Letter to the Lords Justices and Council

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Date: 1641-12-22
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County: Misc
Deposition Type: Petition
Nature of Deposition: Arson, Petition
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Right Honourable our very good Lords
There came vnto the Lord Viscount Gormanstownes hands some proclamacions sent by Fa: Cahell the 15th of this pressent: where of your Lordships doe take notice of the distrust: Wee haue of our Safnes granted vppon Some words mencioned in our former Letters: which Wee were Informed Sir Charles Coote should haue spoken: att Councell Board: of which your Lordship doe by that Proclamacion free the said Sir Charles and did further require us to appeare the 17th of this month: addeing for assurance of our Safnes the Ingadgments of the publique faith, where vnto Wee would humbly ere this haue made Answeare had the remotenes of our habitacions permitted a sooner meeteing, There came likewise to our hands a proclamacion Summoning of Mr Luke Nettervill Mr King of Clontarf and others to appeare before your Lordshipps the 18th of this present with the like caution for there Safetie, And although Wee Sincerely beleeue your Lordships heard nott the said Sir Charles speake: any such: words; Wee humbly beeseech your Lordships likewise to beeleeue Wee neuer enterteined a thought to the dishonor of the Authority wherewith your Lordships are Intrusted: yett the bitter effects that followed; are a Cleere proofe of Sir Charles his Intencions against professors of our Relligion and a further motiue to con{ } vs in the Assurance that such words Issued from him { } Wee are now confident your Lordshipps did nott heare, Wee beheld { } noe smale affright the Inhumane Acts perpetrated vppon the Inhabitants of the County of Wicklow, soe { }

fol. 39v

whereof dependants of your Lordship, the late massacre of Santry and alsoe Mr Kings house and whole substance burnt by Sir Charles Coote the 15th of this pressent thought by the proclamacion he was required with the like assurance giuen vs of his saftie to appeare the 18th This Wee beleiue an Act independant of your Lordships commands & therfore doe humbly pray your honors would bee pleased to take into Serious consideracion, how just grounds Wee haue to feare the power of him who comands the Citty wherein wee were to appeare: Since he presumes to venture in your Eyes on Such hostile Acts against a Gent (who for ought wee know) hath obeied your commands; This my Lords makes vs vnwilling to Lay our Liues at his mercie who preferres the execucion of his owne designes; before the publique faith wherein Wee are Confident: hee hath nott attended your Lordshipps derections, Wee therefore humbly craue att your Lordshipps hands that noe Sinister constracions may bee made of our Stay, beeing ready to attend Such Commissioners as your Lordships will appoint; at such time as your Lordships will prefix, And att Such place in convenient distance from the Command and Power of the said Sir Charles as your Honors will please, to derect, whereby Wee may stand assured: nott to bee made by him further examples of the breach of your Lords words. and we humbly { }

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pray that the Commissioners to bee named bee such of the Lords of Councell as are best estated and Interrested in the Common Wealth of this Kingdome with whome when wee Shall meete Wee will bee ready to Contribute the uttermost of our endeauors, and the best of our Aduices for the Aduancements of his Majesties Seruice and the Common peace of this Kingdome; And doe beseech your Lordshipps to stand assured that our Liues and Estates are nott soe deare vnto vs, as out fa i th Loyaltie and faith to his Majestie The least breach whereof was never harboured in our thoughts thus humbly takeing leaue Wee rest
From Taragh the
22th of December
directed to the Lords Justices and Councell in a Couer
Yours lordships to bee commanded
Slane, Trimblestowne,
Dunsany, Oliuer Louith
Concordat cum originali
Exr per Ma: Barry

fol. 40v

Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Fa: Cahell, Charles Coote, Luke Nettervill, Mr King, Ma: Barry, * Fingall:, * Gormanston, * Slane, * Trimblestowne, * Dunsany, Oliuer Louith, * Nettervill
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