Examination of David Roberts

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1643-08-09
Identifier: 810289r308


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County: Dublin
Deposition Type: Examination
Nature of Deposition: Captivity, Words
Commissioners: Charles Lambert, Lord Lambert, George Shurley, Gerard Lowther
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 289r

<9o Augusti 1643> The examinacion of Dauid Roberts Clerke ta{ken} before the Right honourable the Lo: Lambart lo: Cheefe Justice of the Kings Bench the lo: the Cheefe Justice of the Common please by direccions from the lo: Justices and Coun{cell}
<l> Beeing duly examined saith, That haueing Informacion giuen vnto this examinate by the g w arde some of the warders of the Castell (whose names this Examinat knoweth not) that one Talbott was a suspected person and ill liuer in this Cittie, And beeing desirous to knowe the certaine { } thereof inquired further of him (in hopes to redeeme his wife and other freindes that are prisoners with the Rebell{s} The gwarde at Bridg gate further gaue intelligence vn{to} this examinat that Lampardes house at Bridg=gate was a suspected house and that ill affected people as on Talbott Pre{ists} and fryers frequented the same, which intelligenc{e} <m> beeing giuen vnto this examinate on Thursday las{t} by the said gwarde in generall (whose names this examinat knoweth not saue onely one Sariant Scott wh{o} then was sariant of that gwarde) this examina{t} the next day this examinat desired a gwarde of so{uldiers} vnder the Commaunde of Captain Willoughbe to goe alonge with him and beeing brought them to the house of the said Lampard at Bridg=gate and beeing there this examinat found a man that was in a slash Dublin <n> and haueing laid hoult on him one of the saruants of {the} house then said in Irish to this effect (o God the ffryer in is in { } hand) Wherevppon Lamparde the man of the house prod{uced} a bagg of money before the souldiers which souldiers wou{ld} haue taken a way the said mony and therevppon this deponent examin{at} heareing a Crye the wooman of the house came to th{e} examinat and desired the assistance of this examinat then this examinat went to the souldiers and when the beeing there the said Lampard gaue this examinat {the} <o> said bagge of money, which hee imediatly gaue vnto to t{he} foresaid Sariant sariant Scott and in the interime the s{aid} Talbott said ffryer and the rest of the company tha{t} was weare there made an ex escape by the backe way out part of the ho{use} And beeing further examined what those p Pries{ts} weare and what knowledg he had of them { } said Talbott to bee the sole intelligencers { } be{twixt}

fol. 289v

<p> betwixt to the Enemy or to haue giuen any intelligence to the Rebells Saith that he hath noe particular intelligence or knowledg but eyther of the said two Preists or of Talbott or of any intelligence giuen or receaued by them to or from the the Rebells but onely the foresaid generall reporte from the said warders or souldiers of the Castle and the gwarde at Bridg=gate whose names he knoweth not, and what he supposeth what would bee found in the letters taken by him in a blacke boxe found in the said house if they weare produced
<q> And further saith that he opened the said boxe and finding some letters with theire seales broken open with those seuerall others writtings this examinate did reaide the supscripion thereof of diuers letters and after opened them and did likewise reade the name subscribed and founde some seuerall there of them directed vnto the one one lo: Dillon [ ] subscribed by Owen Roe รด Neale to his best remembrance some others by Magwyer by the Doungans Barnwalls and seuerall other men all which papers and letters this examinat after did put vpp in the said box that formerly they weare <r> in which box and papers this examinat deliuered vnto one Christopher Cood that is one of the souldiers vnder the Commaund of Captain Anthony Willoughby
And beeing demaunded if he euer heard after what became of the said box of writtings saith that since his comittall one he desired one Mr Burgin a Minister tould this examinate that hee to goe to the said Cood to know of him what hee did with the said box of writtings the said Burgin brought worde backe from the said Cood againe that he the said Cood that had left them in the Entery of the said Lampardes hose and that some of the house hath them.
<s> And this Examinat further saith that he was tould by one Mr Hampton souldier vnder the Commaund of Captain Willoughby that there was found in the said Lampardes house the number of CCC: loaues of bred bread, and likewise saith that Hiber Scott tould this examinate that he found a sworde hidden betwixt two Butttes in the said Lampards house
Da: Roberts
<Cha Lambart Ge Shirley Gerrard Lowther>

fol. 290r

fol. 290v

the 9th of Aug
David Roberts Exam

Deponent Fullname: Dauid Roberts
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Clerk
Deponent County of Residence: Dublin
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: * Talbott, * Lampard, Hiber Scott, Owen , * Magwyer, * Doungans, * Barnwalls, Christopher Cood, Anthony Willoughby, Mr Burgin, Mr Hampton
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Denounced, Denounced, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned