Deposition of Thomas Molineux

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Date: 1642-03-29
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County: Wicklow
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Captivity, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Words
Commissioners: John Sterne, Roger Puttock
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 154r

Thomas Molineux of Brittus in the Barrony of Arklow in the Countie of wickloe gentleman dep sworne & examjned deposeth & saith That about the begining of the month of November last past this deponent haveing notice of the Rebellion in divers partes of this kingdome & waighing the sufferings and danger of losses of other protestantes, Did for preventing & avoiding of the like to himself goe from his howse at Brittus aforesaid & fled for safetie to his Maiesties Castle of Wickloe leaveing behynd him at his said howse & vpon his farme there the his goodes and chattells hereafter mencioned vizt And after that this deponent had soe removed himself vizt on or about the xiiijth day of the said month of November last He this deponent was by the Rebells at Brittus aforesaid deprived expelled robbed or otherwise dispoiled of his said goodes and chattells Consisting of peaze & oates worth at the least 70 li. hay & fewell worth viij li. Corrne in the ground worth 50 li. 200 English sheepe Eng worth 50 li. Cowes & horses worth 78 li. plowes harrowes Carrs & furniture & other implementes of husbandry worth 13 li., howshold stuff worth at least 6 li. The leas of his farme for 40 yeres to come now esteemed to bee worth nothing & before the rebellion worth CCl li. Soe as his whole losses amount vnto five hundreth twentie five powndes ster And further saith That the parties rebells That soe expelled robbed or dispoiled him (as this deponent was credibly informed by John ffinnagh this deponentes late servant and as he verely beleeveth were theis vizt Teige oge Birne of Bollinvillin gen tleman in the said <A> County of Dublin Wickloe gentleman Edm: mc Teige oge his base sonn Ric ffzsimons of Ballineperk gentleman Morrish mc Morrogh of Brittus gentleman Hugh More Birne of Balliteige gentleman and by Brian Birne of Killamanaghe gent whoe is a lieutenant Colonell of the Rebells & all of the County of wic wickloe & divers others their Complicees assistantes or souldjers

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And this deponent further saith That after soone after that he this deponent was fled & comen to the said Castle he this deponent bent & imployed all his power provition & strength he could to defend and preserve the same for his Maiestie against the Rebells & therein did Joine in assistance with one Mr John Joice then keeper or Constable vnder keeper to Sir William Vsher knighte of the same Castle where vpon that is to say about the xth day of the month of November aforesaid Last past, one Barnabee Birne gent <A> Son in lawe to Luke Toole the gran Rebell & Edmond Birne of Killeoughter gent gen tleman & Alexander mc Donnell Constable of the towne of wickloe both of the said County of Wickloe with divers others in their company came to the gates of the said Castle: & comanded this deponent and the rest to surrender & deliuer the possession thereof vnto them Where vnto this deponent and the rest answered That if they the said Barnaby & Edmond Birne & there company would suffer them to write to the Lordes Justices to know their pleasures they wold doe as the same lordes Justices should djerct: But the same Rebells refused then to suffer any letter at all to be sent concerning the same although they after gave way way that this deponent and the rest should write their letter to the said Sir william Vsher concerning the same And that they the said Rebells received the said letter, and cawsed it to be delivered & that there vpon the said Sir william after he had acquainted the lordes Justices therewith: retorned an answere to this deponent & the rec said Mr Joice yet the Rebells intercepted {the} same letter soe as it came not to the Castle The Rebells Haveing formerly beseeged and beleaguered & discharged some shotts with their ordinance against the Castle: but were <B> repelled & one Masterson one of theire Rebell Souldiers slaine in the attempt And afterwardes the said Rebells attempted & assaulted the said Castle seuerall tymes But were still repulced And further sait this Deponent saith That

fol. 155r

during the & within the tyme that this Deponent was in the said Castle divers and sundrie letters came vnto his handes from seuerall letters Rebells the Contentes whereof were as followeth And first this deponent received one letter on the xxviijth of Jan u December last from <A> Teige oge Birne which followeth in theis wordes vizt Cozen Molineux Mr Joice and Mr Nicholas Baker with the rest in the Castle of Wickloe this greeting My Comendacions to you all remembred Whereas it is most publiquely knowne That Wexford Catherlagh and all of the cheefest places in Leinster have yeilded to the request of our Army Dublin only excepted & all the armys being now in readines to martch towardes Dublin But that only they intend to give you the first view And that they are resolved never to give you or any others of you any quarter if they come once about against the Castle Therefore I thought fitt to let you vnderstand That for the frendship and old acquaintance that hath beene betweene you and my self hath moved mee to solicite you with this offer, which is, That if you offer yeild my the honour of the Castle That I will give you three above mencioned a quarter withall your goodes except your armour & will send you saffe with a sure Convoy either to Dublin or Wexford or otherwise if you be contented to reconcile your selves to our profession you Mr Monilex That you shall have your owne farme & dwell thereon quietly And that I will give Mr Joice a leas in Newtowne or els where he shall like best in any land that pertaines to my And if you agree to this my proffer I pray lett my have your answere this night ffor I proteste before God all the army will march thither [ ] about Thursday if not sooner Soe expecting your answere this night by the bearer rest your very loveing frend Teige oge Birne
I my self my sonn and son in law came not home all Christmas day otherwise I would send you sooner which letter was thus directed and [ And ]

fol. 155v

indorsed vizt To his very loveing frends Mr Joice Mr Monilex & Mr Nicholas Baker this give at the black Castle of Wickloe in great hast
And this deponent received another letter dated the last day of December <A> from Edward Walsh and Henry Walsh 2 of the Rebells in theis wordes vizt Cozen Mollyneux with Comendacions you shall vnderstand That I and my brother are sent from my father to Lett you and Mr Joice vnderstand That the forces that now lys in towne with mee are expected to come to their releefe with a full Determinate purpose not to give you over vntill they see the end of the last man you have To prevent which danger I would desire you to take a course for your safftie to give vp the place with condition your self and Mr Joice may have such competente meanes as gentlemen that are in towne will yeild you fairly And as for the rest of your company They promisse to send them whither they please either to dublin or Wexforth Thus hopeing you will doe that, which wilbe for the best I committ you to god Clonmanyn{ge} the last of december 1641 your loving Cozen Edward Walsh Henry Walsh
which letter was thus djrected and indorsed: To my very loving Cozen Mr Tho: Mollyneux theis delivered
And this deponent received another letter dated the 30th of December 1641 from one Geo Sherlock another Rebell in theis Jeering wordes <B> vizt Mr Mollyneux, We the Inhabitantes of this towne of wickloe being sorry of the late mischance that happened Hearing some threates (by report) to come from you and the rest of the warders of the Castle, That you will have blowd for bloud And we seeing that there is none vpon whom you might take revenge, but vpon vs the vnguiltie Thought good to write vnto you desireing to know your mynd whether wee shall continue in our howses with safftie or goe into the Cuntry and to leave the towne to your selves: Thus desiring to give you all the content we can & will doe to the vtt ere st vttmost of our power, Doe desire your frendly and favourable Answere to be extended towardes the releefe and safftie of vs your distressed neighbors And thus humbly takeinge leave we your frendes doe comitt you to god, your worships assured in his owne and the towns vse: Geo Sherlock Wickloe this 30th of December 1641 To our worshipfull and loveing frend Mr Mollyneux and the rest of the warders of his Maiesties warders Castle of

fol. 156r

of Wickloe theis delivered And this deponent received another letter from the Rebells Brian Birne and <A> Art Toole which followeth in theis wordes vizt Mr Monelex and Mr Joice here we are send be our Corroner to keepe Caroso here and we are lote to doe you any more hourt and wee would faine knowe whether yee would take any resonable quarter or noe, And if you please to send vs donogh ffenn by be your answere we will vndertake he shall take noe hurt hourt and to forbeare any soniting of both seech as long as any Missingers are comeing and goeing hopeing of your answere herein I rest
This present Thursday 1641, Brian Birne Art oge Toole
And this deponent further sayth That he alsoe received <B> another letter from the said Rebells Brian Birne and Art oge Toolle In theis wordes vizt, Mr Monelex Mr Joice As for your men that were kild one willing to the shouldiers for they stood one their defence And for your quarter our mening is if you yeald the Castle we will send you saffe to which towne or whort you will, with a part of your goodes, otherwise you shalbe delt with according as your men was Soe I rest this present Thursday 1641 Brian Birne Art Toolle
After vnto which letter this deponent and the said John Joice <C> received another letter from one Lawrence Birne which followeth in theis wordes vizt Noble Cozen Molyneux & worthy frend John Joice I earnestly intreate you to send with the bearer hereof the Massbooke and the ornamentes which you have there And in soe doeing you will oblige mee, your Cozen and servant father Lawrence Birne alias guardian of the fryers
which letter was thus djrected To his noble Cozen Mr Tho: Mollinax & worthy frend Mr John Joice theis give And

fol. 156v

And this deponent further saith that during the time aforesaid the said Mr Joice received another letter from Luke <A> Birne the Rebell which followeth in theis words vizt Mr John Joice I doubt but you have already received djrections from Mr Samuell loftus and his wife for the deliuery of my greate pott to mee I pray you send it mee accordingly for I am to restore them all their Cattalls And thus I am your loveing frend Luke Birne And further saith That in the same time of this deponentes being in the same Castle he this deponent received another letter to him and the said Mr Joice djrected from one Phelix Birne which followeth <B> in theis wordes vizt Mr Muleneux and Mr Joice As I vnderstand you intend to keepe that Castle which I doe much wonder of your foolishnes: you knowing your selves to be destitute of any succour or releefe whereby you might save your lives & goodes And now that wee are at leasure to gett abroad being after the holydayes I protest before god That if you suffer your selves to be once more beleaguered , wee will loos the lyves of a thowsand men ore we give over vntill such tyme as we gett both your lives and goodes together with the Castle Thus expecting your speedy answere I rest yours as he fynds you, Felix Byrne
Tigronine the third of January 1641
which letter was thus directed, for Mr Muleneux & Mr John Joice in the Castle of Wickloe theis And further saith That dureing the said time of this deponentes soe being in the said Castle and after the discouery of the Rebellious plott for the takeing of the Castle of Dublin One Edmond mc Cahir Birne of K Coolemore in the Countie of Wickloe gentleman and Barnaby Tennan of the towne of Wickloe a popish Schoolemaster were

fol. 157r

apprehended and taken within the said towne of wickloe as spyes and intelligencers for the Rebellious papistes against the Englishe protestantes by one whoe is then was Cornett of the troupe of horses vnder the Comand of Sir Charles Arthur Lofus knight and were by the said Cornett sent and Committed to the said Castle of Wickloe, with djrection that they shold not be thence discharged vntill the will of him the said Cornet were further knowne: And saith that the said Edm: Mc Cahir Birne and Barnaby Tennan stayd in the said Castle as prisoners about one weeke, And then one <A> John Pew the n of the Newrowgh in the said Countie of Wickloe Esquire & a Justice of peace of the same Countie & now dwelling in dublin writt a letter or note to the said John Joice that he had taken bayle for thapparance of the same prisoners and that therefore hee should sett them at liberty or to that effect vpon receipt whereof the said Joice inlarged the said Edmund Mc Cahir Birne & Barnaby Tennan accordingly since And quickly after the said Edm: Mc Cahir Birne & Barnaby Tennan went into actuall Rebelljon and as this deponent <B> hath beene credibly informed and beleeveth hath have done and comitted divers cruell outrages against the protestantes
Tho: Molyneux
Jur 29o Marcij1642
Roger Puttocke
John Sterne

fol. 157v


Wickloe o
Tho Molineux Jur
30o marcij 1642
Cert fact
Intr 14 No


Deponent Fullname: Thomas Molineux
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Gentleman
Deponent County of Residence: Wicklow
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: John ffinnagh, John Joice, William Vsher, Nicholas Baker, Arthur Lofus, John Pew, Teige oge Birne, Edm: mc Teige oge, Ric ffzsimons, Morrish mc Morrogh, Hugh More Birne, Brian Birne, Luke Toole, Barnabee Birne, Edmond Birne, Alexander mc Donnell, * Masterson, Edward Walsh, Henry Walsh, Geo Sherlock, Art Toole, Lawrence Birne, Luke Birne, Phelix Birne, Edmond mc Cahir Birne, Barnaby Tennan, donogh ffenn
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned