Examination of Edward Dauies

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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County: Down
Deposition Type: Commonwealth
Nature of Deposition: Arson, Multiple Killing, Words
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 165r

The Examinacion of Leuiftenant Edward Dauies
Whoe beinge duely sworne saieth that he was in the lord Cromwells house in Downepatrick when it was <A> beseidged by the lord Maginis viscount Euagh and Collonell Conne oge o Neile the 9th ffebruary in the yeare 1641 And that aboute six weekes after Leuiftenant Collonell Alixander Hamelton whoe Comanded the said lord Cromwells house did Cappitulate with the aforesaid lord Maginis and Collonell o Neile and did artickle with them for the surrender of the said house as ffolloweth vizt that Collonell Daniell Maginis should be sent to killal[eiagh] Castle and Mr William lloyd should remayne in the lord Cromwells house for the space of 14 daies as hostages for the performance of the said artickles, secondly that all the amunition and provision in the house should be deliuered vpp to the said lord Maginis and Collonell o Neile and the halfe of all the musketts fire locks and other Armes that were in the house, thirdly that the officers and souildirs belonging to the said house should march away to Balentogher Castle with the rest of the Armes with flying Coulors drome beateinge light matches musketts laden and bulett in theire mouthes, fourthly that the lord Cromwells seruants and all others that had goods in the house and were there themselues should haue 14 daies tyme to transport themselues and theire goods to aney Garrison belonging to the British forces, and further this deponant saieth that when the officers and souildiers marched away he remained in the house with Mr William lloyd to see the lord Cromwells goods sent away, and that within a day or two after the lord <B> Maginis and seuerall others beinge in the lord Cromwells hall there cam in one of theire folowers and said that the souildire{s} had begun to fire the Towne, wherevppon one Rorey mc Euer oge Maginis said to the lord Maginis, My lord goe into the Towne and giue order for the fireinge of the Towne for your prodesessors haue had the name of it twice and doe yow take it the third tyme, vppon which the said lord went downe into the Towne and remayned there till the Towne was all on fire, and then returned againe to the house, and further this deponant saieth that Mr William lloyd meettinge the said lord said my lord it seemes yow haue sett all towne on fire, and the said lord replyed Yea, Noe replyed the said lloyd, yow haue left on thing

fol. 165v

vnfired yett that had don yow more harme then euer the Towne did, and the said lord asked him what that was, and the said lloyd replyed and said it was the Gallowes, for said he it hath hanged more of your kinne then euer the Towne harmed yow, And this deponant further saieth that the same day theire Armey marched into Lecale and to Downe, that there were seuerall ould decripett men and woemen in Downe that <C> liued vppon the Almes of others that were house keepers that stayed in the Towne, many of which were most bloodeyly murthered at theire enteringe into Downe, butt by whome or by whose Comand this examinant doth not knowe Allsoe this Examinant saieth that there was one Rorey O Doulahan that was formerly a seruant to this examinant and he was sent from Mr west of Balydogan to this examinant with a letter, and was taken by that party and hanged in the Towne butt by whose Comand he knowes not, and further saieth not And further saieth that the within named Daniell Maginis was then a Collonell in that Armey, and that the persons that were killed in Downe at that tyme to his knowledge were these, Robertt Holmes Kathrin Gradell, Anne Beetts, Elin Erwine, Abraham Hemton and Dorathey his wife, and one Philip that was a seruant of John Smyths and one Anne a Charwoeman whose Sirnames he knowes not, with seuerall others and further saieth not that he tooke a party out of the house and Caused the Corps of the persons afore mencioned to be buried after the surender, and further saieth that the aforenamed Daniell Maginis did acte as a Collonell in that Armey and further saieth not
Edw: Dauies
beinge demanded
And this examinant further saieth that he sawe the persons herevnder named in Downe and in Armes with the rest at the deliuerey vpp of the Armes and [ and ] other provisions that were to be surrendered as aforesaid
<vizt> The lord Euagh
Conne Oge o Neile deceased
Daniell Maginis nowe in prison
Patr Macartan nowe in prsion
Owen Macartan nowe in prison
Georg Rusell of Rathmullen
Phelomey mc Toole o Neile {dece}<ased>
william Gibons of Balyku<lor deceased.
Rorey mc Euer oge Maginis <deceased>
Edw: Dauies

fol. 166r


fol. 166v

(59) B
The Examination of
Leuiftenant Edward Dauies
Concerning the mur
Murthers that were
Comitted in Downpatrick
The lord Evagh
Daniel Magennis prisoner
Patr: mc Cartan prisoner
Owen mc Cartan prisoner
Geo: Russell of Rathmullen

Deponent Fullname: Edward Dauies
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Lieutenant
Deponent County of Residence: Unknown
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: lord Cromwell, Rorey O Doulahan, Robertt Holmes, Kathrin Gradell, Anne Beetts, Elin Erwine, Abraham Hemton, Dorathey Hemton, Philip *, Anne *, William lloyd, Mr west, John Smyth, Conne oge o Neile, viscount Euagh, Daniell Maginis, Rorey mc Euer oge Maginis, Patr Macartan, Owen Macartan, Georg Rusell, Phelomey mc Toole o Neile, william Gibons, Alixander Hamelton
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned