Declaration of Thomas Farback

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Date: 1642-01-08
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County: Kildare
Deposition Type: Miscellaneous
Nature of Deposition: Arson, Robbery, Words
Commissioners: John Sterne, Roger Puttock
Deposition Transcription:

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[ ]
The 5th of this instant month december 1641 being Sonday at night there was taken away from at of the land ffleshtowne 52 Cowes & twoe hundred and twenty sheepe great and smale, by Ochoe mc keochoe the inhabitants of Courtduff Blackwood Downings Kilbegs and Longlore{ } as I am Credibly in enformed by our owne men, that pursued them [ ] to theyre howses & found them killing of the Cattle
The 12th day of the same Month being sonday at night James fitz Garrald of Blackh all came to Cassamseix with a great Company of Men being as I am enformed by those that wer amongst them about the number 2 or 3 hundred men, whoe breakeing open the Castle doore and tooke away all the goods that were therein

fol. 251v

when hee had Ransackt the said Castle of Cassamseix he came with a great Number of his Rogus to Bodenstowne and finding some Resistance he disired vs to hould our hands & that he had som thing to say vnto vs that Concerned our selues & our master, we granting that he cam neere & he & a great part of felows, [ ] wee wished him to say on, he said that there was a great Army Coming that way of the Clan=donells & that they were resolued not to leaue that Castle vntill they had taken it, & wisht vs that we would open the grate and let him & 3 or 4 of his solders in, to helpe vs from our enemyes from being surprisd by this army that was as he said were at hand I replyed and said Master

fol. 252r

Mr James fitz Garrald yow and your company hath broken open our Castle at Cassamseix & Ransack it, & neuer asked vs leaue, & [ ] likewise & I beleeue if yow Could get into this Castle to yow would doe the Like with it; & wisht him be gone that we would not trust him, then he tooke a booke out of his pockett & swore Many an oath that he was for our good & for our Masters good, & god [ ] confound him if he would take worth a peny out of it, I replyed & said that he had broken his oath with the king & that he would doe the same with vs, & desired him to take away his men from & let our selues defend the Castle as well as we can from that Army that was Cuming he said that he must com & breake open the Castle if I would not let him com in & said that his soilders would burn the howses & the hagga{rd} if we had not let him com into the Castle [ ] & presently some of his men stept to the gat & broke it open & set the howse on fire & tooke away 7 Cowes & one garran with them that were in the orchard, the said James goeing a good way of came back & wish vs to open the doore we replyed and wishd him to be gon like

fol. 252v

a traytore as he was & that we hoped ere long that Sir Caharles Coote would burne his brother Williams house & haggard in Reuenge of that that he had done vp vs. and dischardging a piece at him he and all his Rogues Ran a great way of from vs; & sent severall Messengers vnto vs, & said if wee would giue him a piec{e} or 2 that he would send backe the Cows vnto vs, & take away all his men, I sent him word that if he would com for the Guns himselfe that he should haue them wherevpon He said that would not venter Life, & soe tooke his way towards Naas, & swore a great oath that he would com next with a 1000 men
the next day being the 13th of the same monthe William fitz Garrald of Blackhall sent his man for me, & soe I went to blackhale & meeting with William fitz Garrald in his owne howse he swore betwixt him and god that he had sent for the Irish Armye to defend his howse and his haggard from being burnt by me, I replyed & tould him that I did not say that I would burn his howse my selfe but that Sir Charl{es} would haue don it if had com that way well [goth] he there is a great Army Coming this night to Bodenstowne & betwixt me and god they will

fol. 253r

will not leaue a sticke or a stake there but it should be burnt, and that they would neuer the leaue the towne vntill they had the Castle & put euery one of vs to death, wherevppon I spoke & said mr fitz Gerrald if yow please yow may keepe that Army from vs, yes said he if lett some of me people into the Castle with yow & when the Army Cometh let som of my men answer them & say that the Castle was yeelded vnto theyre master & that they would depart But said he Ile prevent theyre Coming if I can & he Called his brother oliuer & wished him goe and the Army & [ ] tell them that the Army that he had gott the Castle, soe the said Oliuer posted towards the Naas; in the euning the said William cam to Bodenstown with 4 or 5 of of his men put them into the Castle & when [ ] left the Chardg of the Castle with his brother John, but before hee departed himselfe he turned away som of the servants of of & said there should be none there but whom he pleased he tooke the keys to himselfe & would not suffer any of vs to handle any thing in the howse, he [thah] of of the kernes in the Castle & all the Kearnes that comes that way hath free leaue to goe in and out at theyre pleasure he desposed of althing as he pleaseth
This declaration is the handwriting of Thomas farback which he deliuered to me with an intent to haue sworne it before the Comissioners assigned thervnto [ ]
William Golburne

fol. 253v

This declaration made by Thomas ffarback was deposed by Mr Archdeacon Golburne to be the hand writeing of the said Thomas And that upon the said Archdeacons oath, he verily beleiveth the said declaration to be true. deposed this 8 January 1641
Before us
Roger Puttocke John Sterne


Deponent Fullname: Thomas farback, Archdeacon Golburne
Deponent Gender: Male, Male
Deponent Occupation: Clergy
Deponent County of Residence: Unknown,
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Ochoe mc keochoe, James fitz Garrald, William fitz Garrald, none none, oliuer *, Caharles Coote
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, None, Rebel, Mentioned