Deposition of Nicholas Philpot

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Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1642-04-27
Identifier: 824261r227


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County: Cork
Deposition Type: Bysse
Nature of Deposition: Apostacy, Arson, Robbery
Commissioners: Philip Bisse, Richard French
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 261r

Nicholas Philpot of the{ } in the County of Cork Esquire {a Britti}sh protestant being duely sworne & examined before vs by vertue of his Maiesties {Com}ission to vs & others directed bearing date at Du bblin the fift t day of March {the} 17th yeere of his Maiesties raigne touching the losses sustayned by the Protestants & Brittish nation within the province of Mounster hee deposeth & saith that about the begining of Januarie last & since the begining of this Rebellion hee hath beene robbed & forcibly dispoyled of his goods & Chattells & debts & rents i n manner following vz worth 2785 li. 3 s. 4 d. his Goods & Chattells by being dispossessed & expelled & his goods & Chattells taken by theis Rebells following vizt
The sayd Nicholas Philpot deposeth & saieth that since the first o f Januarie last & during thi s time of this present Rebellion that hee hath beene Robbed & despoyled in his estate of ffarmes & goods hereafter mentioned viz in his farme & Lands of Rathu ne L i sheagh dirrinveagh & Clonebegge & the mill e thervnto in the parish of Ballyclogh abouesa y d where hee lately dwelled to the valewe of two hundred & fifty pounds sterling for that hee hath diuers yeeres ther e in yet to come for which hee payd two hundred po w nds & hath improued the s a me out of which hee hath beene expelled by John Barrie alias Mr Robiston of Ballyclogh aforesaid Esquire who hath warned his miller & seruants to leaue the place & about Candlemas last hee by himselfe & Thomas Barrie James Barrie & dauid Barrie his sonnes who haue beene in actuall rebellion & haue with [ ] others theire servants as is reported haue entred thervppon & st o cked the same w ith the say d John Barrie s Cattell & haue some [ ] & [ ] nowe miller & the ground is st o cked with the sayd John Barri es owne Cattell. So likewise is hee disspossessed & dispoyled of his ffarme & land called Clarnie in the same parish held likewise from the sayd John Barrie for which farme the sayd Nicholas Philpot payed fourskore pounds & he is at losse for the same at leas t the sayd somme of fowerskore pounds hee likwise deposeth hee hath beene violently dispossessed of his farme & Lands of dromdowny lying [ ] in the said parishes of Ballyclogh aforesaid and in the parish of Buttefont wherevppon hee hath built & beene at chardges of planting & fensinge to the valewe <hand> of fifty pounds & that by reason of Cahir o Callohan of drominine gentleman donogh O Callahan of Clonuine his sonne & other Rebells & so is at losse in that particular fifty pounds beesides o ther losses in Corne thervppon hereaft er mencioned: hee saith that du ring the time aforesaid hee hath likewise been expelled out of his farme & Lan ds of Co ol agola in <A> the B a ronie of dowalloe in the County aforesayd by the Landlord therof Cnogher Reagh o Callahan of Bealaballagh in the sayd Baronie of & Cownty gentleman who hath beene in actuall rebellion himselfe & was at the besieging of Malloe as is credibly reported crediblie deposed in which particuler hee saith hee is at losse forty pownds at Least hee likewise deposeth hee hath beene since & during the time aforesayd forcibly & rebelliously dispossessed of his farme & Lands parte of in Lysinellconin in the sayd Baronie of dowalloe by donogh mc Owen mc Awliffe gent the Losses therof & by his sonne Mlaghlin mc Awliffe after the sayd deponent had payd twenty pounds sterling for the interest of the sayd Lease to donogh Be agh & others a [ ] & bought the rents reserved thereout for two yeeres or therabouts by paying thirteene pounds or therabouts to the sayd donogh mc Owen & hath otherwise improued the sayd ffarme & is at losse therby forty pounds sterling at leas t and so concludeth himselfe to bee at losse by beeing expelled out of all his farmes a foresayd beeing in the whole nin e ploughlands or therabouts to the valewe of fower hundred & threeskore pounds sterling
Hee further deposing saith that
since & during the time aforesayd hee hath beene in like maner robbed & dispoyled of Corne thrashed & b urned made some made into malte & some into oatemeale & other Corne out of his mille howses & at or within the parish of Ballyclogh aforesayd to the valew of twenty twenty pounds the greatest parte wherof as this deponent is informed by his servants the sayd John Barrie hath had & converted to his owne vse hee hath likewise beene Robbed & spoyled of the valewe of two hundred pounds of wheate barley & oates <B> in stack vppon the Lands of d r omdowny aforesayd & that by the meanes means of Cahir o Callahan & don aforesayd & donogh o Callahan his sonne & <Ballycloghy> Teige Roe his sonnes & of the sayd John Barrie & his sonnes Thomas James & David & diuers others of theire tenants & followers who were {acto}rs in this Rebellion as is credibly reported & the sayd John Barrie beeing lame of the gout {} his said sonnes & {} tenants & followers & other Rebells also {rebellion} hath possessed himselfe of {} of {} of the deponent {} farme

