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Date: 1642-07-04
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County: Kildare
Deposition Type: Examination
Commissioners: William Hilton
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 46r

<1 deponent> Walter Hussey of Cappebegg in the Countie of Kildare being examined before me William Hilton esquire one <A> of the Barrons of the Exchequer on the 4th day of July 1642 deposeth and saith that a Weeke after the meeting of the Lords of the Pale at Duleeke the lord of ffingale with the having authority giving him by the rest of the lords att that meeting to raise fiue hundred foote men to defend the County of Meath against the English the said lord of ffingale did then elect Edward Hussy of Mullhussy esquire brother vnto this deponent to be a one of the Captaines of that fiue hundred butt <b> whervpon the said Edward raised imediately after fforty men or fiftie men, butt after the raising of the said men he the said Edward repaired to the said Lord of ffingale and informed him that he thought himselfe not able for the manadging of a company butt desired his Lordship to appointe this examinent to be Captaine in his stidd which the said Lord afterwards did and thervpon this deponent was made Captaine and had a hundred men vnder his Comand and was being sent <c> by the Lord of ffingall vnto Collenell Hugh Byrne he the said Collenell did quarter this deponent and his Company att Greenock neer Killsoghlylchan and this <d> deponent further deposeth that he was att the tyme that the English army went first to Killsoghlen mainteyning of a trench in the said towne with his Compl Company against the said Army

fol. 46v

<e> and that Pa: Cusack of Gerradstowne esquire the night before was with his Company there being in number a hundred men the night before and left his said Company there to defend the said Castle and trenches, and did that night departe the said towne and that Lawrence Dowdall of Athlumny in the Countie of Meath esquire did then send to the said towne 24 men of the choice of his company to defend the said Castle towne and trenches <f> against the english army and he further deposeth that Sir Richard Barnewell of Crookestowne in the said County knight whome he sawe seuerall tymes amongest the Rebells, sent christofer Barnewell of Crakenstowne and Andrewe Barnewell of Kilbrewe both of the said Countie sonne vnto Pa: Barnewell esquire with two hundred men vnder their Comaund to the said towne of Kisoghlen aforesaid the tyme aforesaid to defend the same alsoe against the <g> English army [ ] and he alsoe deposeth that Peirse fitz Garrett of Ballysanan was att the same tyme att the same place with 200 men defending the said Castle towne <h> and trenches and he alsoe deposeth that Captaine Anthony mc Donell and Dudly mc Donell his brother of Baltyboyes in the Countie of Wickloe and Captaine Olliuer Dongan of brother vnto Sir John Dongan knight and Captaine Andrewe Nugent of Donowre

fol. 47r

<i> in the Countie of Westmeath & Captaine Ledwch whoe liued in the said Countie with a hundred men a peece were the same tyme there to the same purpose and that there was alsoe att the same tyme and for the same purpose att the same place Collenell Garrett Talbott brother vnto Sir Will Roberte Talbott knight w and vnder his Comand Captaine James <k> fitz Garrett of blackhall and Captaine Gilbert Talbott brother vnto the said Collonell & Captaine Eustace sonne vnto christofer Eustace of Newland in the Countie of Kildare and Captaine Eustace of Mullaghcash in the said Countie and Captaine Kerdiffe of Kerdiffsto{wn} in the said Countie with three hundred men vnder there Comaund and he alsoe deposeth that the <l> Lord of ffingall sent James ffleming sonne vnto Tho: ffleminge of the Cabragh with a trope of threescore horse att the tyme and place and to the purpose aforesaid and he alsoe saith that christofer Hollywood of Tartayne in the County of dublin gentleman was there att the same tyme with fiftie men vnder his Comand butt whither hee made any <m> longer stay there he knoweth not And that <x> he further deposeth that Hugh Byrne before named was then and there generall ouer the forces that were there And he alsoe saith that att the same tyme he sawe one

fol. 47v

<n> Barnaby Hackett of d the grange of dunboyne in the County of Meath bring vnto the said Killsoghlen some fiue or six pound of powder and deliuered parte thereof vnto Collonell Byrne and another parte vnto Collonell James Plunkett brother vnto the Earle of ffingall And he further deposeth that he was att the battell of Kilrush and after the defeate there he retired to the Castle of Racoffy vnto <o> Nicholas Woogan of the same esquire brother vnto this examinant were he hath euer since remayned and that the said Nicholas dureing this deponents being there sent his man to Kilkenny to buy somme powder and that his man brought the said Powder to his Master Mr Woogan and that euery pound of the said powder cost xx s. the pound <p> And he further deposeth that he neuer knewe of any hostile act comitted by the said woogan butt that he was seuerall tymes with the rebells att there meetings and that a weeke since hee left the said Racoffy and went to the <q> County of Longford and this deponent saith that he kept 2 of the english army whoe was taken by the Walshes when the army came from Athlone and preserued them from killing and kept them with himselfe in Rathcoffy and when the english army came there he discharged them and sett them att liberty

fol. 48r

<r> and he as alsoe saith that when he deliuered the said Rathcof Castle vpon a quarter hee had then left 40 pound of powder which he deliuered to the english army, and hee <x> alsoe saith that all the gentry of the Countys of Meath and Kildare are [ ] that are english Irish are att this instant in open rebellion except Sir John dungan Sir <s> Luke fitz Garrett and Sir Tho: Newgent whoe stood are Newters butt how or in what manner they now are this deponent knoweth not
Walter Hussey
Will: Hilton

fol. 48v

4 July 1642
The ex: of Captaine
Walter Husey
barnaby Hackett for

Deponent Fullname: Walter Hussey
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Captain
Deponent County of Residence: Kildare
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: lord of ffingale, Edward Hussy, Hugh Byrne, Pa: Cusack, Lawrence Dowdall, Richard Barnewell, christofer Barnewell, Andrewe Barnewell, Peirse fitz Garrett, Anthony mc Donell, Dudly mc Donell, Olliuer Dongan, Andrewe Nugent, Captaine Ledwch, Garrett Talbott, James fitz Garrett, Gilbert Talbott, Captaine Eustace, Captaine Eustace, Captaine Kerdiffe, James ffleming, James Plunkett, Collonell Byrne, * Walsh, Pa: Barnewell, Roberte Talbott, christofer Eustace, Tho: ffleminge, Barnaby Hackett, John dungan, Luke fitz Garrett, Tho: Newgent, Nicholas Woogan
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Rebel, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Confederate