Reasons for early payment of sums to the poor of Ireland

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Date: 1642-08-15
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August. 15. 1642
Reasons why the Committee for contribucion to the distressed Subiects of Ireland doe thinke fitt to order that the summes of money contained in the proposicions presented by Doctor Jones should be ordered to be payd unto them according to the sayd proposicions, though there be not present money to satisfye the same.
1.That there be willbe forthwith a great confluence of poore Ministers & other poore out of Ireland, that will come ouer; which the ordering of this money to be payd then when it cometh in, though it be not presently payd the , will prevent; as the sayd Doctor Jones is certainly informed from the Master of the Rolles there, Ser Sergeant Maior Riues, Sergeant Maior to the Lo: Lambert & o t from the Commissioners for the Ministers & divers other persons of good credit; as appeareth by their seuerall lettres.
2.In that confluence of Irish into the this Kingdome, there willbe an inevitable danger of their bringing ouer the infection of the plague pestilent fever with them, as hath bene allready done in some parts of Devon.
3.When this money is so ordered to be disposed of, it will stopp the ordering of it to be disposed any other way;
4.When it is once knowen in Ireland, that this money will is so ordered here vpon that report, the poore Ministers & other poore will there get releife vpon by loanes & advancement vpon that hope in confidence of repayment from hence vpon that order.
5.If those Ministers for want of this order should come out of Ireland, there would be great want of their service there, for both for their preaching of the Gospell generally throughout the whole Kingdome, & particularly to the armye.
6. That by reason of their extreme povertie both in clothes & all manner of sustenance, they are willbe in danger & allready threatned to be forthwith turned out of their dwellings & lodgings; whereas the n notice of such an order, would giue them credit, till money come.
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Roger Mathew
John Blakiston
John francklyn
Thomas Dacres
Miles Corbett
Edward Boys
Antho Irby
Laur: Whitaker
J: Bous
Giles G{reen}

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Reasons moving the Committee for the present ordering the sommes desired for the poore in Ireland

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a 7th reason may be that whereas among the said poore in Ireland many are able to serve the publique, who are nott in the list of the Army, the keeping of them in that kingdom will serve to make up weake companies: and others of them will plant those places which by the Army shall be gained from the Enemy & be in m many respects servicable to the garrisons
8. reason or rather an Inducement; that it is not contrary to present practice to make Orders for payment of money out of what is come in or shall come in. particularly of twelve thousand pounds whereof ten thousand was delivered to Mr Nicholas Loftus for the warre in Ireland, & two thousand to several persons suffering by the Rebellion in Ireland and attending heere.

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