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fol. 262r

hee the sayd Nicholas Philpot further deposeth saith that during the time aforesaid by reaso the meanes of the Rebells & others before sayd & other Rebbells hee hath beene robbed & despoyled of his Cattell depasturinge vppon the sayd seuerall Lands in sheepe lambs & Lambes of this yeeres falle to the vallewe of sixe hundred pounds
In workeing oxen & other ffatting oxen & steeres milche cowes younge steeres & heyfars & calues or yeerelings & bulles
[ g ales ?] & swyne [ ] & powletrie to the valewe of sixe hundred pounds more
In geldings mares nagges garrans & colts fifty pounds & so hee
deposeth concludeth himselfe in the sayd particulers to bee at Loste twelue hundred & fifty pounds sterling 1250 li.
In haye standing & beeing vppon his seuerall farmes & lands aforesayd wherof hee hath beene robbed & dispoyled during the time aforesa y d by some of which hath beene burned by some Rebells whose names hee knoweth not to the valewe of thirty pounds sterling 30 li. sterling
<710 li.__0__0>
<1400 li.__0__0>
In Chests trunckes & bookes hee hath sustayned Losse by the meanes & rebellion aforesayd twenty pounds sterling 20 li.
In wheate & oats in ground to the valewe of 100 li. which hee feareth never to enioy 100 li.
And hee further deposeth that Edmond mc Patrick alias Nughtin <A> a late servant to this deponent & an Irish protestant is not only revolted from his religion & beecome a papist as himselfe hath confessed but is beecome a Rebbell vnder the Commaund of Cahir o Callahan 0 0
Totall2120 li. { }

<Irish debtors to this deponent who are reported by voyce of this Countrie to bee all in rebellion> And the sayd Nicholas Philpot now { } Edmond Co ch late of Ballyclogh { } miller who deposethd that hee verily beelee{ } Conscience that his m a ste the losse { } Nicholas Philpot hath sustayned in his { } <stet> goods & stock of Cattell & Corne afore{said} doth rather exceede then come short of two tho{usand} [ ] one hundred pounds a nd saith that hee hath seene & b eeheld James Barrie Thomas Barrie Sonne of the said John Barrie of Ballyclogh with the helpe of Jo{ } some other servants & followers of the sayd John Barrie <dermod mcShane o Callahan> about Candlemas last & other times since this <stet> Rebellion did begin take away many sheepe much Corne & other goods of the sayd Nicholas Philpot s and that hee hath seene much of the sayd goods in the sayd John Barrie s Castle at Ballyclogh and that hee hath seene the sayd John Barries stock of Cattell depasturing vppon the sayd Nicholas Philpots ffarme in Ballyclogh & diuers of them { } sayd John Barries seruants tenants & followers to haue built Cabins vppon the sayd farme & kept theire masters Ca ttell thervppon ever since candlemas last where they still are kept & that they sayd Jo{hn} Barrie alias Mr Robiston hath since the sayd Rebellion { } expelled this deponent out of the sayd mille at Ballycl{ogh} & did put into the same another miller called Nowell Wavis and doth obs hath obserued heard the sayd John Barrie confesse & iustifie his entring vppon the sayd farme & mille [ ] the same & Corne in ground the[ ] { } looked vn to as if he intended to take the { } therof { } himselfe

Edmond [mark] {Coch}
Jurat coram nobis 27o April 1642
Phil: Bisse
{Richard} ffrench

fol. 262v

Deponent Fullname: Nicholas Philpot, Edmond Coch
Deponent Gender: Male, Male
Deponent Occupation: Esquire, Miller
Deponent County of Residence: Cork,
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: John alias Mr Robiston Barrie, Thomas Barrie, James Barrie, dauid Barrie, Cahir o Callohan, donogh O Callahan, Cnogher Reagh o Callahan, donogh mc Owen mc Awliffe, Mlaghlin mc Awliffe, donogh Beagh, Teige Roe, Edmond alias Naughtin mc Patrick, dermod mcShane o Callahan, Nowell Wavis
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned, Rebel, Apostate, Rebel, Mentioned