Information of William Turvin

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Date: 1642-03-03
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1641 Deposition Item Type Metadata

County: Wicklow
Deposition Type: Information
Nature of Deposition: Captivity, Robbery
Commissioners: William Ryves
Deposition Transcription:

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The Information of William Turvin the yonger concerninge the robbinge and ransackinge of his howse and goods at Whiteston and Rossohaue in the Countie of Wickloe taken before mee the third daie of March Anno domini 1641
<A> The said William Turvin beinge dulie sworne and examined saith that about the 19th of Nouember last past Dermond Toole of Knockandarra William ffaie of Knightcastle Robert Dowdall of the same Patr mc Cafill of the same beinge accompanied with seuerall others whose names are vnknowne vnto this examinant beinge all of them Tennants vnto Sir Robert Talbott knight did at seuerall Times take from the land of Whiteston the nomb{er} of ffowrescore head of faire English cattle beinge the proper goods of this examinant and 5 poore Orphants children vnto Charles Vallentin{e} deceased whose portions this examinant showld haue paid The said cattle bein{g} well worth 80 li. his cawse of knowledge is that beinge fledd vnto M{r} William Bucklies howse for safegard of his life his servants came and told this examinant at each time the said cattle were taken awaie And by whom as farre as they knewe
<B> More this examinant saith that about the 16th nouember last past Teige m{c} William of Knockbane Thomas Owre of ffrainstowne James Gaffny of th{e} Wine Tauerne Randall Maynwayringe of the same and Patr Kenned{y} of Rathbran beinge accompanied with seuerall others all Tennants and howsehold servants vnto James Woluerston of Rathbran gent (whose names this examinant knoweth not) did violentlie and by force of armes ta{ke} from thaforesaid land of Whiteston the nomber of 250 sheepe beinge t{he} proper goods of this examinant and thabouesaid Orphants which were well worth 52 li. 10 s. ster
<C> Moreouer thaboue mencioned James Woluerston of Rathbran Peirce Comerton of Manger Edward Ash Archbold of ffrainstowne John Cullen of the same John mc Donnogh Birne of Ballinecroe Robert Archbold of Tuckmin Walter Archbold of the same Redmond Grace of Knockban{e} Connor Kirevan of the same Pawl Woluerston of Rathbran Gerralt Grace of the same Calloe Doyle of ffrainston Donnogh Birne of Wine Tauerne Eddmon Orum of Knights Castle with seuerall others whose names this examinant knoweth not did about the 8th December last past violentlie with force of armes assawlt and take the Mansion howse of Mr William Bucklie Archdeacon called by the name of M illto w ne into which howse this examinant and his wife were fled for sauegarde of their lives and havinge possessed themselues thereof d{id} deteine this examinant and his wife prisoners for the space of 2 daies and 2 nights where they were euerie moment in danger to lose their liues wh{ } havinge by earnest perswasion gotten libertie to depart with their liues on{ } were constrained to leaue behind them all his howsehold stuffe as Br{asse} Pewter holland Diaper Iron Woll all manner prouision for winter the p{ar}ticulers whereof this examinant cannott relate havinge at the same tim{e} lost all his noates and bookes of account which were well worth 70 li. togeth{er} with 7 li. in monie a sword worth 20 s. And a faire younge English stone horse worth xiiij li. ster which were of the proper goods of this examinant
<D> Moreouer about the 20th Nouember last past The Tennants of Peeter Wickcome Esquire beinge assisted by the Inhabitants of the Lordship of Baltinglas (As this exa{minant} was informed by his servants) did violentlie and by force of armes take and carrie awaie from thaforesaid land of Whiteston of the proper goods of this examinant And the Orphants aboue mencioned the nomber of 70 head of studd mares workinge horses ridinge Naggs with one geldinge which were well wor{th} 140 li. togeather with 4 English Mares for breed worth 20 li. And one younge stone horse worth 11 li. they might bee sowld at the same time { }

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<{E}> Moreouer about the 20th December last past one Edmond Ewstace d i late of Ballymore Ewstace in the Countie of Dublin did by vertue of a warrant vnder the hand of Coronell Mawrish Ewstace of Castle Martin Esquire enter with his wife and familie and possesse themselues of this examinants howse at Whiteston And withall did seize uppon 9 reekes of Corne as wheat beare barlie Pease and oats (then remaininge in the haggard of this examinant) which was the whole Cropp of 2 Plowes Tilladge togeather with the winter Corne which was sowne by this examinant before his cominge to Dublin besides 2 reekes of haie and one of Turfe beinge the proper goods of this examinant all which this examinant is well able to proue to bee worth 420 li. ster the Cawse of his knowledge is that this examinants wife beinge at Whiteston demaunded of the said Edmond Ewstace what awthoritie hee had to possesse himselfe of the said howse and seize uppon the said Corne whoe shewed hir the said Coronell Ewstace hand warrant for the same to bee for the vse of himselfe and his rebellious armie which hee had then raised __ 420 li. 0 s. 0 d.
<{F}> Moreouer the Lease of Whiteston which was farmed by Charles Vallentine {d}eaceased from Mrs Piphoe of St Maries Abbie and valued at 100 li. {a}s appeareth by the Inventorie of the goods and Chattles of the said {C}harles Vallentine deceased the excecutrix of whom this examinant married _________________________________________________ 100 li. 0 s. 0 d.
<{G}> Moreouer Luke mc Redmond Birne and Gerrott mc Phelim Birne with seuerall others of their rebellious companie (the names of whom this examinant knoweth nott) did about the 5th of Nouember last past seize uppon the Towne and land of Rossohane pretendinge the same of right to belonge vnto themselues and their Ancestors which Towne land was farmed by William Turvin the elder from the right honorable Sir Adam Loftus knight The said William Turvin havinge bestowed great sommes of monies in makinge a Plantation howse and buildinge a Towne uppon the said land with other great somes bestowed uppon the Improuement of the same the Lease of which said land beinge 50 and odd yeares yett to come was bestowed by the said William Turvin the elder uppon this examinant as his Marriadge portion And was farmed by this examinant vnto one John Mountford whoe offered this examinant 250 li. ffor his goodwill of the said Lease And beinge then possessed thereof was an eye witness of the forcible and violent entrie of thaboue named Luke and Gerrott Birne with their followers _________ 250 li. 0 s. 0 d.
<{H}> Moreouer there was taken out of the said howse of Rossohane by the said Luke Birne and his followers 2 chests wherein were clothes and seuerall other things of the proper goods of the examinants to the full value of 30 s. ____________________________________ 1 li. 10 s. 0 d.
And further this examinant saith that hee hath owinge vnto him by seuerall of the Inhabitants of the Countie of Kildare and Wickloe by spetialties and booke which showld haue bin paid him at Easter last Michaelmas last and Easter next ensewinge the some of 100 li. _____ 100 li. 0 s. 0 d.
Summa Totallis 1349 li. 10 s. 0 d.
William Ryves

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examinacion of William
Sir Robert Talbott

Deponent Fullname: William the yonger Turvin
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent County of Residence: Wicklow
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Sir Robert Talbott, Charles Vallentine, James Woluerston, Peeter Wickcom, Mrs Piphoe, William the elder Turvin, William Bucklie, Sir Adam Loftus, Dermond Toole, William ffaie, Robert Dowdall, Patr mc Cafill, Teige mc William, Thomas Owre, James Gaffny, Randall Maynwayringe, Patr Kennedy, Peirce Comerton, Edward Archbold, John Cullen, John mc Donnogh Birne, Robert Archbold, Walter Archbold, Redmond Grace, Connor Kirevan, Pawl Woluerston, Gerralt Grace, Calloe Doyle, Donnogh Birne, Eddmon Orum, Edmond Ewstace, Mawrish Ewstace, Luke mc Redmond Birne, Gerrott mc Phelim Birne
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Mentioned, Mentioned, Rebel, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Victim, Mentioned, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel