Examination of Patrick Black

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1652-03-29
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County: Antrim
Deposition Type: Commonwealth
Nature of Deposition: Assault, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Words
Deposition Transcription:

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The examinacion of Patt: Black of Magherauly parish aged fifty yeares or thereabouts taken at Lisnegaruy 29 March 1652
Who saith that he Liued in Killelagh at the begining of the Rebellion & one John ffulton Liueing within two mile of the said place had his Cowes taken away from him by the Irish vpon which the said John ffulton desired one Mr James Hamilton & seuerall of his neighbours and also this examinant to be a [ ] iding vnto him in the recouery back of his Cowes from the Irish being he knew whither [ ] they had caried them vpon which there was gathered togeather about fifty & fiue of Scotchmen as this examinant beleeues whereof the said Mr James Hamilton was comander & this examinant fur saith that in their way alongst the mountaine towards Michaell Doines house where it was being reported that the said Cowes were hard by vnto it he this examinant was not able to goe alongst with the rest of his company by reason the Collick had taken him soe very much & this examinant saith that he taried about two houres on the mountaine (with one John Mather who is now in Scotland who was not one of there company but onely an Inhabitant there) by reason he was soe extreame sick with the said Collick that he was not able to goe & after which time he grew haueing growne something better & was returning homewards [ ] to Church being as[ ] it was the Sabbath day & vpon his way neere vnto his habitacion he heard a great shout of some women which cried that declared that all such as went out with Mr. James Hamilton were murdred by the Irish & this examinant saith that about a quarter of an houre after he saw three of the said Company comeing back being wounded vizt James Lowden who is kild in Scotland & one Andrew Hart who is an Inhabitant there now & one John Stewart who now

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Liues in Temple Patrick & this examinant saith that he demanded the said James Lowden Andrew Hart & John Stewart what befell vnto them that they came home after such a manner & alsoe where the rest of their Company which went alongst with them was who replyed that within halfe a mile or thereabouts [ ] of Mich: Doines house there came to them about three hundred Irish men who demanded of the said James Hamilton & those in his company whither they were come thither to rob or kill or what did they want who replyed that they came vpon noe such intent but onley to bring back Mr. ffultons Cowes vpon which the Irish replyed vnto them that they should not feare anything although there was such a number of theirs & were discourseing a while togeather in a faire way vntill such time as the said Irish had compassed them in round about & then fell vpon the said Scotts & killed such as could not escape from their hands or out run them & this examinant further saith that one Mr [Rupton] of Temple Patrick being a Justice of Peace at that time issued forth a warrant to Cullo moder McHollan & other Irish ther liueing in Killelagh which were not gone into Rebellion to be assistants in the bringing in of the dead Corpses of such Scotts as were slaine by the Irish neere Mich: Doines house vpon which the waies of such men as were slaine at that time & also other of their friends took Horses & Carrs to carry them alongst on & brought such of the said Corpses as they could find vnto the old Church of Carmony in Killelagh to be buryed of which this examinant was one which helped to bury them & saith that he knew man y of them all of which there was William Harper the elder & William Harper younger being the said Williams brothers sonne And Andrew Sloane James Hunter John Key John BCrison

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George McNaught Sanders Ross John McLarge Thomas McLarge William Gardiner Tho: Boid Tho: Grier sonne & Dauid Miller & seuerall some others whose name he remembers not being in all of dead Corpses brought thither at that time being about 16 sixteen or seuenteen & this examinant saith that the said John ffulton was slaine at that time with the rest but his Corpses could not be found And this examinant further saith that the said James Lowden And: Hart & John Stuart told vnto him that they saw the said Irish take along with them the said Mr James Hamilton alongst with the m <C> who comanded them which was kiled after by them & also that they knew two of the said Irish which fell upon them as aforesaid vizt. Alaster McQuilin & fferdorragh McQuillin And being demanded if he doth know where any of the said Scotts which went in the Company of the said Mr James Hamilton & escaped are [ ] doe Liue now saith that there is one James Derumple which Liues in the towneland of Carnegrany in the parish of Temple Patrick which was in the said Company vnder the comand of Mr James Hamilton and James Harper in the towne Land of Shane Oges towne in the parish of old Stone & Mich: Pore who Liues in Kilmakeuitt & Robert ffurmult who Liues in the towne of Dunsilly in the Parish of Antrim And further saith not

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Patr: Blacks examination
Ap: 1653
Mich: Duyn

Deponent Fullname: Patt: Black
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent County of Residence: Antrim
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: John ffulton, James Hamilton, James Lowden, Andrew Hart, John Stewart, William Harper, William the younger Harper, Andrew Sloane, James Hunter, John Key, John Crison, George McNaught, Sanders Ross, John McLarge, Thomas McLarge, William Gardiner, Tho: Boid, Tho: Grier, Dauid Miller, Mich: Doines, Cullo moder McHollan, Alaster McQuilin, fferdorragh McQuillin, John Mather, Mr Rupton, Mich: Pore, Robert ffurmult
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned