Declaration of Michaell Doyne

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County: Antrim
Deposition Type: Commonwealth
Nature of Deposition: Arson, Captivity, Killing, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Words
Deposition Transcription:

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The declaration of Michaell Doyne
In the first place that he is redy to depose that he neuer knewe or hard of any Plot or Plotes or Conspiracye of any Intented Revolt or Rebelion to be done or ackted, or soe muche as athoght of knowledg thearof or of this Rebelion Vntill a reporte cominge out of the County of Ardmaghe to the <A> County of Antrime, he had a reporte thearof which was litle regarded for a fewe daies, but after a while one Setterday as I remember, one Patrick O Hullen Priste whoe liued in the Towne of [Toulerburghe] in the parishe wheare I dwelte, and the said Prist beinge some occatione of his owne in Iveaghe as he told me: in the County of Downe neare the Nurye Cominge late home in the Eueninge of that night Came to my house and asked if I had hard any thinge from those parts of the Routes: I told him I did not, he answered me againe that he was told for Certaine that the Nurye was surprised and that the Irishe naminge the Magenises aweare in Armes. Whearvppon I told him that I must send him to Carrickfergus for soe reportinge, whearvpon he praied me to keep him till morninge, and that if it did proue otherwise, I should not spare to send him to Carrickfergus that night the Vppe Rore was all ouer Iveagh and downe towards Lisnegarv, and saithe that one Mr ffoulke Powell posted towards sundy midnight to Linaway with Notice and the next day the Irishe of Kilultaghe Kilnesenete and Kililaghie and those parts brekinge out

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out and beinge in armes, The Towne of Dromore was surprised and pilladged by those of Iveagh, and after that Lisnegarvy the first tyme was surprised by Kilultaghe people & others, And after presently after the surprisall of Lisnegarvy, Mr Henry Spencer in the said distractione beinge sicke Came to my house and after awhile Linauy was Burnt by the Rebells, and theare they threatned that they would surprise any house to get Mr Spencer son and his son in lawe Mr Michell, and feche armes as they had and I hauing notice thearof I sent yonge Spence and Mr Michaell with all theer armes away that night to Carrickfergus and what else they had My letters of Information to Carrickfergus and to Capten Vppton at Tamble Patricke weare Interupted by the Skots,Presently after the skots of Antreme had taken away a pres of Cowes from me, and then released many skandulus reportes of me whearvpon I went to Carrickfergus to acquaint Coll Chichester with my greiuance and the false skandles which the Skots layd on in The Courtes, beinge in all in an vpp rore whearvppon Collonell Chichester Sir Arthur Terringham & Collonell Hill gaue me order by worde and mouthe to vse my Indeavour Indevore To

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To bringe in suche of the Natiues of the Contrye as weare then out and in Armes, which accordingly, I indeauored , and broght in <C> Hue Mergoe O Neall and some men with him and I gaue the said Hughe men some beues for their Releefe, Afterward (the said Hue and his Company went in to Rebellion, and in my absence I beinge at Carrickfergus, one Capten Johnston with a partye of Skots from Belfast tooke from me and my neighbors the Lo: Conwayes Tennants a prey of Cowes Mares and Garrons to the Number of one hundred head or theare aboute: of which notice was sent to me to Carrickefergus, Whearvppon Collonell Chichester and Sir Anthour Terringham goinge to Belfast tooke me along with them, I then not daringe to goe to goe home to my house, for faid of the skots of Antrime and Kililaghe & others of those parts Whoe protested in the hearinge of Mr Orpen of Carrickfergus that whearsoever they lighted one me they would kill me, which the said Mr Orpen depossed before Collonell Chichester The prey beinge soe taken by Capten Johnson and his partie I desired Collonell Chichester and Sir Anthour Teringham & Collonell Hill, that I might haue Restitution bothe for his owne Cattle and his Neighbors Cattle soe taken from

