60__00__00
a rich ymbroyders sumpter cloath val: at _____05__00__00
Cowpery ware of all sorts, for the Cellar, dayry, wash howse & Brewhowse & malt howse, val at _____12__00__00
Tables, Cupboards, fformes, stooles, Bedste ads, Chests, Bins, trunckes, pr es ses, and such like things belon ging to the seuerall Roomes of the howses, val at _____100__00__00
One payre of great bos s ed
brb and yrons of brasse & 2 payre of yron bost with brasse, val at _____ 010__00__00
Three payre of playne yron Andyrons & halfe a doozen spitts & 4 greate dripping pans val at _____3__0__0
Halfe a hundred waight of Cotton wooll & halfe a hundred waight of lynnen yarne val at_____5__10__00
fower cases of bottles, many gally potts, glasse bottles and such like necessary furniture for a Clossett val: at _____5__0__0

fol. 287v

li. s. d.
Sixteene hogsheads of Beefe val : at 2 li. per hogshead _____32__00__00
500 waight of tryed tallowe val : at _____08__00__00
fifty salted hydes of seuerall sortes val at _____20__00__00
six hogsheads of salte, cost 14 s. each hogshead_____04__04__00
One barrell of marking pitch & one bar of tar_____03__00__00
A boate with maste, sayle, Cable, ancker, & netts & lynes for fishinge val at____06__00__00
200: waight of stone pitch val at_____01__04__00
100: bar: of seacoale prouided to burne lyme for building, which was stole and carryed away both by day and night to P atr Purcells of Ballycullane aforesayd val at _____06__12 s.__04
In building aboute the castle, Towne & lands of Castletowne being his inheritance contayning 10 plowland & halfe & at t he ffahy 32: good stone howses val: at _____605__00__00
A fayre large stable one story high built of lyme & stone with fayre timber worke and all necessaryes there to val at _____100__00__00
Building & repayring the Castle & Barbic an cost about_____300__00__00
A greate pile of tymber of all sorts to build vp the walls of a great hall there of 110 foote longe 30: foot broad val at_____300__00__00
Board rayles mountaynes & pannells of seasoned tymber for floores and wainscott for the sayd building val at ______200__00__00
[ ] 71 0__00__00
A pidgeon howse well stored with plenty of pidgeons 20__00__00
debts due from seuerall men the sume of[ ] 884 __10__00 0 0 20: Musquetts fowling pieces & Calliuers with a harquebush val020__00__00
Howses built at Ballymartin cost
[ ] aboue _____100 li. __00__00
An Oxe howse and Carte howse cost at the least 100__00__00
A Barne, a turfe howse a wash howse, a brewhowse a garden howse & 2 kennills cost the buildinge aboue _____100__00__00
Two barnes & one howse att ffaha _____050__00__00

fol. 288r

Of Roches & Bunches hou se s with 18: other stone howses on the Lands of Castletowne val _____155 li. __00__00
6 stone howses built on the Lands of Behagh and the couering of the Castle there val at ______050__00__00
a little Castle and all vsefull howses of office at the Clogh: 100__00__00
a fayre stone howse 2 storyes high built at Lysmuckie_____140__00__00
a fayre stone howse & other out buildings at Ballinegould _____100__00__00
Howses built on the lands of Kilbride _____060__00__00
Howses built on the lands of Ballylongfoarde_____040__00__00
building on the lands of Arloman & Ballyheytricke _____040__00__00
theire buildings amount to 685 li.
for planting trees ditching and quicke settinge leuelling of an orch y ard and garden and about the lands of Castle towne the some of _____500__00__0
this accounted with the rest amounts in all to: 6263 li.
7157 li.__00 s.__00
<Tho Barere & Richerd Mason hand> Lands held in fee simple of which hee is bereaued worth ere the begining of this Rebellion , per annum _____0800 li.

fol. 288v

Losses at the farme of Grenan
Comitat Typerary

<symbol Sir Hards waller> Weathers to the value of ______250 li.
Rams to the value of _____100
<symbol Thomas Miller> Corne drye and greene in haggard & house ____ 100
Corne in ground____30
seuerall great rickes of hay____050
<symbol Sir Hards waller> for building and howsehould stuffe there____100
Boards, shingles & tymber _____040

<symbol Thomas Muller> Way nes, Carts and tooles for husbandry ____020
<symbol Sir Hards waller> vdder Cattle to the value of ______050
0700 Ewes in Bossners charge _____280
1200 younge sheepe in Tomsons charge at Curraughphera & on the newe farme val _____ 360
1680 li.
Leases in the County of Typerary for aboue thirty yeares to come (which I account wholy lost by reason they are not to be held theise many yeares at the rent
payed [ reserved ] ) Co mibg Annis 400 li. [ ] 00 li. per annum ouer & aboue the rent payed which which I value at 3[ ]0 li. 3500 li. lost ____ 400 li. 3500 li.
for ditching, planting & draininge at Grenan in the County of Typerarie _____300 li.
tot: [ ] li. 11443 li.

fol. 289r


debts due to Sir Hards waller of the seuerall parties herevnder mentioned amounting to 880__10 s.__0
<symbol Sir Hards waller> debts which hee esteemed good before this present rebellion and nowe become desperate by reason they are due from theise following impouerished protestants viztli. s. d.
from Andrewe Coll man o f Ballinegould in the County of Lymerick: & Bar of Conillo merchant
from William Dampier, nowe in England220__00__00
from Gregory Bland of Clogh Richard Bland & Thomas Blackebeach of Beah & others
from John Southwe ll of Castle Matresse in the sayd County Esquire_____ 14__10__00
[ ]
Such as are due from such as are, or reputed to bee in Rebellion and thereby become desperate
<Sir Hards waller symbol> from Mawrice Casy of Rathcannan in the County of Lymericke gent _____40__00__00
<Richard Mason> from John Keatoo of the Citty of Lymeric weauer ____27__00__00
from Dermod Harny of Arloman in the sayd County yeoman ______07__00__00
<Sir Hards waller> from Thomas Dondon of Ballysteene in the sayd County gent 17__00__00
A mortgadge vppon the lands of one Edmond Boorke in the County of Typerary gent ______ 60__00__00
<Richard Mason> from Richard Stephenson of Donmoylin, late high Shirriffe of the County of Lymericke which hee collected or was to collect from the Countrey _____50__0__0
<Sir Hards waller> from Moylemurry mc Dowell of Milltowne in the said County gent _____2__0__0
203 li.

fol. 289v

fol. 290r

Soe that
The totall of all the particulers with the debts amount to _____11443 li.
besides the 800 li. being the yerely value or rent the valuation of one yeerely rent of his freeholde estate which is not put into the sayd totall some which h e leaueth to future Consideration
Hards Waller
Tho: Barrye
William Pope
Richard Mason
The marke of
thomas [mark] Miller
Jurati [fuerant] Coram nobis
21o May 1642
Ni: Philpot
Phil: Bisse
Richard ffrench

fol. 290v


Deponent Fullname: Hardres Waller, Tho: Barry, William Pope, Richard Mason, Tho: Miller
Deponent Gender: Male, Male, Neutral, Neutral, Neutral
Deponent Occupation: Knight, Gentleman,
Deponent County of Residence: Limerick,
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: James Roe Purcell, Patrick Purcell, Thomas Purcell, Garrott fiz James Purcell, Garrald fiz Garrald, Thomas fiz Garrald, Thomas oge fiz Garrald, Dauid fizt Garrald, Dauid fiz Garrald, Garrott oge Garrald, Phillip fiz Garrald, Garrott fiz Morris Garrald, James fiz Garrald, Patr: Purcell, William fiz John Garrald, Mawrice fiz Garrald, Mawrice fiz Garrald, Edmond fiz Garrald, Edmond oge fiz Garrald, Edmond fiz John Garrald, Thomas fiz Garrald, Thomas Garrald, Dauid mc Phillip Garrald, Tyrlaugh Kenneydy, John oge Mahowny, Murraugh Mahowny, Edmond Russell, Phillip fiz Garrald, Thomas oge fiz Garrald, Edmond fiz Tho: Garrald, John fiz Theobald Garrald, Garralt fiz Theobald Garrald, Garralt fiz James Garrald, James oge Garrald, Garrott Purcell fiz Edmond, John fiz Edmond Garrald, Mathewe Mahowny, Thomas Dondon, Myles Dowell, Garrott fiz Thomas Garrald, Dauid fiz Garrot Garrald, John fiz Garrald, * Bossner, * Tomson, Andrewe Collman, William Dampier, Gregory Bland, Richard Bland, Thomas Blackebeach, John Southwell, Mawrice Casy, John Keatoo, Dermod Harny, Richard Stephenson, Moylemurry mc Dowell
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned, Mentioned, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor