Letter to Castlehaven

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Date: 1642-03-25
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After our very harty comendacions to your Lordshipps your Letter of the 22th and the other Letters therewith Sent Directed to your Lordshipp came to the hands of vs the Lords Justices on the 23th of this Month which wee comunicatted with the Councell and haue joyntly thought fitt to returne yow this Answere,
ffirst for those who it seemes ten Dayes since intercepted your former Letters to vs although your Lordshipp in your Letters due stile them the Irish Army yett we may not forbeare to minde your Lordshipp that they might more justly bee called (as indeede they haue Declared themselues Rebells
Secondly Wee judge it not fitt in theise times as now affaires stand heere to Licence your Lordshipp to repaire into England and therefore wee pray and Require your Lordshipp not to depart this Kingdome without our Speciall Licence,
Thirdly wee hould it strange that your Lordshipp Should receaue the other Letters directed to yow which yow sent to vs togeather with your owne Letters without causeing the person presumeing to bring you those Letters to bee apprehended and brought before vs, in regard that the persons from whome those letters came are rebells and traytors against his Majestie, and theire bould assumptions as in all things els soe even in those Letters doe declare theire Actions to bee Still continued Disloyalty and Rebellions.
Lastly wee observe by your Lordshipps Letters that those persons expect to receaue a present Answere which as it is not mencioned in their Letters to yow soe wee cannot imagine how your Lordshipp should know theire minds in that perticular vnlesse yow had from theire Messenger, that brought theire

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theire Letters who if hee stayed to Declare that to your Lordshipp might we ll wee haue beene Laid hand hould on when when hee Delivered you that Message;
Considering the Condicion wherein those persons stand it will bee fitt for your Lordshipp to beeware that you hould not any correspondence with them, or joine in theire Councells or Actions least thereby in convenience course to yow. And soe wee bid your Lordshipp very hartily farewell from his Majesties Castle of Dublin 24 o Marty abb 1641
Your lordshipps very loueing freinds
William Parsons Jo: Borlase
Ormond Ossory R: Dillon Cha:
Cha: Lambert Ad: Loftus J. Temple
Cha: Coote ffr: Willoughby
S: Harcourt Ro: Meredith
Exr per Ma: Barry
To our very good Lord
the Earle of Castlehaven
Delibat to Mr Tutchett
25 Marty 1642

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24 March 1641
Letter from the Lords
Justices and Councell
to the Earle of

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