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from me and my Lord Conwanie Tennants, which was denyed by the Skots Request being mad by Collonell Chichester Sir Anthour Teringham and Collonell Hill The power of the Skots beinge greate and prevelant then Whearevppon I with Iies Tearinge said to Collonell Hill that nowe the old proverbe was come vizt That the Irishe should weepe ouer the Englishe mans graue, And with all I desired that I might be comitted to some prison for saftie of my life which was not yealded vnto, but wished me to goe home and deliuering me seuerall warrants and directions to the Skotts of Antrime to vse me well and my Neighbours And Cominge home I not beinge well one Capten Hadocke that day tooke another prey from me which I followed & showed my warrante to the said Capten vppon pervsall thearof he restored me the pries onlye some beues I gaue him, The Skots of Antryme at another Tyme takinge another pries of Cowes from me to Antreme notwithstandinge I hauing my warrants of security from Collonell Chichester Sir Anthour Teringham & Collonell Hill with a letter to from them to Capten James Clotworthy for restitution of my Casle Thearvpon I sent a man after

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<f> after the prey with letter, The mann was hanged vppon the Bridge of Antreme by the said Skots, what was the Reason of their Malice to me I doe not knowe, vnlesse they might take an offence against me me for bringinge Mr Head a Minister banished by them to Mr Henry Spencer at the tyme of his sicknes beinge then at the point of death or for sauinge the Towne of Antreme from Burninge by those Rebells of Kilalaghe & Kilnicenet The many Threateninges of the Skots as aforsaid, the hanginge of my man The hanginge of one George Langford at at the Bridge of Donne adron, The Kilinge and slaughteringe of some Irishe, which Capten Vpton desired to haue preserved, and the great slaughter at Iland Magee by the <G> Skots, put me in greate feare of my life and beinge sicke of asore fluxe as Capten Elis that was then in my house with a fewe soldiers he had went to Belfast, with whom I had then gone, had I beene able The next night after. Capten Elis his departinge his I remember beinge Friday night Notice was giuen me that Sir Phelymj O Neall and his party was coming or come to Magherlin about 12 or 14ten Miles from my house I posted a servant of myne to Mr Lesquire whoe lived about six Milles from my house at Belfast, with a letter to send me A

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A botle of of Clared wine for my fluxe, And thearin Initimated vnto him that Sir ffelymy O Neall was Come to Magherlin that night Intendinge to drawer towards Lisnegarvy Mr Lesquire send me abotle of wyne, which expressions of thanckes for my newes and Lojalty, which he posted to Carrickfergus by which Notice Releefe & prepartion was sent to Lisnegarvy which lettre of Mr Lesquires I burned fearinge to haue the same found with me by the Irishe, vppon Sonday morninge after my Notice & Intellegence to Mr Lesquire of Sir ffelymes aproche to Lisnegaruy Notwithstandinge my direction and warrante aforesaid. A greate Crye and vpp rore was mad by the County people at or about the Lands of Dungiltrod beinge the lands of the Lord Conwayes with in a Mile of my house, and Notice given me <H> that a partie of the Skots was cominge to take away Cowes, whearvppon I fled and went towards Limanje sicke as a foresaid, Leuinge word with Keane o Harra my then Balje to goe and see the Cause of vpprore with directions to sufer them to take whatsoeuer they would take And what was before my said Baliee goinge and after I leue to his relation and his brother Cnogher o Harra bothe still Livinge As

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As for my selfe I was not present, nor knew of any thinge that theare was done or with what Intent the said Skots Came thither vntill by Relation afterwards by Keane O Harra and others, and meetinge with Mr Stotesbury in my flight to Linawj, and meeting with Mr Stotesbury Coming to my house, And Conferinge with him, and coming to knowe what the matter was A partye of horse of Sir ffelymyes O Neall <I> vnder the Comand of Art Mcffelmy oge O Neall, now at the Create of Ardmagh in the County of Downe, tooke my selfe and Mr Stotesbury prisoners and disarmed vs, Thearvppon the said Art Mcffelmy og O Neall Compeled me and Mr Stotsbury to goe alonge with them to my house, as they then said to eate some Meate which wee durst not deny beinge prisoners with them, and the said Art Mcffelmye O Neall beinge in my house as aforesaid Keane O Harra & others of the Tenants formerly praied by Capten Johnson seased vppon Capten Hamilton and brought him prisoner to Art mc phelyme oge, Whoe tooke bothe him & Mr Stotsbury prisoners to Lisnegaruy to Sir ffelymy O Neall, whoe was then at the seige of Lisnegarvy with his souldiers Wheare

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Wheare about an houre or two after our comeing to Lisnegarvuy; The said Sir ffelymy sent my selfe & Mr Stotsbury to Maior Raudons house Neare Lisnegarvy some 3 Miles where wee remayned till towards Midnight and what was become of Capten Hamblton I Can not say anything And about midnight Sir ff elymy or theare abouts Sir ffelymy and his party being beaten from Lisnegarvy The said Sir ffelymy gaue Comand that Mr Stotesbury and my selfe & those men of his that was keepinge of us theare should burne Maior Raudons house & come away which they first pilladged but then burned the said house, After which done wee with their Company that atended vs ouertooke Sir ffelymy goinge towards Magherlin not farr from Lisnegaruy <K> wheare the Next morninge Sir ffelymy dismissed my selfe & Sir ff elymy Mr Stotesbury and as I was Intendinge homewards a servant of my owne came to me & told me that the Skots of Antreme Kililagh & all theare aboute weare in searche after me, and that it was but a foly for me to goe home, and thearvppon for safty of my life I sent home to my wyfe to come away, and the next day mett hir at Shankill by Killmore at Jo: Baries house, not bringing anything with hir either goods or houshold stufe, But hir children And after that

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I went to my wifes Jointer in the County of Ardmaghe vnder the power of Sir ffelymy O Neall vntill Owne Roe McArt O Neall came livinge still theare til Generall Monroe tooke all I had, and my wife & children prisonersAnd After that I fled to <L> Leinster and theare Continewed amongst my friends till the generall sesation, after that I went to Dublin with Sir Robert Beron pase, and I procured a further pase from the Lord Marquies Ormond for my selfe to liue in the County of Louthe, wheare I lived paying Contribution beeinge the first man that Came in to setle in that County for many yeares vntill I was praied & piladged <M> of all I had by one Coloe Tighe McMahon and his party; and beinge then shot I was left maymed in the Castle of Clintonstowne and from thence Coming to the partes of the Northe to fetche my thither, all the Contrye people weare fled vppon the Taking of Drogheda, and soe forced to come backe and for further releefe I went then to my son Micheall with whome I lived vntill I came backe againe to the Cownty of Louthe with Sir Thomas Armestronges party, and <M> soe lived in the said Cownty payinge Contribution vntill I was left worthe nothing, and about three yeares since I brought my wyfe & children living euer since vppon the releefe of frinds & the Charity of good people

M Doynne

I gaue Maior Rawdon the same in substance

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Deponent Fullname: Michaell Doyne
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent County of Residence: Antrim
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Patrick O Hullen, ffoulke Powell, Henry Spencer, Mr Michel, Capten Vppton, Coll Chichester, Arthur Terringham, Collonell Hill, Capten Johnston, Lo: Conwaye, Mr Orpen, Capten Hadocke, James Clotworthy, Capten Elis, Mr Lesquire, Mr Stotsbury, Capten Hamblton, Maior Raudon, Jo: Barie, Lord Marquies Ormond, Hue Mergoe O Neall, ffhelymy O Neall, Keane o harra, Cnogher o Harra, Art Mcffelmy og O Neall, Colo Tighe McMahon, Owne Roe McArt O Neall, Mr Head, George Langford
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned, Victim