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Date: 1642-02-12
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County: Armagh
Deposition Type: Information
Nature of Deposition: Words
Commissioners: Gerard Lowther, Robert Meredith
Deposition Transcription:

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The Examination of Henry Cartaine taken before Sir Gerrald Lowther knight Lord cheife Justice of his Majesties Court of Comman Pleas & Sir Robert Meredith knight Chancellour of his Majesties Court of Exchequer of his Majesties Prime Councell of the Kingdome of Ireland By direction of the right honnorable the Lordes Justices & Councell, 12 febr 1641

Who beeing sworne & Examined, saith, that about nines yeares since, hee this Examinant left the Kingdome of Ireland & went into fflanders, vnder the command of James ffitzGarrald of Ballyronan in the Countie of Kildare: And att his said Captaines Landing in fflanders hee, & his Company were put into the Regiment of Owen Roe ô Neile, Collonell vnder the Cardinall where this Examinant served for about two yeares of the said tyme vnder the said Captaine ffitzGarrald & then was transferred vnder the command of Captaine Conn ô Neile in the same Regiment And afterwardes was preferred by the said Collonell Owen ô Neale to bee his Maior Domo Which Office is of the nature of Steward of his house And after was by the said Owen made Quarter Master of his Regiment In which ymployment hee this Examinant remained vntill hee was now sent vnto this Kingdome by the said Collonell Owen ô Neale And this Examinant alsoe saith that Sir Phelim Roe ô Neale knig ht sent a Table with a Character from this Kingdome of Ireland vnto Collonell Owen ô Neile into fflanders the which Table was lost att the Seidge of Ayre And for the losse of which Character hee this Examinant heard the said Collonell lament much saying That all the great Townes Portes Provinces and remarkeable places and persons in this Kingdome of Ireland had theire particuler names were deciphered in that Table After which tyme the said Collonell receiued from Captaine

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Conn ô Neile Nephew vnto him the said Owen one other Table of Characters of the like contents And the said Captaine Conn was sent from fflannders into England about Lent last by the said Collonell to obtaine leaue for the raiseing of men in this Kingdome of Ireland vnder pretence of carrying the said men soe to bee raised into fflannders The true intention of the raiseing of those men beeing to sett on ffoot the Rebellion in Ireland which hath since accordinglie beene done And the said Conn haveing spent about six weekes in England returned vnto fflannders vpon pretence of furnishing himselfe with mony for the raiseing of the said Men, but before hee the said Conn returned back for England the said Collonell Owen beeing on a Journey vnto the Seidge of Ayre there repaired vnto him Hugh mc Phelim Birne now a Collonell amongst the Rebells of this kingdome of Ireland who formerlie had beene a Captaine in Tirones Regiment in Spaine And the said Hugh remained with the said Collonell Owen about foure and twentie houres most of which tyme they spent in priuate conference In which discourse hee this Examinant ouerheard the said Hugh say Wee are to adventure our lives for the succouring of a scabbed Towne of the King of Spaines where wee may happilie loose our liues And wee can Expect noe worse then Death if wee goe vnto our owne Country and succour itt And the said Hugh leaveing the said Collonell in his Journey towardes Ayre went vnto Dunkerke and from thence into England And soone after att the Camp of Ayre there came vnto the said Owen an Irish ffryer one of the ô Neales disguised who after much priuate conference with the said Collonell for about six daies The said

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ffryer departed thence for England together with Captaine Edward Birne and Captaine Bryan ô Neale a Kinsman of the said Collonell & a Captaine of his Regiment and now in Ireland amoungst the Rebells And att the said Captaine Brians departure from the Collonell hee the said Collonell presented him with a case of Pistolls And shortlie after the aforementioned Captaine Conn ô Neale was againe sent into England and from thence hee the said Captaine Conn wrote into fflannders vnto the said Collonell Owen that Hugh mc Phelim Birne Captaine Bryan ô Neale and the aforesaid ffryer were gone for Ireland And that hee the said Conn had receiued a Letter out of Ireland from President Rosse (by which name in theire Table of Characters is vnderstood Sir Phelim ô Neale) And that the said President Rosse went very well on in his buisenes by reason that Brabant and Valons were fullie resolued to ioyne together (By which Brabant and Valons are vnderstood in the aforesaid Table of Characters Vlster and Leinster) And did further write att the same tyme that hee the said Conn expected Lewis Lanois his comeing into England (By which Lewis Lanois in theire Table aforesaid is vnderstood Daniell ô Neale brother to the said Conn now in restraint in England) & for whom hee had staid and was in feare of staying ouer long least hee should be entrapped And desired his vncle the said Collonell Owen ô Neale to send some one from him vnto the said President Rosse into Ireland with his resolution and instructions what to doe which the said President dailie expected which Letters were sent from the said Conn vnto him the said Owen into fflannders by a speciall Messenger Att which tyme one Bryan mc Phelim Birne came

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out of England vnto the said Collonell Owen and staid with him a few daies and had conference with him & soe returned back for England, and after in October Last the said Collonell Owen ô Neale sent one Art mc Gennis a ffryer beeing his Nephew into England who att Dunkerke mett with a Jesuite who as this Examinant was told was a sonne of the Lord viscount Netterfeilde which came together with him into England and soe for Ireland And this Examinant further saith that in November last newes came vnto the said Collonell Owen ô Neale that there was an enterprise to bee made on the Castle of Dublin for the takeing of the said Castle by the Lord Magwyre Mc Mahowne one of the Neales and others which Plott beeing discouered the said Lord Magwyre mc Mahowne ô Neale with others were imprisoned And that neuerthelesse the Irish had raised a great companie of men and possessed themselues of the Newry Dundalke Ardmagh Monaghan & seuerall other Countrie Townes, & that they had taken Prisoners the Lord Calfeild the Ladie Blanie & her children and that theire numbers did daylie encrease And beeing demanded how they could haue the said newes soe soone in fflannders answeared that they had that and most of the newes of Ireland out of England & that itt was notable to obserue with what speede and certaintie the Irish in fflannders receiued the newes of Ireland out of England vpon receipt of which newes the said Collonell was in a great

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rage against the discouerer and said hee wondered how or where that villaine should liue for if hee were in Ireland sure they would pull him in peices there And if hee liued in England there were ffootmen and other Irishmen enough to kill him And hee further saith that the said Collonell Owen acquainted the Gennerall ffranciscoe de Melloe with the said newes who told the said Collonell that hee had vnderstood as much before And therevpon the said Collonell desired Licence to depart for Ireland And likewise that hee might haue Armes & munition to carry thither with him, wherevnto the said Gennerall answeared that the said Collonell should not want eyther Armes or Munition or any thing els that hee could furnish him with all If hee the said Collonell were sure of any Port where they might bee safelie Landed in Ireland And therevpon the said Gennerall advised the said Collonell to send one of trust into Ireland without Letters to bee enformed thence which were the safest and best Portes in Ireland where Armes and Munition might bee Landed And to direct that some ffryer or Preist might for that purpose bee sent back into fflannders to certifie them of those portes And likewise that some person of speciall trust should bee sent into ffrance Room{e} and to the Emperour to negotiate with them and to desire theire assistance for the Irish in defence of theire Religion

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Therevpon the said Collonell desir ed designed for that negotiation one Euer Roe tituler Bishopp of Downe And by reason that hee this Examinant and the speciall ymployments which hee had vnder the said Collonell & the trust reposed in him by the said Collonell were knowne vnto the said Conn ô Neale Bryan ô Neale and diuerse others of the Rebells now in Ireland Hee the said Collonell chose this Examinant to send into Ireland with the said Message And these Instructions. That hee this Examinant should repaire vnto Sir Phelim ô Neale Conn ô Neale Bryan ô Neale and Hugh ô Birne and to acquaint them that hee the said Collonell was purposed to come from Dunkerke for Ireland with all Expedition & to bring with him three Shippes wherein should bee three or ffourehundred Commanders and Officers with Munition & Armes for horse and ffoot for the supplie of such Companies of Souldiers as were or could bee raised in Ireland by those of the Catholique League for the prosecution of the warr theire Next that hee the said Collonell Expected to bee forthwith advertised and advised from them in Ireland by some ffryer or Preist to bee sent from thence for that purpose what Port in that Kingdome hee should Land in And directed the sending of the aforenamed Ever Roe Tituler Bishopp of Downe into ffrance vnto Roome and the Emperour to solicite

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theire aides for the defence of the Religion in Ireland And likewise further advised that the Lordes and great Commanders of the Catholique league in that Kingdome should by all meanes auoyde to fight anie Battailes with the English or Kinges Army vntill the said Collonells arrivall, at Ireland & they were better furnished with Armes & Munition And that in the meane tyme & vntill his comeing if there were any Noblemen or gentlemen in Ireland who would not ioyne with them in this warr they should proclaime the said parties vnnaturall members of that nation & Kingdome And Enemyes vnto that Religion And alsoe that the Goodes and Landes of those who would not ioyne with them should bee giuen vnto him or them of that house or ffamilie who would accept thereof & ioyne with them And alsoe that vntill his comeing & vntill they were better furnished with Armes they should not giue the Kinges Army any meeteing in the the day tyme but should sett vpon them in theire Quarters by night when they were wearied by Marching abroad in the countie or vpon other occasions And another of this Examinants other Instructions was to perswade them by all meanes that they should not mistrust or doubt of his comeing for hee would bee with them ere long and that hee had taken a great oath that if hee could not obtaine leaue Munition & Armes from the Gennerall Yet

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if all ffailed hee would adventure himselfe and his whole Estate in that service and that if hee liued hee would assuredly bee with them within tenn weekes & would bring with him Myners Cannons and Cannoneers and such other Instruments as should bee necessarie for them And that hee did wonder although there were noe Myners there that his Countrymen did not imploy and sett on work such persons as digged for Iron Myne or Coles And further that the Lordes and Commanders of the Catholique League in Ireland should send one Patrick Heggertie a ffryer who had spent much tyme in Scotland to solicite for them there And to put the Scotts in minde that they were for the most part discended from the Irish and that the Irish neuer drew any of theire blood And therefore that they should not offer the Irish any Iniurie But keepe themselues Quiet in their owne Countrie not helpeing the one part or the other Another of his this Examinants Instructions was to perswade the Lordes and great Commanders of the League that they should hold firme together and not bee deceiued by the faire promises of the English or of the State in Ireland as Tirone & Tirconnell were who after they had submitted were forced to flie the {Kingdome} and many others behe{aded an}d others restreyned in the Tower of London vntill they there died and lost theire land
{ }

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And that they should not doubt of succour And further saith that hee was directed by his said Collonell to impart these his Instructions and Message vnto such Lordes Commannders and gentlemen in Ireland as the said Sir Phelim ô Neale Conn ô Neale Brian ô Neile & Hugh Birne should direct and advise him vnto And that att his departure from his said Collonell hee the said Collonell called for a Glasse of wine & dranke the health of the said Captaine Hugh mc Phelim Birne who hee said was designed Governour of the ffort of Duncannon in the Countie of Wexford. And this Examinant further saith that hee beeing directed with a Letter in December last from his Collonell vnto one Bryan Birford a ffryer and resident att Dundalke Dunkerke for the helpeing of him this Examinant to a passage for Ireland The said ffryer acquainted this Examinant that hee the said ffryer would make a Journey forthwith vnto Collonell Owen ô Neale & from him vnto Collonell Preston to labour the ioyneing together of the said Collonells to goe into Ireland to further with all the force & aide they could make the prosecution of the present warr there And further saith that in his this Examinants voyage for Ireland { }ie) was Landed { } before Christmas last where they the said parties remained for three weekes noe examina{ }

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or notice beeing taken of eyther of them there and from thence the shipp beeing bound for the Port of Waterford the same Landed him this Examinant and the ffryer att the Port of Youghall about the begining of January last where they were brought before the Earle of Corke and by his Lordship sent by Sea vnto the Cyttie of Dublin And further this Examinant saith hee conceiueth that the said Collonell Owen may bee easilie surprised in his passage for Ireland if hee bee laid for with good advisement The said Owen purposeing to come with his men Munition and Armes vnto Bargam within a Mile of Dunkerk which place hee intendes to gaine for his Garrison And from thence to carry in Lighters {& la}nd Armes Munition & men as secretlie as hee may by night vnto the Shippes att Dunkerke without shewing himselfe there And his pretence will bee that hee is imployed into Spaine And the said Collonell purposeth to bring with him all the Irish Mariners which may bee had about Dunkerk where there are store and in speciall one Captaine Donnell a Sea Captaine And soe to come for England Ireland eyther by Dover or if hee see cause by the North of Scotland
And this Examinant further saith that hee the Examinant d{ } to go into Ireland { } Owen { }

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that was sent from his said Collonell into Ireland of this Message besides himselfe But beleiueth that some Messenger might bee sent from Collonell Preston vnto the Lordes of the Pale & other Commanders in the Prouince of Leinster aswell as hee was sent by his Collonell vnto Sir Phelim ô Neale & those of Vlster Hee alsoe saith that the principall Commanders & Captaines of the Irish in fflannders are these whose names are vnderwritten vizt Owen ô Neale Collonell, Patri{ck } Seriant Maior, Conn ô Neale Captaine, Bryan ô Neale Captaine, { } Brian are now in Ireland commanders with the Rebells The rest of { } that are now in the low Countries of the said Collonell Owen ô {Neile } are these vizt Melanglin ô Moore Griffin Cavanagh Donne{ } Dillon Stephn Delahoid Nicholas Dalton George Hovenden { } Gerald ffitzGarrald Dermot Conseden Neale ô Neale Joh{ } ô Neale Conn mc Neale ô Neale Bryan Roe ô Neile, J{ } adiudant, Maurish ô Hean adiudant Henry Neale sonne to the { } Owen Captaine of a troope of horse David Browne { } Captaine Edmund Loughran Auditor in th{ } Captaines of particuler Companie{s } Maurice mc { }

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12 febr: 1641
Examjnation of Henry

Deponent Fullname: Henry Cartaine
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Soldier
Deponent County of Residence: Unknown
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: James ffitzGarrald, Owen , Conn , Phelim , Hugh mc Phelim Birne, Edward Birne, Bryan , President Rosse, Lewis Lanois, Daniell , Art mc Gennis, * Netterfeilde, * Magwyre Mc Mahowne, * Calfeild, * Blanie, ffranciscoe de Melloe, Euer Roe *, Conn , Patrick Heggertie, Hugh mc Phelim Birne, Bryan Birford, Collonell Preston, Captaine Donnell, * Brian, Cavanagh Donne, Griffin, { } Dillon, Stephn Delahoid, Nicholas Dalton, George Hovenden, { } Gerald ffitzGarrald, Dermot Conseden, Neale , Joh{ } , Conn mc Neale , Bryan Roe , J{ } *, Maurish , Henry Neale, { } Owen, David Browne, Edmund Loughran, Maurice mc { }
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Mentioned, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Victim, Victim, Mentioned, Mentioned, Rebel, Mentioned, Rebel, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned