Letter to the Lords Justices and Council

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Date: 1641-12-10
Identifier: 840037r021


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County: Misc
Deposition Type: Letter
Nature of Deposition: Multiple Killing, Robbery, Words
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fol. 37r


No 14

May it please your Lordshipp
Wee received this day a leter wherin your Lordshipps desire to knowe the cause of this our Assembly, and in obedience to your Commande Wee humbly certifie that Wee were therunto constrained for the safetie of our lives, which Wee conceived to bee in noe small danger, being all of vs forced to forsake our howses on tuesday at night last, by the riseing out of such troopes of horse and foote as did on the said night most cruelly murder fowr Catholicks, for noe other reason (as Wee are credibly informed) then bearing the names of that Religion, An Act Wee conceive noe { } justifiable, and of it selfe, apt to strike feare and terror into all of that profession, a treaty beeing then entertained by the Army beneath which Wee expected might have produced a happy conclusion, dureing which treatie Wee conceive noe act of that nature nor such cause of distraction ought to have be{en} given, Wee beeing before dayly putt int{o} many feares of certaine intelligence give{n} of vnexpected attempts against our lives Wee therefore thought fitt to signifie this much vnto your lordshipps desireing ardently to bee some

fol. 37v

certaine way assured by your Lordshipp of the safety of our lives before Wee runn the hazard thereof, which is the onely motive that hinders vs from manifesting the obedience Wee acknowledge to bee due vnto your Lordshipps Comands the 10th of December 1641

To the right honorable the
Lords Justices and Councell
Luke NettervillTho: Russell
George BlacknyChristopher Russell
George KingPatrick Caddell
John TalbottWilliam Travers
Richard GouldingRichard Barnewall

Lawrence Bealling
Concardat cum originali
Exr per Ma: Barry

fol. 38r


fol. 38v

Examinacions sent to Letter sent to
Councell Board
from Lords of the Pale

Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Luke Nettervill, Tho: Russell, George Blackny, Christopher Russell, George King, Patrick Caddell, John Talbott, William Travers, Richard Goulding, Lawrence Bealling, Ma: Barry
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Signatory, Signatory, Signatory, Signatory, Signatory, Signatory, Signatory, Signatory, Signatory, Signatory, Examiner