Deposition of Christian Stanhawe and Owen Frankland

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Date: 1642-07-23
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County: Armagh
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Apostacy, Arson, Assault, Captivity, Death, Multiple Killing, Rape, Robbery, Stripping, Words, Lost In Debts
Commissioners: Henry Brereton, John Sterne, William Hitchcock
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 75r

Christian Stanhawe the Relict of Henry Stanhawe late of Clantelew in the Parish of Loghgall within the Countie of Armagh Esquire, deposed before us the day, of July, 1642 that since the 23d of October last, at severall tymes her husband & she hath bin robbed, deprived and or otherwise dispoyled of the her particular goodes & chattells following; & that the same goods were taken away by Bryan mc Can and Toole mc Cann yeoman mc Cann Murtogh mc Cann all of Clankan gent his brothers & their followers, & complicees vizt Brian Clench a Preist their fosterbrother & the rest which she knows not
In housholdstuffe & wearing apparell to the
vallue of --------------------------------------------------200 li. ster.
Two swords, three fowling peeces & 3. pistolls at
the first beginning of the Rebellion ------------------006 li.
In corne of all graines to the vallue of ---------------200 li.
Seven travayling geldings and naggs worth --------035 li.
A stoude horse, with twenty fower mares,
fillyes, other horses & colts; being all
of English breede ---------------------------------------053 li.
Twenty English Cowes --------------------------------050 li.
Ten faire oxen of English breede ---------------------035 li.
Six Irish fatted beeves, cost ---------------------------006 li.
Two Bulls, with twenty five heads of young
Cattle; some whereof were of 3 years old,
some of 2. & some of lesser: all being of
English breede well worth -----------------------------030 li.
ffiftie fower English sheepe with their woll --------020 li.
ffourteen swine -----------------------------------------004 li.
Her mansion house with other out-houses
burnt by the Rebells cost the building ----------------300 li.
Besides in Annuall Rents to the vallue of
380 li. per annum
Whereof one yeares vallue she, accompteth
loste to bee lost ------------------------------------------280 li.
& plate worth xxx li. ------------------------------------xxx li.
In other goodes & chattells as cattle corne horses & other things worth 305 li.-13 s.-4
So that her present losses amounts unto -------------1245 li. [ ]
the full somme, of --------------------------------------1653 li.: 13 s.-8 d.
And henceforth is like to be deprived of at least
280 li. annuall Rents above mencioned
till peace be established from the ty me
<A> And further sayth that one Hughe oge ny was Captain of Mr Waldrams house of the Rebells there and kept a guard of 100 men there & his guard killd Mr ffullerton mini s t er & Mr Awbry then b efore deliuered to his guar{d} by Brian Kelly then Captain for the Rebells & governor of Loghgall

fol. 75v

<A> & when that guard hadd pistolled them they threw them into a Bogg pitt where they remaine still as she thincketh And further <b> sayth That Toole mc Cann then gouernor of Port o downe received about Cx sevenscore of Protestants: & bringing them vpon the bridge there threw or cawsed them to be throwne of the same bridge & drowned them all in the water saveing or most part of them: and some of them swiming towards the shore the Rebells with their musketts knockt out their braynes: And further sayth that the Rebells hanged vp one James How & one of his sonns at their owne dore and one Robert Bumby: and one Taylors sonn of Armaghe & they stript naked one Nicholas Godard & his wife & children: so e that the most of them by cold and want djed miserably And the Rebells alsoe murthered Henry Pilkington: & one of the deponents servants: And so she hath credibly heard & verely beleeveth by reason of the generall report of her & their neighbours, that the Rebells alsoe murthered John Nicholson John Richardon gentlemen Mr Springe Mr Tho. Whitacs Mr James Chappell Mr Bartlett mr John Griffin Clarke: Mr Cristopher Hudson Clark John Ketley & one Parker a shoemaker: & one symons another shoomaker and alsoe most cruelly tortured & Masacred & murthered Alexander Neale, & nor Robert dillon & his wiffe & would not b ury them nor suffer this deponents husband to be buried And further saith that one a womana souldjer vnder the Command of Colonell Wayneman at Tredarth That formerly lived nere loughgall confid absolutely informed this deponent that the Rebells forced a great number of protestants into men women & children into a howse which they sett on fyer purpossly to burne them (as they did) & still as any of them especially the children offered to come out to shun the fire the wicked Rebells with sythes which they had in their handes cutt them in peeces and cast them into the fyer & burned them with the rest <And further sayth that a number of Rebellious women nere Tredar dundalk exclaimed against the Rebells convoy for suffering this deponent and the rest of the protestants to live saying if they would lett them goe: They the said Rebellious women would awarrant they shold [never receive] at dundalk for they wold kill {}> And Owen ffranckland of the Cittie of Dublin gentleman being sworne and examined sayth That when the Rebellion began hee this deponent was with the said Christian Stanhaw at Clantelew aforesaid being sent for thither by her husband to receive of him 90 li. and 0 d. which he owed this deponent & sayth that he was forced to stay there till January last soe as hee is very sensible of the losses of her the said Christian stanhaw mencioned in her deposicion which deposicion concerning them this deponent is verely perswaded is & partly knoweth to be true And as to the Murthers and owtrages mencioned in her deposicion to & all that part of her deposicion which concerneth the same this deponent knoweth the same to be true And this deponent further sayth that

fol. 76r

when the Rebellion began this deponent had owing vnto him in seuerall parts of the kingdome seuerall somes of money whereof by the Rebellion he is quite deprived and spoyled amounting in all to 550 li. at least And sayth that the Rebells in the north vizt Colonell Richard Plunkett Colonell Phillip Rely Colonell Neile <c> & Turlogh oge ô Neile & others whose names he knowes not searcheing this deponents pocketts tooke from him out of the same his bonds and specialties & inforced him to give & make acquittances to the vse of the parties his debtors & to write lettres to pay to them the said Colonell Plunckett and the rest the debts and sumes soe owing by his said debtors saying <560 li> that this deponent could receive nothing from them but they would receive it themselues or themselves or to that effect and the Rebells also tooke from the deponent a horse a ring & other goodes worth x li. And further <d> sayth That he this deponent was present when Brian mc Cann and his brothers & the rest came to [ ] Clantelew aforesaid: & saith that the same Rebells then asked the said Mris Stanhaw & her husband, Mr Henry Wentworth Clark & this deponent whether they wold turne to masse change their Religion & acknowledg the pope to be supreame head of the Church: saying if they wold soe doe they shold not loose a{ny} thing but enioy their meanes as aformerly: but they all refuseing were therevpon robbed & spoyled as aforesaid & this deponent is vere{ly} perswaded that if they had turned to Masse they shold neuertheles have beene robbed of all they had aswell as others were that they turned to Masse which this deponent knew: & the said Mc Cann a{nd} the Rebells then sett a guard of 100 men vpon this deponent and the said Mris stanhaw: & her husband and the rest: & within one weeke they seised all the armes they there fownd & then tooke away all the goods they could fynd: & the Rebells would often in the night tyme with their pistolls come into the Chamber where the women servants were & attempted their chastities making them skrike & cry out & as the said woman affirmed threatened to pistoll them: if they wold not consent to their lustfull desires: & this deponent thincketh that those wicked Rebells did assault them vntill they had forced them to their lustf wills: the Rebells saying that they had & could have ther Choyse of the best gentlewomen in the Cuntrie since those trobles began <d> And further sayth that he this deponent about 3 weekes before christmas heard one Hughe ô Cann late servant to the said Mris Stanhaw say

fol. 76v

in a boasting and braveing manner say to some of the Rebells his Companions theis words vizt Come yow Roagues what have you been doeing att home all this day I have beene abroad & killed xvj of the Englishe roagues: & then putting his hands into his pockett shewed them a good quantity of money that he had taken from these English And further sayth that Michaell Garvy of the Newry told this deponent and many more: that there was a scotchman and a taylor that the Rebells drove out of the towne of Newry and knockt them him in the heade & stript them him & digged a little place and Couered him with turfe But the poore man, recouering came back naked into the towne: wherevpon the Rebells carrjed him and his wife out of the towne and cutt him all to peecs & with a skeane or knyfe ryfled his wives belly Soe as a child dropt out of her wombe: And a little before Christmas one mr Acklan sonn to the a Bishop & his man being brought by the Rebells to the Newry: & a Counsell of warr sitting vpon them they presently condempned and half hanged his man then cutt him downe & the next day hanged him outright: & his master being hoodwinck was thence carrjd away to downpatrick to be prisoner: for that the said mr Acklan levied some men against the Rebells: which the Rebells meeting withall killd as the most part of them: and att the same time one mr weston Cheefe Clark to Sir Edward Trevor was carried to downpatrick & slayne as the deponent heard of a certeine by Turloe oge ô Neile & his Complicees
Christan Stanhawe
Owin ffrancklin
Jur 23o Julij 1642
John Sterne
Hen: Brereton
Will: Hitchcocke

19 Ardmagh
Mris Stanhaw & W{ }
ffranckland Jur 2{ }
Julij 1642
Cert fact
hand w
Intr Exw



Deponent Fullname: Christian Stanhawe, Owen ffranckland
Deponent Gender: Female, Male
Deponent Occupation: Widow, Gentleman
Deponent County of Residence: Armagh,
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Henry Stanhawe, Henry Wentworth, the pope, Edward Trevor, Bryan mc Can, Toole mc Cann, mcCann Murtogh mc Cann, Brian Clench, Hughe oge *, Mr Waldram, Brian Kelly, Richard Plunkett, Phillip Rely, Colonell Neile, Turlogh oge , Colonell Plunckett, Brian mc Cann, Hughe , Mr ffullerton, Mr Awbry, James How, Robert Bumby, Nicholas Godard, Henry Pilkington, John Nicholson, John Richardon, Mr Springe, Tho. Whitacs, James Chappell, Mr Bartlett, John Griffin, Cristopher Hudson, John Ketley, * Parker, * symons, Alexander Neale, Robert dillon, mr Acklan, mr weston, Turloe oge , Michaell Garvy
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Witness, Witness