Against the wife of Florence Fitzpatrick

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County: Queen's Co
Deposition Type: Index
Nature of Deposition: Assault, Killing, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Stripping
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Against the wife of Florence ffitzpatrick
That the wife of William Mattocks of Mountrath told her shee was present when Mris ffitzpatrick blamed her souldjers becawse they brought not to her the grease & fatt of Mris Nicholson to make Candles therwith, after they had slayne her for her
religion & goods __________________________ Elizabeth Baskervile deponent 195
That by credible report, that those that buried one Nicholson & his wife (formerly murthered) were threatened to be hanged & that her bowells were stript to make
tallowe for Candles ________________________ Ja: Weld deponent 130
Mr Nicholson of Mountrath & his wife perswaded by fflorence ffitzpatrick to come & bring their goods to his howse premissing safetie for all, whereof they they haveing gained possession & Mr Nicholson & his wife beholding divers cruelties & murthers vpon others, & so fearing the like to themselues fled away And after fflorence being desired for a passe denied to give them any but received Mris Nicholsons scarfe, & bade her shift for herself Then they hired one Harding & others to convoy them who murthered them in the way. This he heard both by English & Irish & beleeves the report, And by the like report the murtherers repented they had not ript Mris Nicholsons belly for her grease to make candles, And that one William ffox was hanged killed by direction of fflorence & his wife, & the said ffoxs 2 children also killed & their mother wounded & buried in a sawpitt & timber cast vpon them, whether where the mother languished 2 days till shee calld to an Irish man for water who knockt out her
braines __________________________________ Phillip Sergint Depo 158
Margaret Tailor d : 160 sayth that fflorence his wife exacted 10 li. from Mris Nicholson to procure he{r} husbands passe & that she sent them away {in} a Convoy, who with others stripped & murthered them brought their apparell to Mris ffitzpatrick, who called the{m} Roagues for not bringing from Mris Nicholson her grease whereof shee might have made benefit Deponent 160

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Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Mrs ffitzpatrick, Florence ffitzpatrick, Mris Nicholson, Mr Nicholson, William ffox, William Mattocks, Mrs Mattocks, Elizabeth Baskervile, Ja: Weld, * Harding, Phillip Sergint, Margaret Tailor
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