Examination of Ardell McMahon

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1641-11-01
Identifier: 809044r019


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County: Dublin
Deposition Type: Examination
Nature of Deposition: Investigative
Commissioners: Hugh Cressy, Samuel Mayart
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 44r

<At the Kings Inns> The examination of Ardel mc Mahon of Racrehan in the County of Monaghan & barrony of Dartree taken before vs Sir Sa: Mayart knight &c & Hugh Cressye esquire &c this 1 of Nou 1641.
<J> Who beinge examined saith that he hath dwelt at Racrean aforesaid since St Patricks last with his father in law Shane boy Odonoghoe & that before that time about a yeare & halfe he dwelt in the County of Cauan about a mile from Racrean where he vsed ploughinge but since last st Patr{ick} tide he hath liued with his said ffather in law to loke ouer his goods; & that h{e} came from Racrean vpon tuseday last was seuennight without any body in his company to Phelim mc Shane mc Mahons house beinge about 2 miles from Racrean wher ther was no company but the said Phelim & his wife & children: & from thence beinge wedensday he went without any in his company to Carickmcros wher he lay in a house at the bridge end but the name of the owner of the house he knoweth not at which house ther were many persons it beinge a marketday but he knoweth none of ther names: & from thence beinge thursday followinge he came to a towne about [ ] 4 or 5 miles on this side of the towne of Slane but the townes name he knoweth not nor was ther any in his company that he knewe or but only marketpeople goinge vp & downe & from thence beinge fryday he came alone to Dublin to a house nere the greene where he cold get no lodginge & thervpon went to william Sreloghs house neare the grene where he met with Patrick mcMahon of Drumhey <K> or Agheereagh (for that both those tates of land as his) & a boy called one Brian mcMahon belonging to the said Patrick & no other that he knew or nor was any other in ther company at the said Sreloghs house; from which house the said Patrick Brian & this examinat presently went for that they cold haue no lodging ther to the house of one Brock on this side the water, where they found Hue oge mc Mahon the Justice of peace & another man with him whom this examinat knoweth not with whome they stayed not longe but went into another chamber prouided for themselues where this examinat & the said Patrick & Brian lay in one bed & after but presently after they came into ther chamber ther came into the same chamber 4 or 5 yonge men to lodge in another bed ther; but knoweth none of them nor ther names, but heard one of them called Owen mc Mahon whom he had seene before in the County of Monaghan but had no acquaintance with him he also saith that the time they came into ther chamber was about the fallinge of the night, where they did all eate & drinke but how longe he knoweth not but thinketh it was about 2 howres & then went al to bed wher they lay til the next morninge beinge Saterday & then were apprehended after this examinat had first drawen his sword seinge another with a naked sworde first drawen against him <L> but as sone as he knewe it was an officer who had his sword so drawen he put vp his sword & yeilded to him: He further saith that his busines to towne was to take vp a conveyance from Robert Bath which he the said Robert had taken into his hands [ ] about last March was two yeares vpon the findinge of an office vpon the death of this examinants father, which dede the said Bath had seueral times formerly promised to giue this examinat but did not & also to leaue fees to answere a writt brought against this examinat by Mathew Brown He also saith that the abouesaid Patrick mc Mahon came to towne he to agree with Henry Caruil a taylor to whom he owed some mony & knoweth no other busines the said Patrick had in Dublin. he also saith that none did aduise or wish this examinat [deponent] to come to towne but himselfe: & that he knoweth no such man as Rosse

fol. 44v

<M> Mc Mahon of Ballintenan in the County of Monaghan & barronye of Cremorne
But this examinant haueinge the said Rosse brought into his presence did confes that he the said Rosse was with him & lay in the [ ] same chamber at Brocks with him but neuer knew him before nor knew his name til he was taken.
Ard: mcmahon
Sa: Mayart Hu: Cressy

5o Nou: 1641
<N> The said Ardel being further demanded whether Rosse mc Mahon demanded of him or of the rest in his company how they wold pay for ther great store of drinke which they then drunke saith that the said Rosse nor any of his company neuer asked any such question that he heard or knoweth or that ther was any answere giuen by him this examinat or any other in his company that he heard that he shold be of good cheere for tomorrow morninge it shold be paid for or that he was bidden take no care or any wordes to that effect
Ard: mmahon
Sa: Mayart Hu Cressy

fol. 45r

fol. 45v

The examination of Ardell

1 No: 1641
The examinacion of
Ardell mcMahon

1 he came the xxijth of
2 That he was that night
in company of Hugh
oge mc mahon

Deponent Fullname: Ardel mc Mahon
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent County of Residence: Monaghan
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Shane boy Odonoghoe, Phelim mc Shane mc Mahon, william Srelogh, Patrick mcMahon, Brian mcMahon, Hue oge mc Mahon, Robert Bath, Mathew Brown, Henry Caruil, Rosse mc Mahon
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