Deposition of John Simpson

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Date: 1642-05-16
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1641 Deposition Item Type Metadata

County: Fermanagh
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Arson, Captivity, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Succour
Commissioners: William Aldrich, William Hitchcock
Deposition Transcription:

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John Simpson the son of Tho: Simpson late of Clonelte in the parish of Drumully halfe barronie of Coolle & County of ffermanagh gent sworne & examined saith that he and ffranciss Simpson his brother to the said John, & son to the said Thomas all being English protestants and dwelling all together with the said Thomas Simpson with & his wife, being very old They the said Tho & his wife they repaired into England & the said ffranciss his being pressed a soldier vnder the Comaund of Captaine Aldridge, wente to Tredath with the six hundreth sould j ers wheare he was slaine, so heare remaineth the said John Simpson But the deponent himself with tow of his sisters and is now in Dublin and one other sister that is in restraint amongst the rebells Now But this deponentt being duely sworne deposeth that his said father in the begining of the Rebellion presente was robbed & lost in Cattle worth ten pounds in Corne worth nine pounds in household goods & other prouision worth fiue pounds in debts thirty fiue pounds whearof seaven pounds was due from one < a > Robert mc donell and one Teag mc dermot of the ffeugh in the same parish & County who are both in actuall rebellion: and six pounds was due from one Hugh mc Patrick mc Hugh mc donell of Clownistin in the County of Monaghan freeholder whoe is likewise an acter in the same rebellion in all amounteing to fiftie ffoure pounds ster he likewise this deponent deposeth that his said brother ffrancis abo ut the same tyme was robbed of & lost in a lease worth twenty six pounds in Cattle worth [ ] twenty six pounds, Corne in the haggyard & hay worth thirtenn pounds Corne sowen worth twenty pounds in debts twelue pounds ten shill in house hold goods & other provision fiue pounds ten shill in all amounteinge to one hundreth pounds ster; likewise this deponent deposeth that he himselfe was their alsoe robbed & lost in a lease worth twenty six pounds in Cattle worth twenty foure pounds in Corne in the haggyard & hay worth eight pounds Corne groweing worth twenty pounds in household goods & other provision worth six pounds in debts eighteene pounds in all amounteinge whereof fiue pounds was due from one Shane mc Collo mc Donell [Mayhen] < b > of Clunfadda in the County of Monaghan freeholder who is in rebellion & foure pounds from one Ambrose Carlton whoe is rebellion in all amounteing to an hundreth & twlue pounds ster By reason of by the meanes of the said Shane mc Collo mc donell [ ] Hugh mc Patrick mc Hugh mc donell Collo mc Owin mc Collo mc donnell all of the County of Monaghan in the parish of Dartry with their partakers to the number of twenty or more, who weare in rebellion and did goe with one Captaine Rory Magwire of hassetes towne in the barronye of Lurge and County Of ffarmanagh and donohow Magwire Esquire vncle to the Lord Magwire with diuers others being in rebellion as this deponent doth verrely beleeve to the number of three hundred against Eniskillin to take it, And this deponent goeing to the forenamed Ambrose Carlton being whoe is a Scotchman who & married with Sir Nicholas Whites sister, to seekeing for some succor, and this deponent being continued ther with them some fiue monethes, dureing all which that tyme the said Ambrose did entertaine the said Captaine Rory otherwise Corranell Rory Magwire and all his Company with meat and drinke so that they

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they the said Ambrose & his family weare fearefull of being killed or of wanting prouision themselues and heareinge they weare quiet in the pale they desired Brian mc Cohonate Magwire to be a meanes to helpe them to a Conuey to bring them to Sir Nicholas Whites where her lande was & whereupon the said Brian did come with his Companye came with the said Ambrose Carlton & with foure English & foure Scotch men and come within a mile of Cluney and leaveing foure of his men ther with them, the Lord of Killeene and the Lord of Dunsan{y} his eldest sonne tooke them all prisoners and disarmed the said Brian Magwires men and told them, that they should all be hanged and Carried them to Dewleeke where they intended to hange them, but the said Brian thinking his men staid longe sent his footman to looke for his men, who found them reddy to be put to death and returnd speedyly to his Maister and told him of their danger, who came verry speedyly and releeued them and made some of them passes to goe to Dublin, notwithstandeing they went not far before they weare put to death all but this deponent and one more, whoe did repaire to our army when they went first to Athey and so came to the Nasse from thence to the citty and is now to go to Dundalke under Captaine Dunbar And further this deponent saith that Brian mc Cohonate Magwire was verry fauourable to the English and Captaine Atkisson & his wife being prisioners with the rebells, he the said Brian Magwire did set them at libertye and brought them to Eniskillin, And further sayth That the Rebells tould him this deponent That in the Castle of Lisgoole < x > in the County of ffermanagh there were burned seven score and twelue men weomen and childrem, which they [thus?] effected vizt by loadinge seuerall Cartes with Straw, and placinge the same close round about the castle as high as they could, which beinge sett on fire smothered and burned all the parties aforesaid, (which fyre this deponent sawe a farre of
Jurat 16to May 1642
William Aldrich
William Hitchcocke

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fol. 227v

[Symbol] Com ffermanagh
John Sympson Jurat
xvj to May 1642
Cert Hand w
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Deponent Fullname: John Simpson
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent County of Residence: Fermanagh
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Thomas Simpson, ffranciss Simpson, Robert mc donell, Teag mc dermot, Hugh mc Patrick mc Hugh mc donell, Shane mc Collo mc Donell, Ambrose Carlton, Collo mc Owin mc Collo mc donnell, Rory Magwire, donohow Magwire, Lord Magwire, Brian mc Cohonate Magwire, Nicholas White, Lord Killeene, Lord Dunsany
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Victim, Victim, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Succour, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned