Examination of Margerett Nee Magwire

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1653-05-25
Identifier: 837146r115


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County: Down
Deposition Type: Commonwealth
Nature of Deposition: Killing, Robbery
Commissioners: John Dallway, Roger Lyndon
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 146v

The Examinacion of Margerett Nee Magwire of Annacloye in Lecall in the County of Downe Adged 35 yeares taken before vs the 25th day of May 1653
Whoe beeing dewely sworne and Examined sayth that Cormicke Magwire her ffather, vpon a protection had of Captain John wooll in or aboute May 1643 came in from the Irish to the Towne of <A> Ardglas where hee liued in a peaceable maner vnder the sayd Captain wooll for the space of three Monethes with his familly; vntill that Captaine wooll lent him a boate and gaue him free leaue to goe into the Ile of Man, who beeing at sea, the wynde falling contrary hee was forced to returne backe to his house in Ardglas, where (aboute a week after) meeting with Cornett Johnson then of Captain George Montgomeryes Troope, Thomas Dickson, John Erwyn, John Kelly and with Manus Magee and others whome shee nowe remembers not, the day beefore Lamas day beeinge the first of August 1643 aboute 12 of the Clock of that day, The sayd Thomas Dickson with the rest came to the sayd mac Cormicks house dore, and in seeming loving manner called on the sayd mac Cormicke to come fourth Who beeing come fourth: deliuer mee (sayd the sayd Dickson) your mony Cormicke, who answeared him, that hee had noe mony to spare Nay Sir sayd Dixon you shall deliuer your mony and leife too, and withall called him Rogue, I am not

fol. 146v

a Rogue sayd Cormicke, wherevpon the sayd Dickson, drewe his sword & gaue him a stroake <B> on his head who receaueing that wound, he the sayd Cormicke fledd in all speede to the Castle of Ardglas for shelter, where Captain Wooll was, but the Casle doore beeing shutt hee the sayd Cormicke faced aboute towards Dickson & the rest with him for mercie (not knowing what the matter meant) but they not heedinge him, nor what hee desired, the sayd Dixon and the forenamed persons of his Company fell vppon and presently kild him the sayd Cormick Magwire, within 2 pearches length of the Castle, all which this deponett saw donn, And sayth that the Common reporte after was, that Captain Woll had a hand in the Murder by his privat directions otherwise Dickson [ ] nor any of the rest of his Company had not attempted the doeinge thereof, ffor that the sayd Cormicke Magwire and the sayd Dixon were very intimat ffreinds as shee euer apprehended. And shee this Examinat sayth that the sayd Manus Mac Gee after the sayd Cormicke was knockt downe, hee with his skeyne fell a hacking of him, as eagerly as the rest, And sayth that the sayd Manus had for his share, the sayd Cormickes breeches, shooes and stockings: and that Dickson had his Casock shuirt and dublett and thirty six shillings in monye which which was found in the sayd Cormicks pocketts. And that

fol. 147r

presently after the sayd barberous act was Committed <C> by them, they all went to ffrances Keithes house in Ardglas & there fell to drinking very meryly, & beeing in theire Jollity; heareing that the sayd Cormicke, had some leife in him, the sayd Thomas Dickson, & Cornett Johnson rusht out of doores, and in speede made to the place where they left him for dead, and finding some leife in him, they cutt his head into 4or parts and runn him into the belly; that his fatt came out, all which inhumane carridges of theirs this deponett sawe, as shee stood neere hand beemoaneing her sayd ffathers death. And more sayth not
Taken before vs
John Dallway Mayor
Roger Lyndon

fol. 147v

B8 25o May 1653
The Examinacion of Margarett
Nee Magwyre
Captain Woll in prison
Cornett Johnson
Thomas Dixon in prison
John Errwyn in prison
John Kelly &
Manus mac Gee

Deponent Fullname: Margerett Nee Magwire
Deponent Gender: Female
Deponent County of Residence: Down
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Cormicke Magwire, John wooll, George Montgomerye, Thomas Dickson, John Erwyn, John Kelly, Manus Magee, ffrances Keith, Cornet Johnson
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Victim, Denounced, Mentioned, Denounced, Mentioned, Mentioned, Denounced, Mentioned, Denounced