Deposition of Sir Walsingham Cooke

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Date: 1642-01-05
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County: Wexford
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Apostacy, Robbery, Stripping
Commissioners: John Watson, William Aldrich
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 82r

Sir Walsingham Cooke knighte sonn and heire to Sir Richard Cooke deceased late principall secretary of state of the Kingdom of Ireland Chancellor of the his Maiesties Exchequer: & one of his Maiesties privy Counsell of Ireland sworne saith
That he being tenant to his highnes of Tomduff alias the mannor of Parsonstowne in the parrish of Killenaghe in the Barrony of Ballaghkeene in the County of wexford being plantacion Landes and haveing bestowed 2000 li. in building and incloseing and building a new Church and Chancell, and habitacions for English protestants whoe planted thereon and were twoe hundreth familys or nere thereabouts He this deponent on the xvjth or 17th of November Last past or thereabouts being at his howse aforesaid, where many of his poore tennants women and Children were gathered together, with their howseholdstuffe cattle and whatsoever they had or could bring, being at the Least 2000 english Cowes and oxen besides sheepe horses <A> Mares studd corne hay and other provition, one Luke Birne now or late of Kyllevaine in the County of wicklow gentleman, Colonell of the Rebells there hereafter named and his companys being then about 600 men: being advanced by Marching to Newbrough within 2 or three myles of this examinants howse, And they haveing passed Lymrick the lord Esmonds dwelling howse or castle (Where he was fortifyed, and had 140 able men well armed and stored with munition: And though this deponent was Joined with his lordship in Comission: for the Comand of the forces of that County. yet his lordship did rise and went from Limrick aforesaid to wexford, and passed within a myle of this Examinants <B> howse and gave noe notice to this Examinant thereof. where vpon he and his tenants suspecting the Lord Esmonds integritie & wanting force & power to resist soe powerfull an army of Rebells were disaminated and dishartened to make resistance and were robbed and dispoiled of all or most of their cattle and goodes In which this deponent lost for his owne particuler to the number of twoe hundreth and fowrscore english Cowes and oxen & nere 100 horses geldings Mares naggs and Colts seven hundreth english sheepe, and all his corne in the howse & haggard, & was expelled here from his corne in the grownd, his hay yong cattle, all his provition and howsholdstuff of which

fol. 82v

he saved nothing to the value of twoe thowsand pownds at the least, besides 700 li. ster per annum in rents and demesnes, all wasted ruyned depopulated, and Left not worth any thinge All which was done as aforesaid by or by the me a nes of the said Luke Birne and by Thomas Mastersonn of Rosminoge in the same county <A> gent: Edward Mastersonn of Burrows gentleman hannon gent Anthony Kavenagh of Bollenreddy gent Hugh Ballagh his sonn gentleman: Nicholas Kavenaghe and donnogh Cavenagh his brothers gentleman: Eneas kinsellagh of the Carrigg gent Garrott fitzGarrald of Cronecrower gentleman: Alexander Redmond of <B> the Rahin gentleman John Redmond of the Glan gentleman, owin Mc Cahir of Ballelosk gentleman Garrott mc owen his sonn Oliver mc Gerrott of Ballenecur gentleman Adam Roch of Askengarran gentleman Teige mc Davy of Ballenegan gentleman Turlogh mc donnell of dundrum gentleman Brian mc Teige of Kildraynoghe gentleman Donnogh mc Shane <C> of Balleteige gentleman Brian mc Shane of Ballenekill gent Redmond mc Shane of Balleclery gent, Cahir Mc ffeolim of Knockbrandon gent, Teige mc Connell of Cromore gentleman Garrott mc owin and Donogh mc Owin of Melchoge slaters Edward Synnott of of Tomnederry Esquire Garrot mc Cahire of <D> Ballenesragh gentleman Nicholas Connor of Ballenvally gentleman: Brian mc donnell of Ballevally Walter Brasill of Balleregan gentleman James mc Cahir of the same gentleman James mc owin of [ ] gent Edmond Synnott of the owlert, Daniell doyle alias ganker of B Garridonell Bran mc Teige of Carratubban <E> George Turner of Ballyhuregh gentleman oliver Masterson of Claghaman gent Donell oge Kavenaghe of Partenneshoge gent James mc Cahir of the same gent Arthur Synnott of Ballymore Tho: Codd of <ff> Garrilogh gentleman Mary the wife of John Rorte of Ballydrony

fol. 83r

all of the same Countie of wexford Amongst whom the goods aforesaid were shared or distributed or carrd away with divers others whose names he cannott nowe remember although he Knoweth them: Besides all his tennants being english and protestants to the number of 200 families or nere therabouts expulced robbed and stript of all that ever they had to the value of tenn or 12 thowsand Pownds at the least in a most barbarous & vnhumane Manner And that the said Tho: Mastersonn one of <G> the Rebells & his wife and family, now forceibly live in this examinants said howse: And further saith that all or the most of the persons dwelling aswell within the English as Irish Barronys of the County of wexford are out ingaged & imployed in this rebellion: And this deponent further saith and Informeth: That Sir Tho: Esmond Knight <H> and Barronet of Ballytremin nere wexford went to the protestant Church very often and seemed to to be a protestant But since this presente Rebellion is fallen from that religion, and turned papist as this deponent was tould by some of the said Sir Tho: his owne tenants that sayd they were at Masse with him, And one of this deponents servants tould him That he sawe the protestacion which the <I> said Sir Tho: made before one Edmund รด Doran a Romish Preist, That he had received the Comunion at Masse & would live & dye of that religion And further this deponent saith that he is now one of his Maiesties Justices within or for the said County of Wexford & the prime Commissioner for all his maiesties subsidies there wherein now (by reason of this presente rebellion he can doe nothing And that he is a Churchman a true protestants & faithfull both to King and Cuntry
Walsingham: Cooke
Jurat 5o Jan: 1641
coram nobis
Joh Watson
William Aldrich

fol. 83v


14 wexford o
Sir Walsingham Cooke
5o Jan: 1641
16 no



Deponent Fullname: Walsingham Cooke
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Knight
Deponent County of Residence: Wexford
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Richard Cooke, lord Esmond, Edmund , Tho: Esmond, Tho: Mastersonn, Luke Birne, Edward Mastersonn, Anthony Kavenagh, Hugh Ballagh, Nicholas Kavenaghe, donnogh Cavenagh, Eneas kinsellagh, Garrott fitzGarrald, Alexander Redmond, John Redmond, owin Mc Cahir, Garrott mc owen, Oliver mc Gerrott, Adam Roch, Teige mc Davy, Turlogh mc donnell, Brian mc Teige, Donnogh mc Shane, Brian mc Shane, Redmond mc Shane, Cahir Mc ffeolim, Teige mc Connell, Garrott mc owin, Donogh mc Owin, Edward Synnott, Garrot mc Cahire, Nicholas Connor, Brian mc donnell, Walter Brasill, James mc Cahir, James mc owin, Edmond Synnott, Daniell doyle, Bran mc Teige, George Turner, oliver Masterson, Donell Kavanaghe, James mc Cahir, Arthur Synnott, Tho: Codd, Mary Rorte, John Rorte
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Apostate, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned