Deposition of Peeter Wappall

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1642-03-12
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1641 Deposition Item Type Metadata

County: Antrim
Deposition Type: Information
Nature of Deposition: Logistic Support
Commissioners: John Poyer
Deposition Transcription:

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Peeter Wappall of the Citty of London Mariner Gouernor of the good shippe called the Mary Anne of London, sworen & examined 12th daye of March Anno Rexs Caroli nue Anglo &c xvviii 1641 before John Poyer Esquire Mayor of the Towne of Pembrooke touching certaine Armes & ammunition which hee had aborde his said shippe
Being demanded who sett those Armes & Ammunitions abord him; saith that one Sir John Clathworthey knight did by order <Y> from the honorable houses of Parliament: cause those Armes to besett aborde his said vessell, from & out of the Tower of London to be by this Examinante transported to Cierrickvergus in Irelande for his Maiesties seruis there, the Ammunition was as followeth 440 barrells of Powder: 17 Irone Ornam six peeces of brasse ordinantes with Armes & match for about 2000 men, & beinge demande at what time he came forth of the downes, saith that xxvjth day of ffeb: last he came out of the downes & arived in this porte of Milforde 2th day of this Instante being demanded whether any shippes was appointed to conuoy this examinant ouer into Irelande with the said Armes & Amunition <Z> saith that one Captaine brooke hauen of London had an order directed vnto him from the honorable house of Comons for to Conuoy the said Examinant to Irelande as aforesaid with the said armes & Amunition & being demanded where the said Captain Brooke hauen now is saith that he knoweth not, for he Left this Examinant with his said shipp at Anchor in Douer roade the 25 day of ffebr Last Leaueing behinde him one of the Master mates of the said Captain shipp, on shoare, then Imployed by his said Captain to looke affter a certaine hoye loaden with pouder & other Amunition to be taken in aborde the said Captain <A> shippe & one other shippe then Imployed in his Maiesties seruis for Ireland which other ship this Examinant knoweth not the name there of the said Captain Brooke hauen Leauing this Examinant & the Master mate aforesaid behind him & sett sayle with his said shippe leauing the said hoye Loaden with powder & other Amunitionn behinde him & the said Brooke hauen went away in Company with one of his Maiesties shipps called the Bonauenture whereof

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whereof one Captain Stradling was Captaine & bounde <B> with his said shippe for Kingsale in Ireland, but whether the said Captain Brookehauen were Commanded by the said Captain Stradling to leaue this Examinant behind him or whether the said Brooke hauen did soe leaue this Examinant of his owne voluntary will this Examinant knoweth not or to what Intent the said Brookehauen did soe leaue this Examinant he knowes not. & beinge demanded what shippes came away out of the downs in his Company saith that one Captaine Counstable of London, at present being Imployed by the one of the honorable house of Parliament in his Maiesties seruis for <C> the kingdome of Irelande came in Company forth of the downes aforesaid vnto the Lands ende of Englande & there left this Examinant with his said ship the winde beinge then att east the said Counstable bering away for kingsale & this Examinant saith that haueing not a Conuoy any further did sett into the hauen of Milford: there to take in a pilott & to Learne how the state of Irelande now stoode in the Northerne parts: where he this Examinant was bounde, And this Examinant being demanded what Company hee had abord him, more then was alowed him by my Lord Admiralls warrant saith <D> that there are fiue persons two wherof are surgions to the Lord Conwayes Regiment & 3 other gentlemen which this Examinant desires might be sent for to be Examined for that he this Examinant was profered 100 li. to Carry two strangers passengers into Ireland which this Examinant refused, not knowing what theire intendments were:

Peeter Wappell

John Poyer Mayor of Pembrooke

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Examinacions out of Wexford

12 March 1641
Examinacions touching munition for knockfergus
Peter Wappall
Rec 21 Martyij 1641

Deponent Fullname: Peeter Wappall
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Mariner Governor
Deponent County of Residence: Unknown
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: John Clathworthey, Captain Brookehauen, Captain Stradling, Captaine Counstable
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned