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Women in the 1641 Depositions


This is an exemplar Exhibit about the roles of women in the 1641 Depositions. Click on the links above to explore.


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LanguageWare and the 1641 Depositions


This Exhibit discusses the methodology used to adapt IBM's LanguageWare natural language processing software to the requirements of the 1641 Depositions and the 'Language and Linguistic Evidence in the 1641 Depositions' Project.


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Widows in the 1641 Depositions


This Exhibit explores the representation of widows in the 1641 Depositions.


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Reported Speech?


This is an Exhibit about the possibility of annotation Reported Speech in the Depositions. It also serves as a test to demonstrate that users of CLRLE can embedd exported Voyeur Tools widgets in an Exhibit and combine with links to supporting Depositions, etc.


Disclaimer: I do not claim to be knowledgeable on the topic of Reported Speech. Information in this  Exhibit is opinion as opposed to fact.


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Corpus Mining


This Exhibit demonstrates how CLRLE's embedded Voyeur Tools can be used to examine the relative frequency of interesting words in the 1641 Depositons.